World of Warships: Stalingrad – The Engagement

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This match has only one real engagement. The rest is to show you how we got there and what the results are.

World of footage of the tier 10 Soviet cruiser Stalingrad on the map Trap.


  1. How is this video 11 minutes long? I thought it was like 8 minutes or something.

  2. Steilingreid !

  3. this ship is absurd

  4. Next vid is Stalingrad – the marriage

  5. I really like speeding up the boring parts

  6. Hows this ship compared to the Alaska or the Puerto Rico?

    • Its balansd

    • alaska is still the most effective especially consistent in regardless of utility/support and actually combat due to her versatility, PR is just a larger less effective but trades it for more firepower and armor along with HP, also its a tier higher so it won’t see t7s like the Alaska, Stalingrad is virtually a BB, due to its armor and size along with its characteristics of Russian AP velocity but has the utility’s and dispersion of a cruiser, even though it sounds better between the 3 its actually the ship with the most weaknesses, other then radar it has no real counter to DDs due to its long reload and lackluster HE and speaking of HE all 3 suffer from longer burn times due the fact the known as ” super cruisers ” ( large caliber, larger HP pools, just not that of a BB ) Alaska is also the easy’st to get either with 70usd or free XP, PR is impossible to get just like the mushashi benham etc, and stalingrad is behind the iron wall of steel for resources, ( recommend using coupon that’s now available or wait another 6 months in December to acquire for cheaper price ) if you want more detail do the research and remember to get the ship that fits YOUR playstyle best

    • She’s very good, but they fulfill slightly different roles. Stalingrad when showing side can easily be punished as you saw in the Puerto Rico video. This is not the case for PR/Alaska. It’s A LOT harder to punish PR and Alaska due to their armor. Those two aren’t quite as good in firepower as Stalingrad, but they’re good enough.

    • Thanks guys, very informative.

  7. You should zoom out in close range

  8. I love to hate my Grobe. Love it, but with all the he spam, the best parts of the grobe have been rendered mute.. I can still use islands to cover caps with my secondaries, but there are very few islands that give the right cover to prevent the mass fires and he spam.. cant do backline, because my main guns cant hit a large target from more than 13km away for shit.. those those once in a blue moon epic games, are worth that pain . When you get 3+ secondary kills and over 200k damage..

  9. In *the* T10 Sovyet Cruiser? There’s like 5 of them.

  10. That yammy player has 123 battles in it and surely has made better decisions than coming around the corner like that in 122 of them.

  11. This doesn’t make sense at all.

  12. AP shells with superpowers? Mythical armour strength, with no down side? Another fantasy moment brought to you by WG. Next week: the surprisingly effective Russian CVs that you have never heard of before. You just couldn’t make this sh*t up.

  13. Hiya, I just met you in ranked today!
    I was that Baltimore Scrub divisioning with an Edin

    Was a pleasure to meet ya ingame:D

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