World of Warships – Stalingrad WiP – Definitely Battleship

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What looks like a , plays like a , performs like a , but is called a C R U I S E R? Stalingrad of course!


  1. Cyka Blyat intensifies…

  2. AP only? -that should be the case for all BBs-

    • Eagle262 but how eles will you know that its a fucking RN bb or some1 who seen them do it

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Eagle262 finally someone says it! BB HE is cancer!

    • RN BBs should be given RN CL hybrid shells. I don’t mind the idea of heavy module damage shells, but there is nothing more frustrating than having a Conqueror setting two fires, then another three just as you extinguish the first set.

  3. “work in progress” aka means we will see how it does on the Russian Clan wars then balance it to the EU and NA servers. This ship is more more proof of Russian favoritism, and RU server pandering. Then this ship will be the top T10 players using this ship to get 10% better win rates, more dps, more credits, and XP at the cost of everything else. World of Warships is now dead, they brought in the same BS that gives world of tanks Object x,y,z and pay to win prems.

    • i seen similar comment on every russian game every year, and yet none dead

    • Darnath Lysander

      All I see here is the cries of a noob who cannot evaluate a ship by themselves and listen only to the first impressions of a cry baby. Go watch Flamu’s video for a proper analysis of this thing.

  4. Welcome to Project B1A5.

  5. the Khaba is pretty much a cruiser so why not have a BB classed as a CA

    • God knows what the actual Tier X USSR BB will be like. A 150,000 ton ship with 500mm guns and anti-ship missiles? With optional nuclear-tipped torpedoes?

    • So now is the time for a Soviet DD classed as a battleship! Stealthy ninja 40000 ton 50-knot torpedo boat with 30 tons of torps launched per salvo. Yeah, go go go WG! What can go wrong?

    • Alexis Spoor yeah coz that is a class in the game

    • Because asashio torps dont hurt CA’s, we don’t need someone to have an ability to take out this “cruiser”

    • Next in line: mobile pacific island naval fortress as tier 7 russian prem BB.

  6. tier 10 shiny horse with no torps but good dispersion emmmmm

  7. DeepDark Fantasy

    it is gonna be okay if you bring the reload to 20s, in the stage now, it is kinda op

  8. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    This thing is just stupid, here comes the Russian bias again

    • How? it is a worse t10 battleship and a worse t10 cruiser at being a battleship or a cruiser.
      It is good for being in the middle, striking a balance between the two. But that means that in situations that CA or BB’s excel in, Stalingrad would perform worse.

      It not even going to be widespread ffs. And its AP looks to have the scharnhorst problem. You will have overpenetrations galore. But a BB will have secondaries to compensate, and superior armor to just duke it out and win, even with most hits being overpens. Cruisers have torpedoes and agility, Stalingrad just has sub par health and armor for a battleship, and sub par dps and utility when compared to a cruiser.

      Basically, you have no true strengths to fall back on if everything goes to pot like CA/BB’s do.

  9. from everything i have seen this far about that ship – it looks far to strong for a reward ship, kinda like the 907 reward tank in wot.

    • iDs Hunter 907 is worse than standard tanks

    • lol xD, so the 907 which replaced the 140 as meta tank, is worse than standard tanks in your opinion… #logic , just that you get to know now it: if you wanted to play in a CW in a top clan who got it – you where forced to play it(if you had it ready, of course) or they put someone else in the team.

    • iDs Hunter I have it and it’s picked because of the mobility and dpm
      And « armor »

    • kind of like the Flint too?

    • Shadow if you go with that, then Black as well, but i just wanted to compare it to another clan reward.

  10. She will be OP in the hands of the people that can actually get her. If this was just a doubloon ship I’d say she was pretty well balanced since noobs would get her show full broadside and get deleted. But if you can be on a clan wars team that does well enough to earn her, you will know how to mitigate her weaknesses and exploit her strengths to the max.

  11. OP Russian ship, why am I not surprised

    • Ah well i stand by my point, i won´t call her OP before i have met her in battle and got comprehensivly obliterated by her, before that happens i see her as a strong ship with some key weaknesses. And to the Moskva, against what is she OP exactly?

    • Andreas Müller bbs especially, but most cruisers too

    • I´m tempted to put the BB part down to primarily lack of skill on the side of the BB player (which is sadly far to common these days) but yeah she can be quite strong against them though there again i don´t see the OP. (but then again my deffinition is apparently a little harder to achiev)

    • Andreas Müller well yeah, that’s true, the lack of skill of BB captains are too common these days, but still, even when BB player know what he’s doing, but the rest of the team not really, Moskva can punish them too, unless the BB captain seeing the incomprehence of his team will stay at range, and this puts him in a bad light as a team player. Sure you are fair to yourself, but the team will see this as a noob move. Therefore you distance yourself and play only for yourself, which is bad too. It’s a closed circuit. Ships like that are in pretty big part at fault for “noobization” of bbs captains. Because average player will get totally obliterated, and experienced player will stay away not contributing to the team

    • Something to be said for that … sadly enough.

  12. you know the only ones who are allowed to have battlecruisers classed as cruisers is russia, while everyone else’s battlecruisers are classed as battleships xD

    • I think WG learned not to put battle cruisers on the main line alongside BB’s, but they don’t change any other nation’s ships around…

    • Historically, the modernized Kongou-Class _were_ still battlecruisers. They still had the 6″ and 8″ belt, and minimal deck armour. They were well-armoured battlecruisers, but they were still just battlecruisers.
      And yet I don’t hear anybody complaining about the Kongou-Class being fragile.
      HMS Hood is the same. It’s a well-balanced design gameplay wise, and it plays just fine as a BB.

    • 华桥之声RRRanTV / German德国德语学习

      WG: NO to Alaska, a real existing ship, because balance reasons blabla

      WG: YES to COMRADE STALINGRAD, paper ship, stalinium troll armor, but classified: CRUISER COMRADE

      balanced gg

  13. Just make the RU BB line with this at T8 or something. It fits just fine.
    Woops, the RU BB line needs to be way more powerful than this puny cruiser.

    I love how this is barely less stealthy than the Moskva, so the rest of the T10 cruisers won’t out spot it by much.

  14. Ah yes, the Tier X USSR cruiser, Stalingrad. Or, more accurately, the Tier X USSR battleship that comes equipped with radar. Seriously. If you try putting this “cruiser” against Republique in a straight gunnery duel, Stalingrad would likely be giggling hysterically as it tanks everything and smashes Republique into dust. I swear, the Tier X French BB is more like a cruiser than this monster.

    • Huh? The République has HE almost as powerful as the Conqueror while the Stalingrad has…..nothing. In a head to head fight all the République has to do is angle in and load HE, and the Stalingrad can’t touch it.

    • Darnath Lysander

      Indeed, I have no idea what exactly you’re smoking Cailus but the Republique would just put on a good angle and blaze this thing into infinity with it’s good accuracy and excellent HE. That isn’t even mentioning the wonderful secondaries the French BB has.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Cailus Griffin Republic’s guns actually have the best penetration among BBs in the game. If I were facing a Stalingrad, I’d wreck the guns. Repeatedly. Good luck recovering from that.

    • Cailus Griffin good one. In a 1 on 1 the République would easily be able to outflank and then angle nicely and take no damage at all, while smashing it to bits with HE and secondaries.
      The problem with this ship is, that it is overpovered as a cruiser IF PLAYED WELL and it’s only gonna be in the hands of good players.

  15. Russian Bias? Russian Bias.

  16. **Wargaming continues to give me good reasons to never come back to any of their games**

    • Tom Meakin humour? Haven’t heard of it for a long time

    • honestly compared to other BB’s she isnt overpowered at all
      it has radar but weakly armored for a BB and no stealth(g kurfurst has substantially better stealth).
      Good rudder shift and top speed but worse turning circle then kurfurst
      it cannot overmatch any cruiser something every tier 10 BB can do except for some exceptions in the cruiser and bb department.
      Very good AA
      76k health not very good for a BB
      Has a worse heal then BBs

      honestly dont judge this ship as a cruiser but as a battleship and it doesnt sound too bad
      it feels statwise like a pocket battleship

    • 华桥之声RRRanTV / German德国德语学习

      a Battleship with Cruiser reload speed and Cruiser accuracy and flat trajectories.
      classified as a CRUISER

    • +OUTFIT Then classify it as a battleship. If it’s more like a light battleship than a heavy cruiser, that honestly sounds a lot like Kongo or Amagi. Or even Scharnhorst. But it’s definitely too well-armoured to be called a CA.

    • indeed thats the problem
      As a battleship its 100% fine

  17. Wow this thing is ridiculously OP, the pens on the Yamato and the angled Des Moines @ 6 – 8 min mark were ridiculous.

    The Yamato is bouncing shells @ 9 mins and iChase gets 3 Citadels, like seriously?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      iChase Hit Yamato’s pike citadels at 45 degrees – and with the perfect flat arcs – high velocity and penetration – they’ll go through no problem… The Yamato that fired at the iChase struck Stalingrad’s 180mm main belt at 60+ degrees hence they autobounce.

  18. Side armor not thick… it can bounce a Yamato shell!!

  19. If a Russian BC is classed as a cruiser, then Why is HMS Hood classed as a BB?

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      probably because of the 380mm guns and the battleship armor? it’s armor is on-par with the KGV

  20. 15k damage with cit on an angled alabama……

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