World of Warships – State of Game Frustration[Language]

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6.14 testing with US Carriers really brought out some frustration with the current state of the game. Everyone was full AA builds for obvious reasons, I just can’t understand why doesn’t make the game more build diverse. I also dislike the elitism that has taken hold in the community. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. I see you’ve never played league of legends. Or any other highly competitive game. Because this is nothing new

  2. Ian & Caroline Duckworth

    Unfortunately my experience of trying to help new players usually ends up with me being told to fuck off etc etc

    • I was torpedoed by a teammate a while back, and he blamed me for dying! I was in cruiser (A Nurnberg or something like that), while he was in a destroyer, and on a map with lots of little islands but no land along the map edges. Enemy dd’s were firing torps left, right and centre, I’d just dodged some going from my starboard to port, the alarm is still sounding for torpedoes to port but I figure they were just they enemy ones I’d just dodged. How wrong I was! Friendly torps slam into me, I sink, and he’s screaming in chat liked I’d just murdered his entire family. I just told him that you should never, ever, ever fire torpedoes if there are friendly ships in the general area between you and your target that might unwittingly get in the way. It didn’t stop his rant, but at least a friendly BB player agreed with me.

      Another time I was in a DD, friendly player was in the Duca D’Aosta starting not far from me, I set off at full speed to do a spot of scouting for the team, so does he (only slightly slower than me), he gets spotted and killed almost straight away and then blames me for not scouting despite him deciding to come along for the ride on my scout.

      Sometimes, players want to blame anyone but themselves for their own mistakes…

    • well u shouldnt give a shit about ultra noobs like these…they are not worth your attention other than a report/block.
      u can just do better and better so u win more. this is why i got 61% solo winrate even with ultra noob teams…

    • cobrazax oh in the main I don’t give a rats are what people think or say. Mostly I just let em rant

    • Really? If someone was rude to me i would tell them to Fuck off too

    • sometimes im blamed for “cheating”…this is extremely complementing as im so good that they think i cheat 😀

  3. GG Noster CC status

  4. I tried so often, and still do, to explain to potatoes why something is bad gameplay and why this will cost us the match. I even bother and go the extra mile to explain in detail what goes wrong and how the enemy team will win now. In 90% of the cases i’m right but what do i hear from potato teammates when i explain to them their fault? I get a nice ‘fuck you, i play how i want to play and nobody tell me what to do’. So much for learning from mistakes, so much for teamplay, so much for ‘be nice to potatoes’. There are tons of really bad players that are unwilling to learn and improve, it would be best if they leave the game, because they destroy the game as much, if not more, than so called toxic elitists, although they only speak the truth.

    • I try to help people on my team in chat too, but I have the opposite experience of it. For it to work there are a couple of things that need to happen:

      1) You need to *give a reason* for why you want a player to take action X instead of Y. Otherwise, they will probably not understand your thinking, or have any way to know that you are more skilled in the game than they are (I see plenty of potatoes who yell and scream both abuse and “advice” in chat – who clearly don’t know what they are talking about). All they can see is the number of kills on the team list and (often times) that you died before them – hardly a way to sell in your skills.

      2) People DO tend to listen if you word your comment in a *non-confrontive way* and give them the benefit of the doubt in what they are doing. Perhaps they had a plan that you didn’t see or wasn’t as good as the one you are saying, perhaps they concentrated and didn’t see chat, perahps there is a language issue, perhaps they are tired/just new and overwhelmed by what is going on… or perhaps they just don’t care. But if you just start out judging that player by that other player that ruined your last game and who was genuinely an ass – that new guy can’t help that.

      You can not physically invade people’s homes and forcably press their keyborad. But you can change a defeat into victory by your words alone. I in particular remember a ranked battle where I managed to talk a Bayern (with a relatively new player) from a loss to a win. Some direction changing around an island after spotting wore off and then gently reminding him to place his guns on the right side and to hold fire until guns clear the island and stuff like that – and in the end he clutched the last kill before the game ended. 🙂

    • There are all types of people. The people that insult you for correcting them. The people that complain after dying early on. The elitist that actually do pretty well but doesn’t provide any sort of constructive criticism. And the good players that do help. There’s also the bad/new players that are willing to learn.

      Shouldn’t generalize. Honestly there is no real statistics to what is the most common. But I can say for sure that universal perception is definitely not the latter two.
      People complaining after dying without accomplishing much is to me the most common. Then the elitist is very far off but still more common from what I can recall when compared to the amount of unwilling people to learn. It is far more often the elitist aggressively ‘correcting’ them that the unwilling becomes defensive and say, “I can play how I want to play.”

      Usually the player making the mistake either don’t respond(either they acknowledge or just miss the chat) or do try but just fail anyway. All types of people exist. In fact majority of the community can be nice but all it needs is the vocal minority.
      Also should note that mid-tiers are most played. So even if most of the idiots scream on the top of their lungs in tier 1(which most new players don’t read chat) or tier 10…. fewer people will notice and the impression are really the loud ones in the mid tiers.

    • You lost me at Potatoes you arrogant FUCK

    • thats because people take harsh offence to criticsism when talking about there gameplay honestly i can’t think of anyone iv spoken to in game that also takes notes to advise but then basicly flag you as a ”know it all”

    • I have never seen the “F U, I play how I want”, unless it was an obvious troll.
      However, I have seen people spend more time typing than actually contributing to a match.
      Usually, if you give people short, precise advice(and not a lecture that attempts to show how bad they are), people receive it well.

  5. My fave feature of world of tanks was being able to disable chat. Warships needs this. The normal comes buttons are enough to communicate what to do.

  6. I personally think that those who play ships with the hardest build and do well are those players who are truely skilled

  7. Thank goodness you talked about this I quit wow because I got sick of seeing “whats your WR” and this type of shit all the time from a certain CC….flamu……I just got sick of the stress at getting some minimum WR and damage numbers to feel like I am playing “correctly” so I just gave up which is sad seeing as I spent a lot of time and money in it

    • Unless I haven’t already stated this, I say again that the majority of people would like to win. Unlike you though winning is no the only thing on their mind I’d say. I may not be able to speak for everyone, but that is what my guess would be, but I certainly speak for myself there. Now I certainly find the comment “play for fun losers” to be entirely absurd. The purpose of a game is to have fun, that is why it was designed. It reminds me of local youth teams that get too caught up in player line ups, precise play and strategy. It is a game, some players are absolutely amazing, some are not as gifted. We can all play though, that is the point of this game. I do not defend complete disregard for the game though. In the end you should try, but it is a casual game for the most part. Unless you’re in ranked or clan battles lets keep it casual. I do however defend trying to have some cheeky fun with your friends. If you tell me that you never have had that in your mind then I’m really sorry for you. It’s really great fun.
      Also if you truly are clam than I thank you. No need to get worked up over a disagreement. I am also sorry to hear the only thing in your mind is the sole desire to win. There is more to fun that just winning.

    • What you call “cheeky fun” is to me insulting and disrespectful of your team mates who are trying to have fun by COMPETING!!! To me, this is NOT a casual game. it’s a competitive game! if it was a casual game, there’d be no random mode, there’d be no ranked mode, and there’d be no clan battles! If it was a casual game, it’d be single player! But once teams are a part of any game and it’s player team vs player team, then it is absolutely a competitive game.

      As for no need to get worked up over a disagreement, it depends on the disagreement. If we were talking politics, I’d damned well get worked up over it. But we’re talking about a game, albeit a competitive one, so I do my best to not get particularly worked up over it.

      There may be more to fun than just winning, but that’s for some other activity. When you’re playing a competitive game, it’s ALL about playing to win. period. If you want to do something fun for the sake of nothing but fun, go do something else where you aren’t *selfishly* ruining other people’s competitive fun with your lack of competitive drive. Honestly, I find so called casual players annoying, because anyone who is a self-proclaimed casual player is not putting playing to win first and foremost, which in turn means that you can’t be depended on, because of that lack of competitive drive.

    • Well I guess there won’t be any agreement between us. I guess my pals and I will continue to be “selfish” and ruin your life experience in this game, sorry to inform you. I would also like to see if the majority of players are like yourself, concerned only with the win, or as I would assume playing for fun and selfishness. If that is ever figured out, and in favor of your argument I will admit you are right, and stop being “disrespectful” by trying to have fun in a video game. If in favor of my argument then I would hope you would do what would be expected. If you’re right though then I’ll stop playing the game I put money in by hard earned competitive work and find another activity, at least until that one has the fun sucked out of course.
      Also might I add as I just think of it. It just sounds really “elitist” to say there can be no casual play in a multiplayer game. Most people work the majority of their time, and want to casually play a game that they see could be a fun time. Once you dive away that majority of people what then? You gonna play competitive with yourself?

    • I love Flamu he is pretty good and knows what he is talking about, but sometimes he is just a salty guy and puts the things he wants to teach you in pretty bad words.

    • We play this game to have fun not to win.

  8. I saw often enough people in DDs or Battleships at the A line torping at the other side of the Map just because there is a enemy battleship. And when i see this i try to tell them that his torps have a maximum range of 8km or so …. the best answer i had was “Oh really Thank you Noob” the others answers where only shit like ” STFU you moron” or other “nice” things. When you want to be nice you just get fucked in the arse…

    • Exactly. You can offer your advice as nicely and civilly as humanly possible, and then it’s a crap shoot whether the person you’re giving the advice to is willing to listen or tell you to STFU. I’ve had plenty of both, and quite honestly have lost most of my patience and willingness to be helpful. Thus, if anything ruins the community’s willingness to help newbies, it’s not so much the elitists (who I also dislike). It’s the newbie jerks who think that they’re god’s gift to computer games.

    • Unfortunately, there is nothing else to do than keep trying.

      A thing to consider. While the person you talked to might not respond well to your help, other players on your team(who might also be rookies) might learn from the info you provided(even if it is not aimed at them), and so might not do the same mistake when they eventually play a ship with torpedo armaments.

      The more information which is shared in a positive tone, the more likely someone will respond well too it. It is tiresome(extremely so), but it is the only way.

      Another thing is to create positive reinforcement every time someone does something good. Like, when your allies sink a ship, quickly type. “nice shot” or “good job”. By creating a positive tone through out the match, people are more likely to respond positively as well when you give them advice.

      A bit of humour early on can also help lighten the mood before the match start for real(before the shooting start). Pirate humour and dad jokes(non-offensive) seems to work well and usually get a positive responses from someone.

      Unfortunately, people easily get used to the only communication being “you suck”, so when someone is actually trying to give them helpful advice, they see it as sarcasm.

      Bad vibes bring bad vibes, and good ones bring good vibes. And people take time to adjust.

    • ^ This guy speaks truth!

    • yeah you cant read the game chat cos its all lil squares ahhahahahah SEA ftw

    • I’ll quickly reiterate what I said in another post. There are all types of people. From ‘arrogant elites’ to the ‘unwilling .’
      What you see depends on you own perception which our brains are good at ignoring things that don’t fit our views. Unless we have statistics, its just stuff we see people say. it can be merely a vocal majority, or because most people play at mid tiers…. The loud obnoxious people that are in tier 1 and 10 are ignored desptie potentially more numerous for example. So personal experience is not very relevant to anything for both Noster and everyone else claiming otherwise. it all comes down to that there is a problem, even if it is statistically minor one.

      A good start to a battle I noticed is usually a greeting, good luck and some humor with both side of the team. I never notice any negative comments during a battle when some positive things are said in the start.
      As I mentioned on the first part, this may be entirely false or it can be true. However why not be positive? No reason to be rude just because others are, be the better person.

      Also continuing to be reasonable and nice can also help de-escalate a situation that would of otherwise been a flame war. I’ll just say that man of what fendelphi says is really true, complimenting others before correcting can really help. You set them in for a good mood but tells them that there is an area that can be even better. Do this for not only in ‘team’ chat but ‘all’ chat. The other team can use some positive communications too.

      Sorry, thanks and GG is basic manners and its no different rather it is online or offline. Also, there are a lot of people that don’t say a thing but read the chat. they can laugh and learn or also feel angry at stuff said in chat. Some unresponsive people also might not notice what you said and is not being rebellious. Though doesn’t hurt to correct them or warn them. That information might not help the guy targeted but can help or alert others.

  9. That is why I play world of warplanes more now because I play more with bots and they are nice. ?

    • jsm666 eh! Canada! The very reason I only play mostly low tiers now esp dd is just for giggles. I haven’t touched any of my ships t7 and up. High tier gameplay is very passive and chat is all but nice. ? If I’m not mistaken one of my German dd and faragut are still 98% win rate.

    • I too play Warplanes more now. It seems that Wargaming doesn’t care about making the game fun or balanced. They care about making it about their OP Russian ships and having as much smoke as they can fit on a map

    • Going sealclubbing? Run up the turbines on Nassau and get those secondaries cleared!

      I don’t mind going sealclubbing in Nassau because she’s just an incredibly fun ship. I often announce in All Chat my plan to rush the centre and dare any DDs to have a go if they thing they’re hard enough. I won’t even fire my main guns. Just me, my seconadries and my elite WASD hack. It’s a glorious bit of fun to be had by all, and it also gives new players the chance to learn how to use their torpedoes correctly.

      Of course, there’s always _that_ Clemson player on the team who’s in it just to pad his stats.

    • smoke and torps…. smoke and …. torps….. no one uses their main guns anymore.

  10. I remember I picked up a Saipan because I wanted to try aircraft carriers for the first time, and I didn’t have time to grind my way up (family comes first). My very first game I died very quickly and I realized that I should stick with the fleet rather then trying to hide in a corner of the map. Lesson learned, however one player took it on themselves to privately message me to tell me I much I suck and that I should uninstall the game. It was my very first random game and I was still trying to understand the mechanics of manually controlling my aircraft and drops. No one really offered any help. Soon after I subscribed to Notser because unlike the general community, he was willing to share his knowledge on how to play better. I wish more people in the community were like him. BTW Thanks for the great videos Notser! They really do help new players like myself.

    • Battlement, because you posted above that you’d forgotten coop, I’ll give you a pass there. I play my CV’s in coop for now, though honestly I could probably play them in randoms if I wanted at this point, because I’ve probably already sufficiently learned carrier mechanics to do so.

      As for the above comment about every ship being equally important, this might be true for all non-carriers, but it is absolutely NOT true for carriers. Carriers have the potential to be extremely powerful units for every team. And the quality of the CV player can make or break most teams, particularly true when there’s only 1 CV per team and particularly true starting at tier 6, when manual drops become available. A good CV player can make his CV seem OP, while a bad CV player can seem no better than a bot. And this is often the difference between winning and losing in carrier battles.

      The carrier player doesn’t even have to do massive damage himself so long as he can prevent the enemy carrier from doing massive damage to your team. But that said, when you’re in a more anti-strike role, you’re more of a supporting player and you’re depending on your team mates to get you a win, whereas if you’re playing a more offensive, damage production role, you can be a more assertive force for your team and *are* able to better dictate whether your team wins or loses. Note that this isn’t an argument for or against strike or anti-strike loadouts. Due to the limitations of some carrier’s current loadouts, some CVs seem better suited to an anti-strike role than the strike role. And those CVs when played in the anti-strike role have to do it to the best of their ability and help support the team as best they can.

    • Yes we all were all rookies. But when you want to learn how to play a certain ship/type, do you talk to the potato or do you talk to an expert? Mind you, flamu isn’t the only youtuber out there. There are others who may be better CV players than him.

    • This first paragraph is soooo true. You can have a monster damage game in a CV, but heaven forbid that the enemy carrier sunk one of your team’s BB’s. That player will complain like crazy that you didn’t provide air cover for him, as if your only job was to cover his BB’s fat … stern. Or if a friendly DD gets killed by a DD he didn’t see, he’ll whine that you weren’t scouting the cap for him. or if you didn’t have any kills, someone will complain that you didn’t do enough damage.

      The reality is that no carrier seems to have enough squadrons of all plane types to do everything that people want done. It’s hard enough to micro-manage all of your squadrons when trying to fulfill even a single CV role, let alone trying to do everything that everyone might wish for.

    • last flamu vid with CV was actually bad…he did many mistakes.
      i learned my CV play from Aerroon and now im definitly better than him. however a good CV youtuber is farazelleth and his CV skill level is close to mine.

      when i play CVs i do my best to make the enemy CV useless while striking and spotting as much as possible. usually i do it very well, however if my team keep showing broadside to torp bombers without even trying to avoid them…i probably wont give them 100% protection

    • Battlement no offence meant but sadly it’s players that make no effort to learn the game then jump in head first that makes the game harder for the rest of us … cv played well can win or lose a game for a team , ofc it’s just a game it doesn’t matter much .. but it’s very frustrating for ur team . By all means buy what you like but at least make some effort to learn it first spam co ops kill bots till you get it down , watch some vids on you tube plenty about , the tirpdz had a horrific reputation in the game and still does to a lesser extent when it was the only high tier prem BB you could buy for cash .. battles filled with wallet warriors with absolutely no idea what they are doing . It makes no sense to me why people would spend money on a free game before making any effort to at least learn the basics … it’s not about being brilliant or high WR most people don’t care but if a teams losing and a contributing factor is that the cv or anyone else clearly has absolutely no idea what they are doing surly they have a right to be annoyed , they put time in to learn and tried their best to try win you clearly didn’t and didn’t much care ether .. your lack of time makes no sense what so ever, takes no time to get low tier cv get t5-6 in a few hours over a week or 2 , then you would learn the basics easily and if you felt you wanted to buy a prem cv well no worries . I have a lot of perms these days but I also grinded and learned the game long before I bought any .. because it would be a massive waste of money other wise. The fact is if you play any team game people hope you will make the same effort they do to try win .. does it matter not much but it clearly does to most or they would stay in co op .

  11. Best rant ever. You are 100% correct.

    • I totaly agree, Notser is spot on..

    • Yes, absolutely correct. Sitting safely behind a screen people say things they wouldn’t dare say face to face. But their comments are a reflection on themselves, not those they are flaming. At my age Ive heard it all, and I don’t really care about their opinions.

  12. I guess i couldnt find a worst period to start this game…every community contributor of youtuber sais the same….from a greedy/lying company,to a toxic player base…i play like two months and my highest tier ship is 7,but i get MMed against t9s all the time!How are the “elites” and developers of this game think we are going to get better when we get matchmade with better ships and tier abuse is the easiest thing to do in a high tier ship? Its not just that the ships just get more HP, AA and better guns, THEY GET BETTER ACCURACY TOO(dispersion/sigma)!! How a newbe like myself can kill a iowa in a gneisenau??? How i can kill an Amagi in a New Mexico???Yes i am not perfect in aiming but when i get shatters or 0 dmg penetrations i just want to close the game and something else. This game is not newcomer friendly and the worst thing is the Matchmaking imo,making it 1tier lower/higher is something that you can deal imo (ship-wise at least). Just jump to warplanes if you play it and immagine being in a zero and facing a jet fighter,are you gonna have fun? No you wont(even though plane tier matters less in WoWP compared to ship tier in WoWs). Most youtubers dont have up to date videos teaching how to aim or how to launch torps or why to go to b or camp behind which island and why…. For the majority of player base it just a game that we will never get good at (or at least decent) and it is sad because in its base its a very well made game… 🙁

    • Dimitris, all I can suggest is try playing ships you struggle in, in a different way. Most ships can do well at all the tiers they face if played to their strengths. Hell if you can find and make use of each ships strengths then you’ll be a very good player, most don’t bother.

      As for the toxic community, I switched it off in tanks. I wish I could do the same most of the time in ships too. I do find, however, that starting each round wishing both teams good luck and remaining good natured as much as possible means the venom doesn’t often come my way.

      As for how to “git gud”, most of the tutorials done by Notser and other’s like him tend to still be relevant in the main. WOWS is less about taking a particular spot and making sure you dominate one corner or space on the map and more about what angle you engage at, how many ships you take on at once, managing your effective range etc. It’s different to tanks and every other PVP I’ve played because it’s about how you use your ship and not about map knowledge or being the best sniper. Being able to aim well is obviously an advantage but if you keep getting shot up at range then try to drop off detection and get on the side of your target. Not every game is won with overwhelming firepower. Some are won by the little successes like taking down their high tier ship by attacking from an unexpected angle.

      The Gneisenau, for example, excels versus cruisers but struggles against battleships (in firepower terms) but up close it can kill either quite well.

      In general though I’d suggest getting into a clan with a few people with decent manners and just learn as a group. I play with a couple of co-workers and the worst we ever get is a string of losses when the rest of the team derps out. Usually we get these when we hold off about 7 ships with 4 and the other flank gets destroyed. It’s irritating after the fourth or fifth occurrence but manageable.

      Oh and I find it helps to think that if you get up tiered, it’s more reason to sling HE. The dot damage is percentage based and you’ll be getting the XP based on that damage against higher tiered foes.

      Just keep going, the Bismark is a beast though it does seem to take more damage than the lower tiered ships. Possibly because people have learned how to aim better by tier 8.

    • Alex Abbott Thanks a lot for your advice, i ll try my best (and seriously my only problem with low tier ships are their accuracy. I bought the Giulio Chesare and i have really good games and i m always uptiered). Just answer me this: Do you think that if WG announces tomorrow that MM is going to be 1 tier higher/lower,is going to make the game better or worse? And why?

    • Personally I think It will make the game lose a lot of it’s variety. And Queue times will go up. Something a game with this level of player population definitely does not need. Remember the matchmaking goes both ways. It can make things more difficult and it can also make it easier.
      Can you imagine being in a tier 8 in a match of only tier 8 and 9, or a tier 9 in a match of only tier 9 and 10. +/- 1 tier match making would just make you face stiffer competition more consistently.

    • Dimitris Oikonomou not sure what mm has to do with the player base or community .. we all have bad mm some of the time and just live with it .. you get more base xp for doing well in bottom tier ships so you just do your best and hope you don’t get deleted 2 mins in … not sure what noster is going on about but I haven’t been on the NA servers I play on EU ,is there some salt some games ofc there is , is it a toxic sack of trolls can’t say I seen it and as for elitism very often u ask questions or for help/ advice in general chat very often you will get and answer or help .

    • Dimitris Oikonomou ahhh now I’m kinda forced to give a douchy answer.

      I think it’d screw up the balance of some ships. I think that sometimes you rely on having lower tiered food and some ships shine when they face higher tiers like the kutuzov does.

      As for better or worse, it’d be a statement of opinion mostly. Personally I think it would be good so you could play each tier and have less of the “this tier is always facing +2 matchmaking because of the server population” but otherwise I wouldn’t be too bothered.

      Like I said, if I’m up tiered I load the he…. Or try to pick off weakling in British cruisers (damn their lack of ammo choice!)

  13. Love your rants Notser, they’re ALWAYS on point… GJ man.., hope you’ve been heard by WG

  14. Come play on SEA, the community is a lot more chill here.

    • SEA is fucking AIDS. High tier is filled with fucking retards

    • Chat channels in SEA is chill you can ask anything there and people will answer. Chats mods aren’t even trying hard because little to none are flaming and insulting in the chat everyday

    • Asians are nice people 😛

    • SEA chat at lower tiers is super chill. Just yesterday I got team-killed by a newbie in his Strohozovoi. Was I annoyed? Sure. But I wasn’t going to act like a raging dickhead about it.
      The Strozy player only had a few games under his belt in the Orlan and Novik before moving onto the Strozy. No real harm done. Gave him a lighthearted reminder about surprise butt sex and watching your torpedo angles. He clearly took that in because he was playing much less recklessly for the rest of the game.

      Best part? The enemy team took notice and only responded with “be a bit more careful with your torps next time. Team damage is real.”

      Yeah, SEA is pretty chill.

  15. Flamu is king when it comes to shit talking. I’ve been in games where he gets wiped out before everyone else but you never see those videos on his channel. He really is a problem in this game. WG could help themselves by allowing us to turn chat off. Simples.

    • you can disables someones text in chat,and you can even block them

    • I love Flamu’ s vids I think his shit talking is great. Learnt heaps from them. I’m a shit player i make many of those mistakes he talks about I’m not offended by any of it. I’m a casual player so I’m never going to be that good but thats ok. The shit talk in chat is children surely as it’s so immature so why take any of it to heart a laugh at their immaturity.

    • Tinywars who would watch a video where somebody gets one-shoted? What for?

    • Flamu is a fucking cunt. I was watching him play warplanes, A game I have played more than him at the time but even then not played that much, and I said something to another guy in his chat about the current game about how the plane he was playing didn’t look too good, sort of a joke. It was his first game with it, some premium jet someone gifted him. He responds “you fucking moron, I’m playing ti for the first time and this game isn’t even good, of course it makes the fucking plane look bad”.

      Shut that stream off that second. Didn’t even bother to say anything back because doubtless his elitist attitude of himself doesn’t allow for criticism and he will never learn anything until it gets thrown in his face. Guy is a total ass that acts like a child and really needs a nice dose of humbleness thrown in his face.

    • Flamu is toxic af, and his worshipers can be even worse. The fact that they defend and excuse his poor attitude and the way he acts towards other players is ridiculous.

  16. Elitist Flamu calling people who aren’t as good as him “retards”

    • +Tanker’schreck Prolly gonna get shit for this, but most of them play like that for a reason. They’re scared of pushing and doing their job, and it’s not exactly hard to see why. One wrong move, a single kilometer of overextension, and you’re fire spammed or focused to death and have to foot a huge repair bill for the trouble. Hell, sometimes it isn’t even your fault.
      Of course, it can be argued that the idea of ‘one wrong move= death’ is a core factor of playing some types of cruisers and DDs, but that’s just it–DDs and CA’s aren’t battleships. BB’s are made to be tanky and absorb damage, and if they’re afraid of playing the way they’re supposed to, then something is seriously wrong

    • We seem to be forgetting that he’s a lot more forgiving and understand of lower-tier players when they make what is an obvious mistake to a skilled player like Flamu. His vitriol is well-aimed when it’s toward T-VII, T-VIII, T-IX and T-X players making these same mistakes.
      But just going ham in chat won’t solve anything. It might be well deserved, but it serves no useful point.

      Watch his pre-recorded stuff. Forget about his livestreams. He’s a great player with a lot of skill and useful insight. What he lacks is empathy in chat.

    • @Sultan: A small correction. Repair bills are the same, no matter if you survive the match or not. The only thing that changes the “repair” bill, is how much ammunition you used, and that is not very expensive.

    • +fendelphi Yes, I’m aware; the base coat gets ludicrously expensive starting at t8 and up, through.

    • theREDdevilz22 Stuntman is one of the most knowledgeable players in the game and he doesnt carry around the aristocratic ego that Flamu does. Wo9 is/was one of the best US BB skippers (especially in Iowa class) and he is always helpful if ya ask. There are ways to demonstrate how good you are and not be a complete waste of human life like Flamu.

  17. Watch Flamu stream. You can learn soo many new insults from him, its insane.

    • Spot-on – BTW I watched some of his older stuff on Youtube, and much better, actually explaining things without all the cursing.

    • Nah, his YT has always been more potable and informative than his Twitch. I guess it’s easier to stay collected when you aren’t in the moment.

      But yeah, if you want *actually* informative stuff, either watch his YT vids or tune in for his comp broadcasts. Those are really good. Otherwise, your average Twitch is mainly for entertainment purposes.

    • Seen some of them. Makes SirFoch look like a saint and Foch holds nothing back, never has.

  18. Yesterday I watched a URPeacekeeper vid (How to Akatsuki, I believe) and at the beginning of his random game URPeacekeeper sent “GLHF” out to both teams. Someone on the red team replied “GLHF is for F*tards” …That pretty much sums up what’s wrong with a minority of the player base, but they are precisely that: the minority, and only vocal because they are safely anonymous and won’t get punched in the face like they did that time back in fifth grade. Most of the players, in my experience, are reasonably friendly, surprisingly patient, and just as frustrated as me when it comes to MM, RNG, and the inability of that one BB to push hard into the cap when we really need him.

  19. WG in general is a troll pit.Forums are even worse than ingame.Unicums and elitists are gonna troll.Flamu is no good example either.I unsubscribed from him a long time ago.Anfield is just as bad,Why the Devs keep these 2 pricks as CC’s is a wonder to me.

    • Speaking as someone who is on the forums all the time, you sound like someone who makes a wild bullshit claim and then gets pissy when people ask for proof.

    • Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

      The regulars on the forum aint toxic at all. its the 1 post chumps who are. And Anfield aint nearly as toxic as Flamu.

    • asaeampan Forum is full of elitist replies. Ask for a skillbased MM, you will receive lolz and clueless arguments like queue time.
      Forum is useless for most of us, sorry to let you know.

    • transparentpolitics

      Flamu is the best thing for the game. He talk about exactly why he wins. As for chat… ignore chat. Flamu is trying to help people be able to beat him.

  20. Buddy I feel you a hundred percent. I’ve been playing on and off for a couple of years. Even got a t10 and the Nelson on top of other premiums. And time and again I see people ripping on each other. Most people are good though and if I see someone tearing into a new guy I’ll harass the shit outta the guy so the newbie get left alone and he focuses on me. Because frankly I don’t give a shit if people harrass me. It holds no sway over me having fun because I know keyboard warriors are probably just hateful little trolls, but it is not lost on me most people are not like that. Help the newer people. Give them tips and tricks and let them have fun. If your life is controlled by your win ratio then sorry bud but your a fucking loser. And you will probably do better worrying about your own strategy then about what everybody else is doing.

    I had to get that off my chest too. Thanks. Keep your decks above water bud and keep up the good videos.

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