World of Warships – Stalingrad Impression

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Checking out Stalingrad, a weird tier 10 with only AP and like traits. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Replay – Discord Server


  1. flint with smoke and benson torp isn’t op. black with radar and smoke isn’t op, get out of here.

  2. Again, Notser, Stalingrad is not a Cruiser. WG giving her Cruiser designation ingame is just to trick unaware people. She’s a Battlecruiser. XD

    • Nah. I think Battlecruiser will go to BB tree ingame, since….. well, most of 5hem have way bigger gun than Cruiser. 😉

    • That’s normally the trick on battlecruisers. Guns of a battleship, but armor , speed and manouverability of a cruiser. Sometimes the armor is slightly stronger than it would be on a cruiser. The Stalingrad is more a battleship then a cruiser. At least from what I’ve seen by now.

    • just give it HE and reclass it as a BB.

    • well the graf spee is classified as cruiser.

    • To be true there never really were battlecruisers. The people called them that way, even the german marine and the british navy, but there was officially never a battlecruiser class. They were either battleships or cruiser.

  3. You mentioned coal and steel, but I haven’t seen anything from WG about that. Is there some leak I’m not aware of?

    • BeastG01 I imagine it’s gonna be a kind of oil for the clans system in a kind of way. Kind of a Grind through the ranked and clan battles.makes sense if that is

    • BeastG01 kind of

    • Watch the Waterline videos on the official channel. Just 2 episodes so far. That’s where they mentioned “steel” and “coal”.

    • it is the “test names” for a high tier (tier X, I believe) resource. It is to allow solo players or players that don’t or can’t complete in ranked or clan wars to have access to the reward ships available. As mentioned, it is in the WoWS waterline videos that WG has begun to release on YouTube.

  4. 4:55 – 5:05 the roma looked so wrong xD it flew by 😀

  5. doesnt the stalingrad get the same normalisation of its AP shells then the americans?iChase mentioned it in his video about the Stalingrad

  6. That’s no moon. Its a battleship.

  7. What happened to never a tier 10 premium? WG should learn to never say never

    • crazyjr dude… Seriously. This isn’t a premium. And neither is any of the tier 10s in world of tanks, unless you go to the Chinese server, which btw, isn’t ran by Wargaming.

    • cash or not, it’ll pay premium XP credits and be able to train captains (Russian of course). Whether it’s a cash, contest or event, it’ll be a premium in all other aspects. Watch the vid dude, Notser even said premium tier 10

    • that’s just it.
      JUST LIKE World of Tanks tier 10 reward tanks, this will NOT have premium xp or credit income.

      furthermore, its not “cash, contest or event”
      It’s Clan Wars reward. For being a skilled player thats part of a skilled clan.

      I also don’t care what Notser said. It’s not Premium. Stop being an idiotic prick.

    • It is the CLAN reward. Not a regular premium…

    • No Premium IX and X to purchase only with money. They have stuck with it so far.

  8. euhm Notser the Stalingrad is a reward for getting 3 stalingrad flags in clan battles

  9. WTF is it with these high tier teams that blob rush a cap then spend the rest of the game doing everything they can NOT to go into another? I watched the map through the battle and was wondering what they think about as they chase people towards the edge of the map while 2 caps to 1 down.

  10. The what? Stalingrad has already been said it’s a clan battles reward.

  11. I love ramming pink players xD

  12. Didn’t know that about pink players. Thanks. WG punishment system seems so illogical.

    • Any team damage will add one round penalty for you. As in ramming it isn’t possible to automatically evaluate who is ramming and who couldn’t do anything against it, the damage made will be counted as normal team damage with all its penalties, like multiplied reflection damage.

    • But does anyone purposely ram to cause team damage? Use some sort of PID loop gain analysis to filter out minor, accidental damage.

    • There might be users that would do it, but normally everyone should try to avoid collisions as they could havoc the shot or even sink the teammate (if you bring him into a broadside position or push him into torpedos or out of smoke, etc.)

    • Yes, and PID damage control loop could easily account for that.

    • Peter Van Schepen

      Eh. I’ll be honest, if the game loads and pink starts afk, I go bump him.

  13. Would like to see the “AP-only”-thing on Conqueror.

  14. Cap'n Black Jack Honour

    This “colon steel” sounds painful… ohhhh “Coal and Steel…” got it.

  15. “You need broadside targets to be effective”
    I dont think that will be a problem though.

  16. It seems balanced from what I can tell

  17. So what your sayying is “It’s a premium noob killer” …..

  18. Captain Griffin

    Actually, Notser, she doesn’t sit in a really weird spot. She’s the very definition of a battlecruiser.

  19. 0:11 the island was not destroyed, this ship is too weak

    WG pls

  20. 4:54. I assume someone is water skiing behind that 92 knot Roma?

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