World of Warships State of the Game 2020

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It’s another state of the game, and surprisingly things are looking really 5 years on… with the exception of RU, which has been constantly bleeding players. A lot of data, a lot of stat, but it paints a picture of the health of the game.


  1. Hey Zoup, best wishes to you and the expanding family. Thanks for all you do – your videos provide a real insight into this enjoyable yet often frustrating game.

  2. I think this explains everything about russian bias – they are desperate to turn the tide. Thanks for this simple but important info. I theoritize that outside RU actually the PR works and in RU they got what they pay for…And yes, long live Yuro!

    • @CloneD Anon 1) no, I don’t speak nor read Russian personally. But I read and listen to what others say as they can read and understand it. So perhaps shout there about them telling lies?

      2) “people like me….” wow, talking about being toxic and judgemental. Just the same thing of what you’re accusing me of.

      I, for one decided not to give any more of my money to WG. Whether it’s for Premium time, dubloons or ships. Last sale I made is during the Black Friday sales as I wanted a few of them. But ever since that, they keep going down towards money grab etc.

      Yes, I was misinformed if what you’re saying is true and for that, I do appologise.

      But can you blame the thought of it being true? Not a single server even came close to what the Russian Server had in the beginning according to the spreadsheets. It’s only natural people tend to believe WG doing stuff like this in order to get those numbers pumped again.

    • ​@noob4life1981 If “people like you” was the worst that i said and it is the only thing you took out from that, i rest my case. Maybe i should i have been more clear about that and instead said: “You are not the first one that i see who starts to blame the Russian players instead of just calling WG for its shitty practices”. My main point was that people should not attack other players because of their nationality for some game thing, it leads to really toxic community. Attack the WG all you want, leave players alone, especially when they are not even the majority players. Do you even know that lot of Russian (especially younger) players are wehraboos and / or could not care less for Soviet era stuff (especially non-existent stuff)?

    • @CloneD Anon did I even mention that? Hmmm, not really. But since you like to jump upon conclusions, I shall rest mine too… EZ nuff

    • @CloneD Anon That might explain the Odin. If Yashima does well, would they consider giving their Russian wehrboos an actual H-44? With the really big guns? It have two more guns than Yashima, and be able to be hit from orbit without a targeting computer since it has such a wide hull (over 10 meters wider that Yashima as designed.)

    • ​@Ithekro Yea the Odin looks really nice. It is the first super heavy cruiser at tier 8 (even though its classified as BB). I think WG will make lots of money from Odin from all the regions.

  3. i remember the days when i would be on late at night on the NA server and would see less then 1k players on…those were the old days of wows

  4. state of the game in 2020: I SERVE THE SOVIET UNION

  5. Glad to be of use, and thanks for the shout out!

  6. The game is becoming worse in terms of balance and rewarding skilled players, but at the same time more popular.

    Makes sense actually.

  7. “RU has the biggest loss in players”

    Well that explains those new Soviet Cruisers

    Edit: typo

    • ​@Mr FlatBeat At least in WoT most Soviet tanks are historical (unlike lot of other nations) and RU players are the majority of WoT players, unlike in WoWS.

    • @PostivElectron Honestly, you’re probably right though. Since when did WG do things that made sense. Adding more RU ships probably is their strategy.

    • @CloneD Anon Ya but WG is a Russian company, they will throw other servers under the bus for there Russian player base. despite it not even being the server that makes them the most money.

    • @Yeahsure It is SU ships and most younger Russians (born after 1990’s) could not care less for Soviet Union.

  8. And another comment on the russian server woes could be that most russians are turned off by the ever increasing P2W/P4A aspect of the game, because the average russian just doesnt have a lot of spending power so they quit when they realize just how much ahead the paying competition is so to speak. Just a crazy idea I’m throwing out there.

    • No, Russians like just tanks and planes over ships.

    • russian prices at least for tank are much cheaper than on other servers IIRC.

    • @Ivan Buncic Not “much” cheaper, but somewhat cheaper iirc. Like 10-20% difference.

    • @CloneD Anon But then Warships is also more expensive than Tanks, and features a lot more RNG loot boxes than Tanks.

    • ​@darkwater1967 I don’t know about that, there is plenty of lootboxes and stuff nowdays in WoT too and if you are lucky you can get a good free top tier premium ships from free containers and from the coal / steel shop in WoWS. So really only premium time and some gold and a good starting premium ship is needed. In my opinion Russians are not just into ships as they are into tanks and planes.

  9. Average players only tells part of the story. Average spending (revenue) per player is more important to WG. Are the players that remain spending more or less than in previous years?

  10. I can see WG thinking if they start releasing more OP Russians ships they can get their Russian player base back

  11. I left at Christmas and feel good about it. If WG showed a changed culture and listen to the player base and not a spreadsheet I’d rejoin.

  12. I don’t think I’ll ever not love this game. WG may piss me off every once in a while but they made a game that I play almost every day. My enjoyment of the game definitely offsets my frustrations

    • I’m the same way with most games, honestly xD Fallout, World of Tanks, World of Warships, War Thunder, Minecraft and so on xD

  13. FYI the reason Asia server pop is so volatile is due to the Chinese server being abandoned. WG has stopped providing updates to the Chinese server (premium ships are dirt cheap to buy there) which forces most Chinese players to go to Asia and other regions to a lesser degree. Asia server is like 80% Chinese at the moment, tho that is just from personal experience.

  14. Is it also because economic conditions in Russia have continued to decline over the last 4 years? Less disposable income due to embargoes etc?

  15. (me, working on an Excel spreedsheat for an invoice) : “oh yeah ! it’s a new video of WOWS ! ”
    … it’s a spreadsheet study.

    My life has maximum fun now

  16. Asia is just being Asia xD

    2020 will be the year of soviet ships, so be ready !!

  17. “healthy” in terms of numbers, but it’s festering everwhere, from Devs trying their best to piss off players, from brainless players up to the highest tiers, NA servers are quite moderate, but EU has so much toxicity.

  18. So, there’s a substantial drop in Russian participation? Bring on the OP Russian cruisers!!

  19. Russians respond to overmonetisation by quitting the game, WarGaming responds with introducing OP Russian ships to win them back – has no effect other than to annoy European and US players. Explains why WG believes that the Russians think their new ships are underpowered…

    • Apparently the russian meta is fast brawls. In that type of meta the Russian ships don’t do as well as say the Germans. Outside of that playstyle though…

  20. “The game is doing ok.”

    *shows a spreadsheet with all regions actively losing players every year except one which is just shaving out a net positive

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