World of Warships – State of the Game at Release

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Let’s look at the State of the Game at World of Warships’ release. Is it really ready to be called that or should you tread carefully?

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  1. Superb rant Donkey – I was absolutely stunned to hear the devs were pushing
    for release this soon, what with the myriad of technical and design/balance
    issues still largely present.
    On the bright side, people won’t be able to use “beta is beta” as an excuse
    anymore, and Wargaming will be fully accountable for their content from now

    Honestly, I’ve stopped playing until these issues are resolved. The
    negatives outweigh the positives at the moment, whereas the only reason I
    don’t go play Tanks is because I don’t want to trash my stats after being
    away for several months. >_>

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on this game.

  3. So true, I agree with you. Hope Wargaming will notice this video.

  4. mark lewis (cowsgom00)

    True dat! Tell it how it is mate!

  5. Hear Hear…!

  6. AMEN on the load-in issues. It’s HORRIBLE.

  7. Alexandre Charron-Trudel

    as an IJN cruiser player, i must disagree with your statement regarding IJN
    cruisers; they are, for the most part, inferior to their US counterparts,
    and for one reason alone: Torpedo Citadels. You see, in real life, IJN
    planners decided that in order to fight in a war against a superior force
    such as the US or UK, they opted for the “decisive battle” strategy. This
    strategy was centered around a night-attack with a massed fleet where said
    fleet could use long range torpedoes at night to sink most of the opposing
    fleet. Thereafter, the IJN would finish off the enemy fleet the following
    day. For this to work, the IJN prioritized in their ship design ammunition
    and torpedo stowage over armor integrity; even the Takao class of heavy
    cruisers had at most 25mm of armor on the turret faces, and at most 110mm
    of armor on the hull sides. Further, the Type 93 oxygen torpedoes had a
    tendency to explode when hit by shell fragments. What this translates to,
    as rendered in game, is that even though you don’t have Type 93 torpedoes
    on most japanese cruisers, all Japanese cruisers are given armor and
    citadels as though they have them. In other words, every japanese cruiser
    from tier III on up has a citadel that spans from the forward gun mount,
    under the bridge, through the funnels, and all the way back to the rear
    gun/torpedo mounts.

    In other words, an entire line of floating citadels that can easily be
    dispatched, can’t broadside, are often out-ranged, and have to rely on
    setting up what amount to hit-and-run shots into other ships’ citadels in
    order to stand even a remote chance of winning. the IJN cruiser line takes
    vastly more skill to play than the USN cruiser line, and is the furthest
    thing from balanced possible.

  8. Totale agree with you Dude!
    But I still like the game enough to spent money on it

  9. 100% agree

    Had alot of fun in CBT. Finding it hard to find the energy for this second
    grind… my main line was USN DDs -.-

  10. boom!! finally someone not crawling up WG ass for some freebies!! Well

  11. it’s out of beta btw,
    “World of Warships is now in Open Beta! Go here to sign up and start
    playing immidiately”

  12. About escorting people and helping them out I agree. I was playing I was in
    the Pensacola trying to escort a BB. He kept slowing down and swerving into
    me, eventually he said quit hiding behind me. I replied just trying to
    escort you, I’ll stop good luck, I left him, about 30 seconds later he was
    dead to a Carrier, I just laughed.

  13. 100% agree, and I expect WG to react but at the pace of 2-3 points per
    patch (and that rate will fade over time). Patched at a rate of 1 patch
    every 3 months your looking at a proper release title somewhere around 3-4
    years from now. Something like WOT as that game wasn’t really a release
    title until 8.0 and even then it had serious issues.

  14. Sir Donkey, I must agree with EVERYTHING you have said here! Great points
    and great comparisons!I, personally, would say with the Advanced Firing
    Traing skill, proper modules and the Detection lowering skill, that the
    Gearing with it’s guns and Torps can be QUITE strong in a FEW situations
    (long shell travel, sure, but if you don’t know that they are coming good
    luck getting out of the way) But – that is NOT good enough, at all! Which
    is why I’m not arguing that point, just stating what I have seen both
    in-game and in videos.A GOOD tier X ship should not REQUIRE a TON of skills
    and every single module slot filled to be USEFUL at its own tier!And the
    GRIND to get that tier X? I realize they would LIKE to be historically
    accurate – as those 127mm L38 cannons did not get any real shell changes –
    but they have done it to OTHER ships! The Zao, unless the IJN was planning
    a new cannon or shell should have the same max damage as the tier 5
    Furutaka, but I AM DAMNED GLAD IT DOES NOT!Otherwise, I would be tempted to
    grind, apart from tier 3,4,5 and 6 – TERRIBLE USN Cruiser line (personal
    opinion) – impotent HE in this game is a HUGE downside, and to me, so is
    low velocity high arc guns! As is a TOTAL lack of torpedoes, and if you
    look into the models, the Des Moines – which is a larger target as a whole
    -( Like EVERY generic “Bathtub” CA the USN made in WW2), also has 152mm of
    citadel armor where Zao has 203mm!

  15. You do your best when you rant :D

  16. PS putting this game on SSD still does not fix it. the loading time

  17. No Royal Navy, no money.

  18. a) DD’s guns gain rof @ higher tiers so you are not entirely correct here
    b) The damage of their torps increases as well
    c) They are a tactical unit that can slow down or even push back an entire
    flank (ofc this doesn’t directly earn credits or xp)

    Not saying that they are balanced since I never played a high tier DD

  19. I can make a profit at tier 8 and 9 even without premium. At the end of CBT
    I didn’t have premium and I pretty much stayed at the same amount of money
    playing tier 10 ships (no carriers). However, there’s a stark difference
    between classes: DDs would lose me a large amount of money and CVs would
    make me a large amount of money. CAs would lose me a mediocre amount of
    money and BBs would make me a mediocre amount of money.

  20. +1 and Subscribed. You´re so absolutely right, it´s depressing somehow how
    this game is handled by the devs and the community staff (speaking about EU
    server). I never believed a company could fuck up like this. The release of
    this game should be the explanation of “fucked up” in any dictionary…
    hardly to believe what we (did not) experience since thursday.
    It´s really unexplainable why one should create a game based on team play
    but not give the players the ability to coordinate / communicate in game /
    to play as a team.
    I thought the development of “Battle of Stalingrad” (flight “sim”) was the
    anti climax in my gaming life, but WG managed to piss me off even more.
    Thanks for putting your thoughts into this vid, i completely share them.

  21. You can activate the training room but you need a mod…
    Why it was turned off in alpha but left in the game code? Only God knows

  22. 100% agree with the exception of the Nagato its a nice ship to play :D

  23. OH by the way cloakingdonkey you might like this

    Read the 5th post you will see why DDs are underpowered at high tiers

  24. Balance? You really think they can balance? WoT 5 -6 years passed still
    have out of balance stuff

  25. very good points donkey (that sounds weird). I can only imagine that the
    finance department got involved… when I saw this game in closed beta I
    thought they will make a great game without the errors of wot, but after
    half a year there is no improvement, it got a bit worse. playing on your
    own will make you buy a new keyboard… I never seen my friends or me rage
    with frustration like we do in wows. it could be a such a good game…
    unfortunately they employed mules to balance the ships…

  26. An example of how unbalanced destroyers are, and I don’t even play them:
    I was in a Fuso, pretty much one of the bast BB right now, dragged in to
    tier 8 match. The enemy team had 3 destroyers, of which 2 tier 7 and a tier
    8 Fubuki. I managed to destroy all those destroyers, of which 2 of them
    simultaneously and I was pretty much by myself.
    The point is that I, being a BB (also the lowest tier of the team), should
    have been an easy target for 3 destroyers. Or maybe I just made better
    decisions then those destroyers did.

  27. A great game with high potential ruined by WG, that’s it.

  28. No Communities in my wargame.

  29. totally agreed, I also have LAG & FPS drop issues on top of that,so I won’t
    play much until someday they fixed the problems

  30. Hirumaru the Rageaholic

    I still have over 1000 gold sitting around in World of Tanks. Wargaming is
    not getting another cent from me until I can spend that gold. The problem
    with that is that I’m never playing World of Tanks again. I’m also never
    playing World of Warplanes (unless Zeus himself jizzes over it and
    miraculously turns it into something good). So, World of Warships is the
    only place left to spend my gold. Except I can’t use it in WoWS.

    Sucks for Wargaming.

  31. I largely agree with every point in this vid. I’d be very interested in
    how that chart was constructed — the ship strengths look relatively right
    to my experience, but how did you calculate them? Can you give the
    algorithm or post the spreadsheet somewhere for others to examine/tweak?
    Thanks!My personal biggest peeve with the WG games is the lack of good
    information/instruction. Unless players spend a lot of time Googling and
    finding alternate sources of how to play and strategize, a person is likely
    to forever stink at this game. In so doing, they make it a lot less fun for
    teammates and even enemies. I had to quit WOWP not because of mechanics or
    graphics, but because most teammates appeared not to know how to play.
    Same is happening here. Develop a manual/help set of pages. Wiki is

  32. Practically the only thing I disagree with is the placement of Nagato. She
    is considerably better than that, which just outlines the problem with
    Colorado (have both at the moment, and the difference in capabilities is

    You also forget to talk about the port chat. It’s messed up! It clears the
    chat at what appears to be random intervals. That’s bloody annoying and not
    a benefit to ANYONE.

  33. LOL you make a very good ‘whiny voice’. You should use that more often,
    cracks me up

  34. WoWS certainly has some really bad problems and I would like to add some
    other problems that I have noticed:

    1. Hidden stats – lack of comparability, I can’t plan how I get progress in
    this game. For instance I can’t know how large citadels next ship has (is
    it worth to grind for my playing style)

    2. Tier-to-Tier progression is mess. For instance pensacola, new orleans
    and baltimore are too similar, no real progress there.

    3. Developers mentality. They make some ships purely for support ships
    (like DDs) but still those ships still suffer for bad economy.

    4. High tier games are rubbish. Sniping and shooting from maximal range
    only increase in higher tier battles. Bad economy makes people to play too
    cautious (you play only for surviving, not for the team)

  35. I like Warships and think it’s got far more potential than WoWp, but you
    make a very good case for this not being a ‘finished’ game. For now Wows
    will continue to be an occasional distraction for me – not worth the time
    investment in it’s current state.

  36. I agree with you Donkey! I would have loved to see some russian and british
    love in the tech tree.
    Also why the fuck is Montana 352k experience now? While holding the mouse
    cursor in the tech tree it shows the old price…

    Posted this on a gaminggroup on facebook im admin at! Might get you some
    more views! 🙂

    Keep up the good work with these awesome well made videos.

  37. Pretty much the problems I have are not much variety ( only 2 full navies)
    loading times getting into games, the economy is so high I liked it back in
    CBT and we need more credit reward I’ve just got to tier 9 with premium and
    I played one game without premium and I lost a lot of money on a good game
    and not making any credits, it’s harsher than wot and even that is harsh.
    The Balance is broken, people just go us cruisers until tier 7 and spam HE,
    so it is not ready I thought they’d get one more full navy tech tree

  38. Completely agree about the replay system, it’s totally bush league that it
    isn’t in place, for as long as this game has been in development. If it’s
    so damn easy to enable replays, that they’re giving players instructions on
    how to do it manually, just two lines of code in one file, THEN WHY IN
    ENABLING THEM FOR EVERYONE? That’s another reason why I haven’t as yet
    enabled replays – I refuse to do the same job for free, that someone else
    is getting a paycheck to supposedly do.

  39. Ha community!? I cannot even get my in game chat to work! For two or three
    months now my chat box simply says “Chat server is Unavailable. We are
    working on it”. But I completely agree seeing how much of this game was
    copy and pasted over from WoT as you would expect, how hard could it of
    been to copy and paste clans as well? I also do agree with most of your
    points as well. I personally run a premium account, and probably consider
    myself at least average enough to make credits 95% of the games yet still
    find myself struggling. I recently unlocked the Iowa which is great, but
    game with a 25m credit price tag after you factor in modules, and
    equipment. Currently in my port I only have the Iowa, the Marblehead that I
    won, the Murmansk that I bought and the Umikaze for torpedo missions.
    However there are ships that I would like to buy but simply cannot because
    I do not make enough credits. I have stop grinding three lines, the
    Minekaze, Pensacola, and Furutaka because I don’t have enough credits to
    purchase those ships, in addition to the New Mexico, Cleveland and Isokaze
    that I want back simple because they are fun ships to have. The last thing
    I am sort of on the fence about. While I 100% completely agree with you
    that destroyers are vastly inferior to most ships at their tier, I do not
    like the concept of ships being able to be completely invisible while still
    doing damage to you. It didn’t work for TDs in tanks, and still doesn’t
    with arty so I am not sure why they would bring that gameplay mechanic to
    this game. I would almost rather see DDs buffed massively in HP, rivaling
    that of CLs and have their detection ranges adjusted accordingly.

    PS hopefully not too many typos in there, typing this kind of late :P

  40. Yup. Totally agree with your points. I’m unfortunately currently grinding
    the Colorado and it sucks balls. This x3 event I’ve probably tried 7-8
    times to get my “win”. Nope. Fu WG fu.

  41. hi, good review of the ship lines, but can u further explain why yamato is
    better? not really convinced yet.

  42. You`re 100% right! Currently I`m stuck at tier 7 CA Pensacola. Everyone
    says that Pepsi is “support ship”, so I was “supporting” BBs, and the only
    thing I gained through doing that are shitty ribbons for shooting down
    planes and 200 exp at the end of the round. Eventhough I fully upgraded
    Pepsi it`s still worse than any of the ships I can face. That`s why when
    I`m put in tier IX or X game I just turn off the game. There is no point
    playing in those matches. You`ve got no range to engage any kind of ship,
    and your lack of armor makes you easiest target on the whole map. One full
    salvo from Iowa and you are dead. Untill this game isn`t fix I`m not going
    back. War Thunder is more fun for me.

    Great video as always, keep it up. Greetings form Poland!

  43. WoWS has angered the Donkey!!! The Donkey is not pleased w/ this amount of
    bs, being blown up everyone ass, while reaching into our wallets at the
    same time.

  44. I completely agree about the BBs and DDs. The Kawachi almost made me give
    up on battleships thinking they were all as bad. Just got the Mutsuki and
    finding it much more difficult to have any impact compared to the Minekaze.
    Even more so when matched with tier 7s and 8s which is common.

  45. I think the IJN BB and CA lines are the best ballanced ones

  46. Thanks for putting in the obvious time and effort for this video. It gives
    me some things to think about.

  47. I don’t think the Nagato is that bad I would place I right at T7 at the
    strenght line :/

  48. Finally I heard someone who had guts!!! I got nothing more than agreeing on
    what you said….!!!! :)

  49. What amazes me is that rewards for team contributions like spotting and
    tracking are rewarded in WoT, WG learnt to do that, do they really have to
    re-learn it for WoWS where support means shooting down planes and smoke
    screens. My other gripe is multi monitor support just isn’t working, and
    that works in WoT.

  50. Finally a video giving high tier destroyers some light!

  51. in every game with levels or tiers the price of higher tier/lvl stuff
    increase but also the rewards… I find it utterly ridiculous that you
    can’t get to higher tier on this game by using higher tier ships…

  52. schönes video. trifft den nagel ziemlich auf den kopf. bleibt leider nur
    abzuwarten ob WG handlungsbedarf sieht.

  53. I agree with every point you mentioned

  54. Yes I totally agree, I even uninstalled the game at the release day.??

  55. Couldn’t agree with you more on pretty much all your points CD. The only
    thing I’d disagree on is that you can still make good credits grinding tier
    5 to support higher tiers. Grindy as all hell but that’s always been
    Wargamings ‘Grind you to tears’ business model. It’s shit but it works.

  56. I think clans are majorly needed, and the team play incentives need to be
    added. Spotting bonuses, AA support, ect.
    The rounds I have the most fun in, seem to be those where the rest of my
    team is on the same page, and we work together to devastate a competent
    enemy. If I could get that more rounds than not, I would be happy (win or

  57. Yup, hard not to agree with you. I’ll confess to bias, as I was making many
    of the same points in Alpha, lol.

    Most telling conclusion? The game doesn’t warrant spending money.

    That people have been spending as much money on a single premium ship as a
    stand-alone AAA title might cost reflects many gamers’ complete absence of
    putting value on their money and demanding reasonable standards of game

    The companies know it, too, which is why so many of them release buggy,
    incomplete crap. Sad.

  58. I think I see why you’re blacklisted by WarGaming. :p

    Can’t argue with many points, but as far as the graph: since they nerfed
    the Minikaze’s torpedo range, the Mutsuki has become a ~much~ better
    destroyer and a significant step up. I haven’t progressed beyond tier 6 in
    anything, so I can’t really comment there.

    BUT…I think you really hit the nail on the head in the very end of the
    video. The issue isn’t the relative weakness of destroyers at high tiers or
    even really battleships at lower ones, it’s the reward system. Until the
    game starts properly rewarding team-based play, like shooting down
    aircraft, spotting with destroyers, soaking up damage with battleships,
    etc, then it’s always going to be a problem. The relative strengths,
    weaknesses, and progressions of the various types of ships is fairly spot
    on with their historic roles; early battleships were meant to stand off and
    trade blows with each other, while shrugging off any damage that smaller
    ships managed to impart on them, while destroyers progressed from pack
    hunters in the early days of artillery-based fighting ships to escorts and
    submarine hunters from WWII & on (while submarines took on the role that
    early destroyers held). But again, if you aren’t going to be rewarded for
    playing your ship type according to role, then there’s no point in doing so
    (or in making the ships behave the way they do in-game).

    Also, I had the privilege of playing an entire game earlier today while
    listening to the sounds of the final kill from the match before sinking.
    That’s something they might have/should have fixed before “official

  59. custom/training games and tutorials are sorely needed for the quality of
    (not that it would really help hopeless cases, but there are many people
    who would like to get better….)

  60. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Very good vid m8, in depth and well made.., what about the 350k free exp I
    started saving when wows was announced, think Ill ever see those again..?

  61. That was fucking brutal, and awesome. It was this climactic rise, like you
    were crescendoing your rant toward the end with the titanic delivery. I
    love this, you tore into them just perfectly. Great delivery on the
    criticisms. As scathing as this is, you’re totally right and Wargaming
    needs to see this and really look at their game and make the right decision
    to own up to their idea of release and really step up their game and
    deliver the fixes and features soon.

  62. I have to agree with you on balance, especially about the problem with DDs
    now. There’s no reason for anyone to play IJN DDs at higher tiers. The
    thing which I feel they should do is lower the detection range of
    higher-tier IJN torpedoes, and scale the detectability downwards, and
    change the way aircraft detection of torps works. Bring back the ability to
    launch torps one-by-one to allow better spreading and more clutch plays.
    Type 93 oxygen torpedoes were supposed to have more concealed torpedo wakes
    due to the higher solubility in water of the gasses. Make cruisers actually
    feel something of a loss when they sacrifice the sonar scan(buff the sonar
    at the same time) for the brain-dead Anti Air consumable. Fighter planes
    busy dogfighting over a contested area and eating flak should not have the
    same ability to detect of torps as a lone scout biplane alert on the
    lookout. It was a rarity for torpedoes to be spotted by planes in reality.
    Right now there’s just absolutely no fun in playing DDs at higher tiers.

    USN DDs can still be relevant(although not necessarily viable) at higher
    tiers thru extreme cheese play(same with the grem). If you have the tier 4
    commander skill to increase small calibre range and mounted camouflage
    and/or camouflage hull upgrade, you become this “ghost ship” that can fire
    at targets without being detected by playing the keep-away game. IJN DDs
    land like 10% of launched torps and every other time just do absolutely
    nothing every game.

  63. Could not agree more. I’m a DD player as well and I think everything up to
    the Mutsuki is fine (if a bit over powered *cough* *cough* Isokaze *cough*
    ). However, I just got myself the Fubuki… HOLY SHIT, WHY?! WHAT DID THEY
    DO?! I’m still going to tier ten, because I want all the DDs (not a
    masochist, just a collector), but I don’t know how long being a collector
    will keep me playing DDs. :/

    Great video as usual. Keep it up! :)

  64. What great rant, I assume you are NOT hoping for a press account, lol. I
    agree with everything you said. I find myself working for Free XP on lower
    tier ships, to help advance past the higher tier ship. I kept the St Louis
    and Omaha for money makers. . Carriers really suck now. I have to run
    pretty much all fighters just to get good XP. (I’m at tier 6 with japan and
    American) I’m at tier 5 for BB, and I can’t hit anything. I love the
    Cleveland and Aoba, but passed on the Pensecola. They really need to fix
    the balance issues. I got a love/hate relationship with the game atm. And
    I’m getting tired of seeing 8 Tirpitz in one game.

  65. Watch out those pesky Russians have a long memory. They don’t like it when
    someone talks bad about their games. Funny someone posted on NA forums what
    a good job launch was 14200 ppl on at one time, woohoo. My ass 14200 should
    be a slow day not a high day.

  66. I like the game and I think it’s fun and I think it will get better as it
    goes along.

    As for the being able to team up with friends/people , I agree they should
    have implemented that.

    Another channel that has some thoughts on Wow

  67. Rate up if you like it ? Man this is THE BEST rant about the game I have
    **EVER** HEARD. There’s obviously other problems beside that, but for me
    that actually likes low-tier ships MORE than high-tier (except select few),
    this is AWESOME. This is what I have been saying since CBT, BB cannot hunt
    cruisers efficiently (no matter what fanboy on the forums like to say)
    until tier 6 or maybe 7 (*Cough* Cleveland *cough*). I was and still am a
    huge believer that low tier BB’s need a LOT of love. Maybe 5-7km
    secondaries to at least offset the overpowered DD’s and cruisers. Most BB
    also need a maximum “burnable” HP pool that encompass both HE damage and
    Fire damage. Myogi needs cruiser accuracy to offset 3×2 turrets only. And
    so on, and so on.

    Forum response to my above paragraph ? L2P
    WG’s response to it? Working as intended, play cruisers if you don’t like
    it, BB’s are staying crap because we want them to be crap to weed-out
    potential BB player (Say What !?)

    Then there’s the different promotion per regions that gets on EVERYBODY’S
    NERVES… Even WG’s ! Where’s my Mikasa on NA server you sacks of S**t ?
    No Division Chat, no Division Spawn, No training room, no accelerated
    captain training, no replays, no custom games, Jet fighters slower than
    bombers (see Phlydaily’s rant on CV’s), no clans.

    The only thing good I was hoping to come out of the “release” was 2 things
    : #1- More players in the game. #2-Shop promotion (and not stupid contest I
    can’t do becauuse RL, Family, or Job).
    #2 is not happening, #1 seems to be happening tho, but not sure, wait and

    THANK YOU for this review on the status of the game. This is going into my
    Youtube’s FAVORITES ! (check it if you don’t believe me).
    Well done sir, well done !

  68. Will Schwable - Remarque

    I completely agree with you on all those points, the lack of content at the
    moment is a bummer. The Gold sharing is also a nuisance, just a company
    decision to squeeze a little extra moolah out of us. Great video as always!

  69. Jonathan-Noah Hunter

    Loved it

  70. Jonathan-Noah Hunter

    Damn best rant I’m watched in awhile and the sad thing that it 100% true

  71. I disagree with WOWS not having a tutorial when I started playing WOWS my
    first 50 battles in the player vs bot mode then after that many battles I
    started playing random battles

  72. WoW, that was an eye opener, thanks Cloacking and yes you make a strong
    I did invest gold before launch and used it ofcourse, allowed me room for
    more shippies and a Warspite. Funny what holiday money comming in at the
    right time allows you to do.
    I had also invested in 6 months Premium, and that is shared, so ok there so
    is free xp i believe.
    I dabble in some WoWP for some fun and it shares the Gold…. granted it
    happend later on after release, but i am semi understanding yet
    dissapointed they choose to delay it here too.
    Would i invest money in premium? well yeah, i think a 10 euro investment in
    a Hobby per months gets you allot of sattisfying game play across 3 titles
    (well atleast 2) so yeah worth it.
    Would i invest Menoy in Dublouns AND Gold for this?
    Nope, i am gonna wait till my 1300+ golds gets access to WoWs, i think i am
    enough of a loyal client that i deserve that respect 😉
    Will i advise this game?
    Yeah ofcourse i will, but i feel it is your duty as a gamer of a product to
    be Honest about it.
    Inform of both the benefits and the Drawbacks.

    Thanks for this vid and i Hope they will allow room for your crittisisme ;)

  73. And here I thought my PC just wasn’t cutting it with the ridiculous load

  74. I feel this video 100% – I’m torn between loving the game and getting more
    and more frustrated now that I’m at tier 8 and 50k XP from tier 9… this
    game requires so much work but it doesn’t seem to matter because they can
    just hype the Tirpitz money bag for $65…

  75. Which Nagato have you been sailling….

  76. Torpedoes are not spotted further away when they have longer range. That
    was thought early on, but proven incorrect.

    While you have some valid points, overall I think your criticism is far too

    Also, nothing has changed from going from beta to release, it’s not like
    they have started charging for the game. Literally nothing has changed. Has
    development stopped, no.

  77. I agree with a lot of the points you made about game balance. The early
    tier BB’s and tier 7 BB’s are just awful. I’ve seen far too many people get
    pushed away from the BB’s or just straight left the game because of this
    issue. I understand that WG probably implemented bad ships to use as xp
    sponges or to encourage spending money, but I think it would be much better
    to just make it so that stock versions of ships are worse off when compared
    to the fully upgraded version instead of making the entire ship bad
    (Looking at you Colorado).

    Then for DD’s they get crapped on so badly. The early tier power houses
    that they are cause people to become extremely paranoid and causes players
    to learn to work around them quickly if they haven’t already raged quit
    because of it. So the later tiers that don’t receive much in terms of stat
    upgrades end up having to work around players that have force-ably learned
    how to deal with them. Of course part of the credit to their early tier
    power is due to the ignorance of the new players, but that goes to the lack
    of a tutorial or easily accessed guide for new players that doesn’t require
    exploring through the forum or 3rd party site and all the seal clubbing
    divisions at the early tiers.

    Cruisers are fairly balanced aside from the few odd one outs such as the
    Cleveland which is fairly powerful and then the pepsicola which is pretty
    underwhelming and quite the disappointment in the line (assuming you’re the
    cruiser. It’s wonderful to see one as a BB).

    CV’s from what I have experienced are suffering from role issues and as you
    stated boring game play. One tier you’re able to use a certain load out
    that works extremely well and the next tier the load outs equivalent on the
    CV is completely useless or not worth using. So instead of there being 3
    play style options for CV’s (Strike, Fighter, Balanced) you end up with
    different versions of each one on each CV and let’s not get started on how
    useless US strike is. Which causes awkward learning curves each tier
    especially when you start getting exponentially more planes at the higher
    tiers. Then DB’s are just weird. I find that they are the most Bull RNG
    thing for CV’s. I’ve seen DB’s detonate Iowa’s before and other times miss
    every bomb on a stationary ship while the planes aren’t panicked. The range
    of probability is too much. I think it would be far better to increase
    their consistency and add different types of bombs such as the armor
    piercing bomb and you can choose what the DB”s have before the match start
    by swapping the DB ammo type. Then just apply the current differences in HE
    and AP to the DB ammo type.

    I also would love to have clans in the game. The lack of community and the
    amazingly bad chat and friend system is just shocking. In the early months
    of open beta, there was something of a community because people would see
    each other over and over again in matches at the higher tiers since they
    were the only ones there, but that has slowly diminished. Then the MM for
    divisions makes it even harder for people to play together. If ships aren’t
    the same tier in the division then the lower tier ships get dragged into
    games where they will under perform to an extreme degree. Even when ships
    are the same tier, they can get dragged into games they will under perform
    in because of the different MM for the ships. BB”s see + or – 3 tiers. So,
    you end up with players only wanting to play solo.

    Then finally the economy is definitely something that needs to be adjusted.
    The later tiers need adjusting to compensate for the exponentially higher
    prices. Hopefully as times goes on they will fix this as they get feedback
    and more data from players, but I’m not going to keep my hopes up unless
    WoWS gets half as popular as WOT. 6-9k players on the NA server during
    optimal hours is not very good. Though the EU and Russian servers have
    about 20-30k players each during optimal hours from what I’ve seen. oh and
    one last point. I honestly believe they should have saved the full game
    release for when they released the German tree. Would have generated quite
    a bit more hype from the community, players that have already left, and
    players that are thinking of trying the game out.

  78. Holy shit dude did you nail it.
    Love the videos.
    …Bravely Sir Ryan♫…

  79. what’s an ssd??

  80. I disagree with the IJN DD analysis. It’s worse than you think. The torpedo
    reaction window gets worse for 610mm’s. Search the WoWS Reddit for “New and
    Improved, Completely Up-to-Date Torpedo Reaction Time Spreadsheet”.

    Toss in the omnipresent aircraft of high tiers and it’s a recipe for
    Masochism. In CBT I took the Minekaze into a few Tier 10 games with
    hilarious results. I’d rate Minekaze above both the Mutsuki *and* the

    If the CV replays weren’t working out, I can run a few BB games. The XP is
    harder to get a good +3k game on though.

  81. “It’s j-just a beta!”

    Oh wait.

  82. ok i agree with ya.
    and mostly about the unified account(gold yes)

    but 1 thing to point out about unified account that will never happen.

    costs alot more to repair in WoWS at tier 4 than it does in WoT at tier 10

    and you make more.

    combine credits. and its free gold spam for WoT

    so merge gold yes.
    merge credits NO

  83. I hardly play the game anymore, maybe 3 games a week and that’s it.

    For me that they went live in this state shows they have given up them self.

    I follow some youtubers to see if there are some changes, but sad to say I
    have given up on it.
    And WG to, to be honest.

    Looking at Armored Warfare that is in CBT and already the game WoT should
    be, I have no trust in the WG team to salvage this shipwreck(pun intended).
    They have had time and feedback enough to make their games what they
    potentially could be, and the luxury of no real competition. They got lazy
    and fucked up.

  84. Wow, that was a strong, and slightly depressing,video. I totally understand
    your criticisms and I hope they do something about them. I’m desperate for
    this game to succeed as I love ships of this period but I’m glad you’re
    honest about your thoughts. I sometimes think some other you tubers start
    to enjoy the freebies they get from Wargaming a bit too much lMy biggest
    bugbear is the lack of teamwork-enabling communications. For example,
    simply having the comma wheel from WoT would be a huge improvement. You
    sound totally fed up with the game – hope you’ll keep plugging away for us
    though ☺️

  85. Of course there’s also platoon chat that WoT has and WoWS doesn’t.

  86. Game Client 19,1 GB

    146.342 Files

    Seriously WTF 146 thousand files?

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