World of Warships Stalingrad T10 Premium Russian Cruiser Preview

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It’s my turn to take at the World of Warships T10 premium Stalingrad. I’ve chosen my thoughts carefully, so I am going to lay it down blunt for you all. No sense not to. All hail the Stalinfrag!


  1. So Conq isnt overpowered, but this is… and by your definition of OP the conq clearly fits. Yeah, why WT ships is already so much more inviting than WG crap anymore.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      *”Conqueror is overpowered”*
      Destroyers actually drools all over it due to Conqueror’s non-existent torpedo protection. Also the heal is still a liability when the ship gets under heavy fire once the heal went off. Concealment is only good prior to the shooting, but Destroyers can out-spot it. The ship will still remain visible for 20 seconds after firing the main guns unless the ship happens to get a decent island to shoot over from. HE spam takes 30 seconds between each salvo (27 seconds if MBM3 used), all cruisers are still more menacing at that, especially Des Moines.

    • Yeah, I am baffled by the Conq still being labelled overpowered.
      No torpedo belt, not much armour other than the main armour belt. Tiny HP pool for a BB. Sure, that magical heal is heartbreaking if you spend a lot of time whittling it down, but that’s not going to happen again for a long time.
      It can easily be dealt with, but it cannot be dealt with like most other BBs.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      The ship may be hard to citadel (Musashi & Yamato can citadel it from long range though), but the whole ship itself is prone to full pens even from some cruisers’ AP. And the super heal only fully recover fire, flooding, and normal pen damage. Torpedo, citadel, and full pen hits negate certain potential hp recovered. Take one of the overpowered perks away from it, and it turns out to be Colorado v2.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing Colorado isn’t even that bad anymore tho.

    • Pitty WT ships looks like something straight outta 1997.

  2. Let’s not forget that these were real ship designs. Post ww2 300mm guns will perform amazingly well and have you done your background research on Stalin’s Super Cruisers? These are it and if you value historical accuracy than wargaming is doing exactly that as they did to honor all the other ships in this game. If this was put in the battleship class you would be laughing hysterically at its lack of armor and gun caliber so let’s have real talk here….this ship is not overpowered you just don’t understand it. Its guns are shit against angled battleship AND cruiser armor. Tier 10 cruisers do bounce Yamato shells and Stalingrad can only shoot at broadside targets because it lacks HE. So if you’re done, the only thing this ship is good at is potatoe players who don’t watch their maps.

    • I take it with a grain of salt when somebody tries to relate historical accuracy with the game. There is no accounting for ammo capacity or deteriorating gun performance while repeatedly firing maximum velocity loads. If any realism was involved, you could select to fire the main battery guns with a reduced load for more consistent performance over time,  or alternately choose the max loadout repeatedly at the risk of catastrophic failure (gun destroyed).

    • This is the stupidest thing i have read in a long time. You base your argument on historical accuracy. But if WoWS was historicaly accurate, matches would last hours, your average hit rate would be sub 1% and DDs would be oneshotted by every BB. Do you know why, historical accuracy takes a back seat in every game? Because it’s no fun. And games, that are no fun, don’t sell. WoWS is no different. That is why the historicaly accuracy argument is invalid

    • Plato’s Ninja if WG valued historical accuracy, nothing would match the American BBs.

    • Plato’s Ninja, just like to say, Wargaming doesn’t do ships for pinpoint accuracy. Please explain in what way the British BB HE is accurate. Please explain how the lack of spaced armor on USN high tier BBs is accurate, even more so how the Iowa class had the same penetration as a Yamato, yet can’t overpen in game the bow armor of other BBs, please explain how Massachuesettes will get better AA with smaller main battery gun range than Alabama even tho these ships were the same, please explain the unreasonable healing of a high tier British battleship when compared to other nations’ battleships.. last I checked in history a British battleship never had the ability to magically get so much of its seakeeping abilities from a damage repair team in battle. To say Wargaming is meant to value historical accuracy they’d have it where the ship would list if taking flooding too, that’d affect the gun aiming and eventually render you useless. You know why they don’t do that? It’s because it’s an ARCADE GAME, and shit like Stalingrad is just something that will break the balance of a game. Fuck off with trying to say Wargaming is historically accurate, they’re not!

    • ah hah hah… right.

  3. O and dont forget, another ship with radar! I guess i should not care since I have already garaged all my DDs and will no longer play them. So yea I say give all the fucking ships radar and let it be a feast! Really I wonder if I should not sell my game while it still has some value? With every release this developer seems hell bent set on making the game worse and worse and soon there will be no value in having a dock packed with ships!

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      And yet you are still staying which means you are also a fanboy but with enough salt on your fingers that you can spread your saltiness on almost every videos related to the game.
      I suggest you to choose between these options:
      1. Stay on the game & stay salty as usual (especially because many of the upcoming cruisers would have radar by default)
      2. Quit from the game & move on (play other games or do anything else worth the time spent on)

    • LOL, you are just full of wisdom and yourself!

    • Except for the AXIS Ships that had it HUMM

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      I think WG didn’t add radar on German ships because their hydro is far superior than that of the other nations. Some of the Japanese ships were also historically planned to have German’s radar but they never implemented that idea because none in the IJN had enough experience in using radar and they were already on war with USA that they didn’t have the time to train their crews to use it.

    • I agree with you as there is. Too much radar, but I have learned to play around it .. yea going around the radar is working for me , I’m still getting 100k damage with my dd.. DD LIVES MATTER !!!

  4. Don’t worry, they have the reason for it to be OP. On the lattest DEV meeting they confirmed that it will be for sale in the Arsenal. Imagine the price tag they will stick on it :))))

  5. Mike Kraner-Henthorn

    so it is what we would like all the ships to be then.

  6. I read below about historical accuracy, other than the names and appearance of these ships, that’s about where the accuracy really ends. Here are some examples.
    1. The classic manuever of “crossing the T” of an enemy ship or group of ships in which you sailed broadside to the enemy to get all guns on target as opposed to only the forward guns of enemy, in the game is a sure way to get obliterated in game.
    2. In reading about the different surface battles of WW 2, cruisers and battleships didn’t fire HE rounds at the enemy unless their ammo hoists were filled with this type of round because they were prepared for shore bombardment and caught by surprise. Fire was detrimental to ships, more to their operation as to the survivability
    3. In engagements where BB’s shot at DD’s, if the DD’s were hit by the AP round, they were wrecked with only a round or two
    4. Hit at or below the waterline caused flooding
    5. The accuracy of US heavy guns in many cases was better than in game. I’m sure a lot of that had to do with their fire control radar systems. A couple of examples at the second night battle of Guadalcanal, the IJN Kirishima only had one hit in shooting at two US battleships whereas the Washington hit her with no less than 9. At the battle of surigao Strait, in pitch black and stormy conditions, US BB’s hit their target, the IJN Yamashiro with their first salvos at 20 k + yds. No other Navy in the world did things like that and that was the older BBs
    6. Smoke was a defensive tool not an offensive weapon. It was to obscure the view of the enemy. At the battle off Samar, i’m sure they fired torps after laying smoke, but that’s it. In game smoke is like 2 way glass, but realistically if you’re sitting in smoke you couldn’t see out

    When i first started playing WOW, i had hoped that it was for my interest in Naval surface combat and the historical aspects of it. But as i began to play it, i realized it wasn’t historically accurate nor shoult it be since it’s a game. It would suck to get wrecked as a DD from a single shell hit. I really enjoy thevgame and guys like Zoup that provide content. I also know that some ships are Overpowered and some underpowereed but honestly thats the nature of gaming

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      On point #4: actually it indeed caused flooding. But WG removed it because no one wanted to get flooding after taking every hit.
      On point #5: Missouri’s guns are very accurate at long range. But yeah it’s a premium though.

    • “4. Hit at or below the waterline caused flooding”
      actually that was possible during early test-stages of the game but was removed because many players didn´t understand that a hole in the hull leads to water getting into the hull.

      I am serious. As sad as it is.

    • At The Battle of Samar, US Navy Destroyers were able to lay smoke, maneuver at speed and still score hits because of radar linked, gyro stabilized fire control systems. The Japanese did not have a true blind fire radar fire control.

    • It’s a game.

  7. UPDATE: It will cost 2200 steel which can only be gethered for the moment in CLan Battles and achieving Rank 1

  8. Enemies sailing broadside does not make a ship OP. You might call 11″ guns at tier X battleship guns but they still cannot overmatch cruiser plating (except for RN CLs but the Henri can already overmatch their plating). Stalingrad is only good for punishing broadside ships, though any other ship can do the same, and being the tankiest cruiser, though even that’s hard to determine given her enormous size. Stalingrad gets alpha strike and hp pool advantages at the cost of having bad stealth and less DPM than the other tier X cruisers.

    • Shut up Peregrinus. Every Soviet ship is simply OP and you are not to put that in question by raising reasonable facts.

      – Smoke + 16 torp tubes on Mino are fine
      – 12 guns + 20 torp tubes on Zao are fine
      – Radar+DefAA+hydro+heal at same time on US-cruisers are underpowered

      But good guns on a soviet ship are just (insert lame Stalinium joke here)! >:I

      (could contain sarcasm) ^^

    • All you need to do if someone angles against you in this ship is just aim higher. You will definitely pen the upper belts of most ships with the penetration of those shells ( high velocity…). You don’t really need a lot of stealth, given that you could sit back and snipe people at 20km. Your alpha strike every 18 seconds or so easily balances out its poor dpm, if you aim correctly that is.

  9. Regardless how ..this ship will be sitting in my port ..damn right,

  10. i´m already running away from conquerors, now i gotta run away from this too?

  11. This ship is insane. It should be banned except for ONE. And I want that one. ; D

  12. “There will never be a t-10 premium ship” – Wargaming.

  13. “If it goes to elite players, it will punish the world.”

    “If average players get this ship, they’ll find themselves performing above average.”

    I don’t know why, but I got a gut feeling we’ll see OP Stalingrad finalized on the live server.

  14. Steven Wiederholt

    Yes, but how do you REALLY feel? 🙂

  15. Damn Zoup! What is the muzzle velocity on those shells? It has to be higher than Moskva by the look of the shell flight times.

  16. Tell you what… when it does land in its final version it will still be OP. It’s STRONK you know. All the more reason to slowly step away from the game as ahem… balance goes out the door. Sad what this game “could have been” as compared to what it is becoming.

  17. The salt… is strong with this one!

  18. Russian bias? Naw not at all! /s

  19. Kinda want it to go in with this accuracy. I’ll never have one mind you since it’s a reward ship, but if it’s in with those guns and it’s accurate? Well I want a buff to accuracy on my Graf Spee guns and I’ll point to this thing for justification lol

  20. Supreme Flagship

    Can we just agree, that WG needs to give radar to islands as well. Currently we don’t have enough radar in the game…

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