World of Warships – Stalingrad Finalized Review – SOVIET POWER SUPREME

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Stalingrad is here and boy is she an amazing “”. Don’t argue this point or you gulag!


  1. guess i’ll just play the Helena now to not meet this “cruiser”

  2. Maximum Swag Engaged

    Moskva just became irrelevent

    • Naw, I’m pretty sure it’s the less than intelligent fella that went straight to name calling because he lacked the necessary intellect to articulate a counter point. (that would be you in case you were unsure sparky)

    • It is interesting that really because what I was just doing was giving an example of the useless comments which have zero substance behind them while continually peddling the same myth about Russian Bias. I am more than interested in having a civilised conversation with someone about this issue but all I see here is people parotting crap along with making outlandish claims.

      You also sound like an arse but that’s beside the point here.

    • Again, insults indicating a lack of a valid argument. Typical of the less than intelligent though so I suppose it’s to be expected. Must be European.

    • Again, arrogance and superiority, typical of the people across the pond. Also insults, perhaps we could move beyond snide comments and maybe have a proper discussion? Where is your valid argument by the way?

    • My argument isn’t germane to the conversation as I haven’t made an argument for or against the position of OP or not OP. What I have made is a STATEMENT, you’re an asshole that resorts to name calling in your first post precisely because you aren’t intelligent enough to provide any coherent counterpoint to the position stated by the person you insulted.

      As for arrogance and superiority, sure am, earned it, try winning your own fucking wars and paying for your own fucking defense and then you won’t have to deal with it. Until then, suck it up buttercup, you’re our bitches.

  3. wg cant think new ways to show their russian bias ? ???

  4. I can sense the amount of effort Chase is trying to hold himself back on cursing at the Devs.

    • It’s not like anybody apart from me actually voiced its opinion and told to WG that they were doing BS on the CC Discord 🙂
      If more people would’ve said things before… But now it’s too late

    • mynameiswritinwater

      @iChase how many valium/Prozacs down the road did you succeed at not cursing your heart out ?.. anyway get better chase

    • I know, but you can add more criticism. They seem to be o.k. Basically this ship should not be released in this state.

    • We can’t repeat history again!

  5. Antonio Androsiglio

    This is OP indeed

    • General Saufenberg

      sure, it`s russian. wait until the russian battleship arrive….

    • Principality of Belka

      +General Saufenberg i’m gonna guess it’s gonna have the same armor as Yamato with OP AA guns and torpedo protection but with guns that are probably 400-410mm naval guns

    • Antonio Androsiglio

      I know the russian line very well and i love the ships but Budyonny Schohors Chapayed and Donskoy arent so easy to play. They have nice long range HE spammers guns (with high chance of fire) and consistent AP but they are both quite fragile. Movska was already a tankiest cruiser with a rapid fire too, but stalingrad have BB armour. Ok the concealement is horrible but the guns are too powerful. They can easily citadel any BB almost at any range and really destroy any cruisers. The chance of fire it’s really high too. Manovrability is’nt worse than Movska

  6. Principality of Belka

    Glorious Stalinium armor mixed with Vodka.

  7. Apostolos Krystallis

    Chase could you please make a new vid on the Atago?

  8. Very impressive ship but only accessible via STEEL.
    For most players they will never have enough STEEL or take years getting it.
    That in-game mechanic rewards unicum players only, I player almost every day, I have no STEEL
    Face pressed against the glass, on the outside looking in.

    All either invalid or redeemed on the EU server.

    • 2 options. The last version which you had to have 30 wins in typhoon league in the last 3 CB season, or the new one. Where you have to play either CB or ranked and get it eventually. It’s not for just unicums. Many people with average stats have gotten to typhoon and ranked is a joke.

  9. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    I remember before they fixed the smoke mechanics you would get kutuzov’s that would just sit in smoke and spam everyone to death, totally immune to everything. I almost quit playing because that just simply took the fun out of playing. This ship makes me feel the same again. Where is the fun in playing against ship that is this strong?

  10. and as usual, wargaming doesnt seem to understand anything

  11. This thing has no business being classified as a cruiser in this game. Stupidly OP for a cruiser. heck it would be OP if it where a BB but at least matchmaking wouldn’t be so screwed. Why is this a cruiser? If this is a cruiser how come the Scharn is a BB? They are both battle cruisers. I just don’t get it. Next clan battle season you will see from the top clans who have this ship a line up with 3 to 4 Stalingrads in it. Good luck to the clans that don’t have one. You can tell me all you want about how it does not have hydro as some people have already made that argument but come on if you have enough radar you will know about where the DDs are and can angle toward torps while tanking everything else. This ship needs the Graf Zepplin treatment This type of crap is breaking this game. Russian Bias at it finest here. Another question is when do we start to see other nations ships that were built in the 1950s like this think was?

    • USA already has Des Moines, UK has Minotaur(water cooled guns?) and Conqueror(Vanguard), im sure there are other modern ships floating around.

      This thing should definitely not be a cruiser, take away the radar and make it a BB, or drop the armour. We have decent ship identification in order to have more fair team composition. Might as well kick khaba from DD to cruiser, considering it plays more like a cruiser than the job description of a DD… et al.

      stick to the rules WG, stop trying to get fancy.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Conqueror is a Vanguard???
      Conqueror is an L2 Battleship Design.

    • this ship was never built its a fantasy ship

    • im not defending current state of stalingrad, which is overthetop imho. but i 100% agree that she is T10 cruiser (maybe T11 in current state) thats what she was designed as after all – large cruiser. i doubt that you can make both competetive and balanaced BB of her at any tier.
      you cant compare stalingrad to scharnhorst. scharnhorst has a lot of things going for her to compensate the caliber – armor, torpedos, secondaries. stalingrad has just those guns but to make her mid tier BB would require to significantly reduce accuracy of these guns in order to not delete every cruiser there. high tier cruiser can take a lot more beating.
      also stalingrad’s armor is nothing comparable to scharnhorst’s armor (350mm belt + turtleback). even kongo has better armor than stalingrad. she just dont have any stat which would satysfyingly put her into BB cathegory + she is way too fast for a BB. she would be anemic weirdo of a BB

  12. Imagine seeing this “beast” in Ranks …
    Good Luck on getting Steel …

  13. So, basically the better players will have access to a low skill cap “cruiser” which is op in every aspect and the average players who reach tier VIII-X the first time will be clubbed by divisions of these. Jolly good!

    • Better players? No.. Just those with all the time in the world. Ranked doesn’t take skill.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Either players who have ranked out a lot (through skill or determined grinding), or players that reached Typhoon/Hurricane every season (again either through skill or grinding). Is this ship in its current form completely OP with no weaknesses? No, but the players that will likely have this ship will be the ones that know how to mitigate those weaknesses as much as possible.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Eventually as more people gradually earn the steel needed, the average skill level will drop to be more in line with other t10s, but in the beginning it will mostly be played by high skill players

    • +Ryan Keller your salt mines has been reached lvl 100…yep “better players” you like it or not as reaching rank 1 DOES take a lot of skills (best players rank out in less than 150-200 games). Moreover steel mostly comes from CB which is clearly skill based and needs a deep game knowleadge. Althought Stalingrad is OP like f*** eating almost every T X ship alive.

  14. Well, the Moskva is now pointless. I just got citadelled by one in my Missouri, at 50 degrees, from 12km.

    • so I hit Stalingrad with Montana for 43k does that mean that ship is ussles ?

    • You’re a stupid idiot if you think that Moskva is now useless. By your logic now all the T10 cruisers are trash tier compared to Stalingrad when it simply isn’t the case.

    • Moskva is definitely not pointless. It has much better HE DPM comparatively and a much larger 50mm bow section then Stalingrad. It is basically Stalingrad Junior

  15. “Let’s make a wildly OP ship, Russian of course, and then give it only to the best players!” – the devs for this game.

    • SuperJaaaaaa harder to get citadeled? You are crazy. It gets citadeled just as easily as the Seattle. And the Seattle easily citadeled

    • Considering how gigantic the citadel is on the Seattle, its ridiculously hard to citadel! (Mind you, I’ve only really tried in a Lion)

    • Worchester is not hard to citadel, and even if that was true it is not hard to wreck one through normal pen damage. There’s reasons why Des Moines was still more common during the last Clan Battles season.

    • no need for citadels, numerous regular pens will do the job and it is easy to get regular pens.

    • Khab got nerfs because it is in the tech tree. Stalingrad is a premium ship and as is cannot be nerfed.

  16. WG: “We need more people in clans, spending more money, Ivan do you have the solution? ”
    Ivan: “Dah, just make rewardship for best players who plays in clans only. Russian Battleship but is cruiser!”
    WG: “ok and how do we balance that?”
    Ivan: “Take best things of cruiser and Battleship and combine, no need to worry balance, its Russian dah!”
    WG: “brilliant Ivan, you get promoted!”

    Why wg, why?!?

  17. What they hell are they thinking? Excellent guns, low fuse time, high velocity, high Krupp, low air drag, insane sigma, enhanced bounce angles, high fire chance, high hp, increased armour profile, ddaa, radar, high speed. All this balanced by a large concealment and large turning circle. Is that about it? Honestly the Russians just can’t help but stroke their ego at the expense of the game.
    So what is going to happen when all the excellent players get hold of this and wreak havoc? Wg can’t nerf this ship without a massive backlash if they come to their senses sometime down the line.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if people just go afk if there are even just one or two of these in game.
    They may as well make a t11 and go from there.

  18. Star Born Michael Hall


  19. I have been playing since closed beta and only in the past month have i reached t9 on the japanese and american lines because i get so damn burned out from this game. I am so close to tasting the montana, des moines, and zao i have been dreaming of for the past 3 years and i have 43 days of premium from super containers and even with that after 2 games against stalingrads in my iowa i just want to give up again. the toxic ass community isn’t enough they have to put OP shit like this in the game so i cant even feel like i’m making progress on the things i want…

  20. So is there any reason – other than this being the russian “dream ship” of the devs – that this Battlecruiser is classed as a Cruiser and not a BB?

    If I remember correctly, WG always claimed the gun caliber was the main factor… So how come that this is a cruiser, when it has larger guns than for example the Scharnhorst? Make the Stalingrad a T9 BB with the dispersion of a BB and I think she would be fine.. But Stalingrad as it is now is an absolutely terrible idea in a game that wants to be competitive and that has MM based (among other things) on class of ship.

    Putting a Stalingrad next to a Minotaur and then claiming these 2 ships are the same class of ship that fullfill a similar role is just laughable. WG now introduces a ship that completely breaks the Matchmaking as it works now.

    You can’t push for T10 as the competitive Tier and the release a ship that completely bypasses any rules regarding the number of Battleships per Team… That this “extra BB” at the same time still is a radar and aa ship as well does not exactly help matters.

    • they go the same route as wot since quite some time now, they don’t care about balance, they just make how they want it and keep competitive gaming at best just on life support, just that they can say that there is a competitive part in their games.
      if you play their games with the hope of some real balance, then just forget about it, most of the time you will get better balance as from most games made by gaijin, but that’s pretty much about it for balance hopes.

    • The treaty in place at the time the Stalingrad was laid down actually said that Stalingrad was a cruisers. Battleships or capital ships have gun 16 inch or above. So it’s in game classification is accurate for the classes of ships they have right now

    • 305s are not really bb guns at tX anymore: henri 240mm, moskva 220mm, des moines with 203mm is basically light cruiser in nature. there is no problem with large cruisers to be really cruisers at high tiers but wg just went really over the top with this ship.

      also dont compare them to scharnhorst. scharny has a lot of things going for her to compensate the caliber (armor, torpedos, secondaries). these cruisers have just those guns. even stalingrad’s armor is nothing comparable to scharnhorst’s. i think they would be meh BBs at any tier because you would have to nerf the accuracy down in order to not delete every cruiser at mid tier

      kronshtadt turned pretty ok. looking forward to alaska. however stalingrad really stinks

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