World of Warships – State of Play

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Today, instead of just laughing at broadside citadel hits I’m going to talk about something that actually matters, insomuch as video games can actually matter.. Your mileage may vary, feel free to have your say in the comments.

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  1. Jingles: We’ll this requires a little bit of explanation…
    Me: You had me at boobs.

  2. I did not expect a SovietWomble video essay reference here but it’s a very welcome surprise for me

  3. Big nerd moment, Cockney Rhyming Slang is Thieves Cant.

  4. My friends and I call the HMS Albemarle the Marmalade, because it’s easier to say, and funny…

  5. Actually physically facepalmed when I heard the Bagration explanation

    Edit: Now that I’ve watched the entire video, I’d also like to thank Jingles for addressing some rather pressing problems in a calm and rational manner.

  6. When Jingles started talking about the game evangelists I thought ‘this sounds like what womble was talking about, and so I guess jingles also watches soviet wimble then!

  7. Wargamming: “Raymond Luxury Yacht”.
    Jingles: “Throatwobbler Mangrove”.

  8. Akizuki’s purring in the background was a treat, if that was them.
    The fact you touched on, and even seen SovietWomble’s content, warms my heart. But Soviet’s, and your own points, are definitely spot-on.

  9. Alsace: “hey cv please spot the cv so we can kill him”
    CV: “What’s in it for me”
    I think this just sums up random battles pretty perfectly

    • @Gareth Blayney Your performance being the same, winning gives you more xp, but I believe credits stay the same.

    • @Jerry Glaze It’s the WoW community. So that’s not going to happen until subs are integrated and they’ll have something else to hate.

    • @razorburn645 even if they do switch to subs the apologies still have to come.
      Also I really hope they don’t do they same thing to sub players

    • @Bill Everyone is kinda ignoring how he directed his planes and spotted the CV fairly quickly. It is not impossible that he speaks in opposition to what he does…

      Poorly, but he did it.

    • The problem is he actually did it. He was joking.

  10. As a saying I saw passing on reddit: “The “C” in Wargaming stands for Competence”. And this is so very true.

  11. My counterplay against CV-Gameplay: Playing other games

    • @DWK Khan And plenty of people will disagree with that opinion, so whatever

    • @DWK Khan A fine example of the WoW’s community spirit!

    • My counterplay, thank them for the gunnery practice and sink them. Stealth is overrated

    • Wow – me too. I’ve installed 4 other games in the last month. I’m tired of playing with 2-4 “balanced” CVs in games. It’s such a breath of fresh air when there are no CVs. But it’s so rare….

    • Exactly. I stopped playing WoWs while still having a few months of premium account active. After spending quite a hefty sum on that supposedly-historical-naval game. My last straw was nerfing premium ships, but also the carrier “rework” was on the list. And the obvious Russian Bias is safely keeping me from coming back, I just can’t stand Communist Paper Fantasies, with specs carefully tailored to abuse mechanics of this game, ruling the seas…

  12. CV balance is in a fine state. – WG

    • @the last shadow ” but some people like flamu never try them out”

      as someone who regularly watches flamu’s vids… this is an outright lie. I suppose next you’ll lie about Flambass not ever playing CVs, or Trenlass….

      how can you post such blatant lies with a straight face?

    • @Thomas Neal please link me a flamu video in recent history of him trying out CVs? and if you cant i will give you your own question how can you post such blatant lies with a straight face? i am waiting..

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      @Eros Francisco Mesa Cubas No ! they do its call a bomb , its delivered by the bomber and not by the gun , its a shell with way more damage than your typical like shell and its got the advantage of the longest range and the easiness to position the delivery

    • Idea for balancing CV’s step 1: make it so that *all* destroyers can *only* be spotted from 2.0 km or less unless they fire their guns/AA guns, and double the strength of all DDs AA guns dps.

    • @the last shadow my point was to spot cv apologists a.k.a bully-minded people in wows.

  13. “We won’t sell Tier X ships for money.” Speaking of playing for the team, Halloween really sucked for team play.

    • Yet for $250 USD you can have yourself a disco club Yamato.

    • @John Martin imagine paying a stupid amount of money for a ship you get with about a month of actually learning how to play the game (base yamato, minus the disco lights + the ability to play the game) just so you can get shafted by people who know what they’re doing.

    • Halloween was the exact opposite of team play

    • Well to be fair: They never said that. And i really don’t mind. 100 more 40% noobs in tier 10 won’t make any difference.

    • @Joseph Smith Which part didn’t they say? That they won’t sell T10 ships? You must not have been around long enough if you think they never said they won’t sell tier 10 ships for money. They also released a video (I think it was the chieftain… but which employee starred is irrelevant) stating they would “never make submarines” in the game… WeeGee is great at keeping promises.

  14. Bob the YouTube curator [unofficial]

    Vyzima: OMG, Jingles is showing my replay! He’s going to talk about my excellent gameplay.
    Jingles: Boobs, noobs, and aircraft carriers.

  15. I have a sneaking suspicion that “fun to play against” is not on the submarine goal list either.

    • Subs are terrible to play too!

    • @Paul Vamos What if the they made Subs the perfect CV killers. Make them near impossible for CVs to kill and find but something they desperately want to spend their time finding because if they themselves are caught by them they are dead

    • @Jerome Hord But then they would have to make the subs easy for destroyers to hunt and kill, too much like reality, never!

    • Adding subs was a completely terrible idea all along. Back when they said subs would never happen, the devs gave very good reasons for not including them. They were completely correct that subs are impossible to balance. The only thing that’s changed is that the devs no longer *care* about whether subs are balanced.

    • @RedXlV The devs have not cared about balanced game play since they found out the rich would pay well to win, er…. sorry, I meant pay well to have what they want to play, no matter if they are any good or not!

  16. Wargaming Art Department: Are we the only people in this company who give a shit about the product?

    I really feel bad about the art department. They put a lot of effort into the game models, weather effects, map design and tracers from shells and AA but all anyone ever talks about is the bullshit being pumped into the game.

  17. “Anti-aircraft guns are not a counter to aircraft in WOWS” . Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s a red flag

  18. 2019: Just dodge!
    2020: Just angle!
    2021: Just die!

  19. I got a wargaming survey the other day. 1st question, would you recommend this game. No. Survey ends.

  20. “Screw the long term health of the game. We want money NOW!”
    – probably someone at GW HQ

    There is a reason I don’t play WOW anymore…

    • Meh. There are plenty of utter potatoes at T10 in tech tree ships as well.
      Conversely, T4-6 are often the stage for disgusting stomps by unicum double/triple Giulio Cesare divs…

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