World of Warships: Stalingrad – What Is Angling Anyway?

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Angle towards ships with good AP. It can save your ship!

World Warships footage of the tier 10 Soviet cruiser Stalingrad on the map .


  1. 2:00 When you are so overpowered with russian bias you do damage…. with a ricochet…………

  2. Richard Hutchings

    Pirates of the 17th century: give em your broadside! Well played on your Turkey shoot

  3. A ship showcase WITHOUT Eugen Oneesan at the start? Aeroon, are you ok? Are you being held against your will? Is it Weegee? Mr. Conway?

  4. Zao’s shells weigh 155kg and load in about 13.4 seconds base. Stalingrad’s shells each weigh 467 (around 3 times) and load in 20 seconds base. What kind of Chernobyl potatoes are these Russians consuming!?

  5. Implayable.

  6. You definitely can citadel thunderer with Stalin at 14-15 km. Conq, thunderer, yamato is most vulnerable to Stalin ap till 15km.

  7. Christopher Jonasson

    LoL, at 4.02 you do 10.8k dmg in one shot on an angled (ish) FDG at 19.4 k (6 out of 9 shells hit)
    Stalingrad is bloody ridiculous

  8. At 7:09 when the alpha pen on a single shell is more then the existing HP of the ship you fire upon it registers a citadel. That is one of the flaws of WG mechanics in my opinion. Don’t you think that it’s a bit coincidental when you get those citadel hits before the enemy ship goes down almost every time?!? Ohh and also for the lag issue, you are not the only one. I believe it’s a server issue for awhile now

  9. Søren Neergaard Olsen

    Obscene dispersion

  10. That camo is beautyful.. also, nice broadside farming👍

  11. I think supercruisers kinda make BBs obsolete, they can bounce as much and dothe same to cruisers.
    They have best of both worlds, I don’t like that

    • They make other nations bb’s obsolete. Let’s not forget Kremlin exists which also has better turret traverse than many cruisers

  12. Radar no use against smoked up Kutuzov 15km away. Pls buff WG, the Soviet ships are so weak.

  13. do you run the longer DFAA module?

  14. Ah yes Balancegrad from World of Russian Warships.

  15. Christian Krakhofer

    people forgot how to angle due to braindead mods, this is the result when it gets taken away

  16. So when did the Stalingrad become a battle ship?…;)

  17. Balancgrad or overpen shima?

  18. To be fair to the Mogammi, he did angle you right until the end.

  19. You can citadel alabama at any range i think. But the citadel is slightly below water

  20. Grimmshred Sanguinus

    Stalingad op

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