World of Warships – -Stalingrad – pure russian bias reporting for duty

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Hello boys and girls. Today I present you a game with the Stalingrad. I didn’t even realize how much damage I did until the end. Way to easy. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. Watch musashi be in xmas containers
    Stalin is like slava great at punishing mistakes. But just getting burned to death while getting 2 hits on a kiting he spammer is not fun

  2. Why is petro better than stalingrad again?

    • @Maximilian Stalingrad performs better at long range. Petro performs better at close range.

      In the current meta, Petro has a bigger impact because it can push into more dangerous situations and gives less opportunities to turn out. Stalingrad cant survive in many scenarios that Petro can.

      Theres a good reason Petro is so popular in high level clan battles(and just clan battles in general). Its because it does almost everything Stalingrad can do, but much more safely.

    • Stalingrad has longer duration of radar which makes it better for the endgame. Petro is better for closed playfield with many enemies still alive.

    • @Stefaan Lambrecht I can agree with that to an extent. Stalingrad is better the less threats there are or if it can use island cover to sneak up. Petro is better at opening up surprise flanks and boxing enemies in

    • @Kevin Casto And it tanks like a BB lol!

    • It’s not, in my opinion. Petro is tankier and stealthier, but that’s it. Everything else, Stalin does better.

  3. Hilarious title 🙂

  4. well played.

  5. that camo looks nice

  6. Is Stalingrad a Steel ship? Or?

  7. I’m playing this DM on C

  8. theres zero dispertion…

  9. Romper Stomper 4Life

    Petro is better overall and I have her but I still wish I had enough steel for the Stalin…

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