World of Warships State of the Game Summer 2018 – Radar Causing a Meta Shift

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ItR;s time for a quarterly look at World of and how things are going. Wargaming keeps providing us with a lot of content, which is awesome. This includes a new , more ships, missions and more, all in time for summer. On the game side of things, radar is starting to cause an interesting shift in the meta.


  1. I’ll say it: the current radar meta sucks, especially for IJN DD players. I also think that radar negates the uniqueness of the German hydro, cap contesting play style. Anyway, it’s whatever. I’m just focusing on my Soviet DD’s, where being spotted by everyone is the whole point.

    • Airborne 07 I will go ahead and tell you. It is not going to be a fix that you think. Khab is more effective with other dds doing dd things. Support the real dds and guard the flanks. This is where it excels. Problem is, now when you que with a khab, you are very lucky if your not the only dd. Usually your 1 of 2. Then you have to make a decision. Ignore the objectives and farm damage….this usually amounts to a loss because the whole team ignore objective. You can fight for the objective and…..your terrible at it, but it is your most productive option. Its ugly right now for khab to. Groz line is just as overly countered as all other dds.

    • Airborne 07 If you have the khab and this is not your experience, I could use advice because this is how it’s working for me at least.

    • Paul t, I don’t yet have the Khabarovsk, but I’ve experienced similar situations in T7-9 matches. My general strategy when I’m the only DD is to back the stern of my ship into a cap (as you said, most productive of our bad options), then if I get lit up by radar I’ll engine boost away, suffering little to no damage thanks to range and evasion. About 1/3 of the time though, I take the cap uncontested, or I’m conventionally spotted and can smoke up until a CL arrives to back me up. It’s certainly not a perfect system, but it beats abandoning the ships that I most enjoy playing (DD’s) for ships that bore me to tears (CL’s).

    • “this usually amounts to a loss because the whole team ignore objective.” thats not true, if team choose to play for win, theyll play for it no matter what you do, if they seem to be ignoring the objective, just farm damage because your team gonna be suck at sinking ships too

    • I have a Khab and this is my top damage DD right now, it is the only DD that I can reliably get 100k games in this current meta. Being spotted doesn’t matter, as I always stay on the max range, slinging my guns at DDs, CA/CLs and BBs. Radar doesn’t affect me, because I am always spotted, and I do not even use smoke, as heal is so much better.

  2. Stalingrad – just another OP Russian BB disguised as a Cruiser.  Radar destroyed high tier Ranked this year.  Cockroach is a good term for it.

    • Tanker I gotta disagree with you here. I think that all the radar made high tier Ranked vastly better because it destroyed the effing Ranked smoke meta! I’d much rather deal with a bunch of radar in Ranked than one constant cloud of smoke!!!

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      I disagree.
      Radar broke the form where you could only really reach rank 1 as DD. And where MM was 5DDs 1 cruiser 1 BB.
      The stats of people reaching rank 1 this season showed that it was equally viable to BB, DD, Cruiser to get to rank 1 (number of games/average WR).
      I will also make the point that in season 9 we had an equal playing field. There were no oviously overpowered ships.
      Unlike in the T8 bracket: Kidd, Loyang, Alabama
      or T7 Bracket: Lenningrad, Sims, Belfast, Scharnhorst

    • They killed the Tanks game with the Russian bias of constant overpowered Russian tanks being introduced into that game. I hope this isn’t the start of a powercreep that goes overboard with the Russian tech tree.

  3. I do not like the whole meta change… Just as you said, I can confirm. Ever since the Radar-pocalypse, I stopped playing my High Tier DDs as much, just to play Cruisers. Heck, even prior to the update I started to switch towards Cruisers. It is really tough playing the game, where every Cruiser has a Hydro, where every BB hides 20 kms behind their Radar Cruiser buddies… I will still probably play a DD on the Clan Battles, but I may switch to Cruisers and play Worchester, Henri IV or Zao, as these ship look like my cup of tea, especially once Zao gets these 12 km torps.

    • Splashy Thing Yeah same here; with the number of radars, I spend 15 min out of a 20 min game either being radared or trying to avoid radar ships.. not fun anymore.

    • Zoner Roamer Yup. It is exactly 90% of my games, unless I get lucky and the flank I go into has no Radar Cruisers. As example, I just played my Yueyang and I sailed towards the cap, got radared right away, 50% of my hp got removed while I were turning away to run away. So I were like “okay, other cap has literally no players there.” I went there, capped it and decided to shoot some cheeky torps from the flank. But of course there was a carrier that spotted me with a fighter for a split second, so enemy Des Moines turned towards me and proceeded to chase me. During that time, they used 3 radars, with the final one getting me at last killed. I spent entire game, running away from Des Moines, trying to torp him, but guess what? If someone sails towards you and has a hydro, they can dodge the torps with a simple magic of WASD. I did pretty damn solid job trying to dodge his shells as he chased me, but eventually he managed to wear me down and finish me off with the final radar.

  4. I am a crusier guy so I am ok withthe radar.
    I hate that WG is messing with t10. T10 is perfict. Every ship is different. Now Moskava with 50mm playing Stalengrade. The new upgrades. I feat they are going to screw up t10 and it will be as bad as t8

  5. Not stopped me playing DD’s, I enjoy a challenge. But they need to fix radar so it doesn’t go through landmasses!!! The implementation is completely fscking retarded.

  6. #DDlivesmatter

  7. State of the game:
    1. Too much radar (possible fix would be to make radar not work through islands). –
    2. Still no rewards for spotting torps and providing visibility for your team. –
    3. Now you can get pink from shooting your div mates (this one is just plain dumb). –
    4. Lots of content! and most of it great. +
    5. More focus on clanwars and operations is good. +
    6. UI still sucks and needs to be optimized. –
    7. 2017 was “Year of the CV”…. well i’m looking forward to seeing a good rework for CV’s. –

    Have anything else to add?

    • StullOtopen Nope I play CV’S and like them just the way they are. It’s the BB babies complaining. If you need to nerff them just take away manual drops and maybe give the torps a couple of knots more speed. Also get rid of strafing. No one wants an arcade CV. Except maybe noobs.

    • thebes1 I don’t find them to be OP (maybe some of the prems) but the fact is that WG don’t like them, and many in the community agree. It needs to be a playatyle that appeals to all players, not just a small group.

    • they put down dd armor in next patch to fix ” the bb-ap-problem ” rofl these wargaming-clowns will only shift the problem to “the cruiser- dd-one-shoot-problem “

    • Steve Hemmings just a little bit of sigma is all I’m asking ?

    • StullOtopen What? A play style where you don’t have to think? More than likely to chase away those that do play CV’S. That’s why I quit buying anymore of them.

  8. Once the new cruiser line hits with all that radar DDs will be out of the game. I am a DD main; the current levels of radar is bad- DDs can’t get close to objectives as it is now..I’ve had people shout at me and others to cap B! when there are 3 radar cruisers right in front of us.what do you think is going to happen when DDs aren’t there? The cruisers are going to have to do the DDs job! Its the same problem WoT had with the medium tanks outperforming the lights.(Why have a Sheridan with paper armor and a derpy ass gun when you can have an object 140 do the same thing with twice the armor,similar speed,faster reload and same view range and bounce shells reliably?) We all know the cruisers are bitching at the BBs because the BBs aren’t tanking and doing their job; BBs are bitching at the cruisers for not spotting and supporting..oh well..why don’t we have any DDs??? oh wait because of all the fuckin radar! You don’t know how it will affect the meta? i call bullshit on that Zoup..any blind,locked in the basement stevie wonder can see that. If that line does get released…your going to have to give out chaff,your going to have to have RAMC(Radar Absorbent Material Camouflage), your going to have to hand out hard counters to radar…that line you really don’t want to cross? your going to cross it anyways.
    Along with the radar problem we now have a continuing meta..the HE meta that the conqueror brought with it..something that was foretold by pope Flamu the first. With the HE meta BBs don’t want to tank and blapp the big targets..they don’t want to scorch their shiny paint. Cruisers are stuck out in the middle trying to do the BBs job while DDs are now 404.(see above statement.) Time and time again its been proven to be the HE slinging meta that is the problem..not DDs and the alleged OP wall of skill;if you can’t spend the points into vigilance, change course,speed or even be assed to take TASM over concealment (another canister of worms for of Notser) then you deserve every torp you take.
    So..tell me again Zoup why we have this “wait and see” attitude when we know full fucking well that DDs and soon to be CVs(separate issue same outcome) will be dead classes? I’m calling you out sunshine..gauntlet is down.

    • No, I play all types, but I play DDs most of all! So, you’re wrong on that count. Also, you’re wrong in assuming that I’d expect DDs to charge onto caps in the face of radar. As a player of all types of DDs, gunboats, torp boats, and hybrids, I wouldn’t ask someone to do what I wouldn’t do.

    • I also play DDs a lot, and I’m also the guy that lights up the enemy team and takes caps. But it’s NOT a death sentence to get radar’d, per se. What is a death sentence is being too deep into the enemy’s radar bubble. What you have to do is know where the radar cruisers either are or could be, and then only try to work that part of the cap that’s at the edge of their radar bubble, so that you can break and run if they light you up. Also stay near an island that you can run behind for hard cover from incoming fire.

      The problem is that there are too many DD players who see a lot of radar and do nothing but whine about it. They just want to keep playing the way they’re used to playing, rather than adapt to challenge. And you CAN adapt to it. You just have to put your mind to it, try different tactics, learn and evolve your tactics. But no. If the whiners can’t have their bottle, they’ll do nothing but throw a temper tantrum, rather than doing the adult thing and learn and adapt to the challenge.

    • i’m not just looking at it from the t10 perspective..i’m also looking at it from the T6 and 7 perspective too. those guys do have to get deep into the radar bubble to do much of anything. I am going to protest about the amount radar; if i have to get within 9km to either shoot,torp,or spot i’m a dead man..cannon fodder. How much fun is it when your a bottom tier DD squaring off against at least 4 radar ships? How am i helping my team by staying close to an island humping BB? I’ve been down that rabbit hole;chased by 3 Atlantas all shelling in kamikaze R with cascading radar..not fun nor easy to “adapt” to that.

    • You can’t play the same way when down tiered.

      Even ##BBEasyMode has to start shooting HE at enemy cruisers when down two tiers sometimes.

      If you are a tier 6 DD in a tier 8 match…capping isn’t going to be your thing. Smoke up your BBs and pull ambushes in the islands.

      I think part of the problem may be DD captains thinking the game at tier 10 should be the same as the game at tier 6. But it’s not. DDs in low tiers ARE concealment relying ninjas. However, by the 1940s (the high tiers)…destroyers were morphing into filling the light cruiser role. WoWs models this by adding the radar feature. You can’t just rely on concealment on torps. That day has ended. (Just like the BBs lose the near immunity to citadels from the low tiers.)

    • If your a T6 BB firing at a T8 cruiser and can’t land a good salvo with 350mm+ AP shot you have a problem..even if said cruiser is angled.All DDs are concealment reliant; that is how you spot,take objectives or torp one of those #BBeasymode players.Your forgetting radar can see through islands and hard any chance of an ambush has now gone tits up.Radar doesn’t see the torps coming..thats Hydro’s job..radar lets you see where that DD is, what he is doing,and then proceed to either cut him off or shell the ever loving cockbiscuits out of him as he is running from you.Worcester will have the power to stealth radar..he can see you long before you see him..that means anyone near that Worcester will open up on you. DDs were not morphing into light cruisers just yet..that doesn’t come around till 1950-1960s when ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) became priority.

  9. Cleveland is not bad.
    You are.

  10. 5 Cruisers and a few Destroyers have been a staple of high tier SEA Meta and it has gotten worse since the latest patch.

    DDs are almost extinct above T7. SEA’s heavy Cruiser meta has stemmed from the prolific Super Unicum CV fishing divisions that is extremely popular at Primetime hours.

    In essence, the other servers are getting a taste of SEA Meta.

  11. I love that the meta has be grabbed by the balls and shaken up. Support your cruisers with smoke, spot, kite radar ranges, call targets and most importantly SURVIVE and when everything is dead and the consumables are burnt you’ve become very valuable to control the late game.

  12. With the new radar meta, it doesn’t pay to play a DD anymore. Especially considering that DD’s don’t get support from teammates. So… if you’re a cruiser or battleship main, don’t get mad at the DD’s when they refuse to rush a CAP. We know that we’re going to be in there alone… radar-spotted… and focus-fired by the entire enemy team while all of our allied cruisers hide behind rocks and battleships snipe from the rear. It won’t change until the team learns to support each other.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      DDs shouldn’t ever RUSH a cap.
      DDs are fleet support ships. You stay near your fleet and take objectives when there is an OPPORTUNITY. I repeat, an OPPORTUNITY. If you are 10km away from the closest team member and finally spot the other DD, that DD is ~15km away from your fleet. Your teammates are NEVER going to hit that DD.
      If you don’t understand that then it is probably better you play another class.

    • Tell that to the shitbags that neg rep you for not cap rushing.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      I know…
      Best way to get rep is to play with friends, have 2 divisions and then have them start battle at the same time.
      You can compliment the other division, if they end up in the same battle. That should offset the reputation loss. (Although probably not the way intended)
      I know that DD players have it difficult.

  13. Some destroyers simply don’t care about radar nor USN cruisers, namely Russian DDs. I just uploaded a replay in the Udaloi showing this.

  14. The game has done one thing consistantly since I’ve been playing (closed beta) and this is evolve. I know some would have wanted it to say just as it was, but the changes have made it interesting. I played mostly DD at first and now mostly cruisers and a few Bbs that can be played like cruisers. The changes make you adapt or fail and that part is great. Like it or not, that is a skill you want to master in the game or in life. Adapt to changes and succeed in that changed environment. It’s challenging and if you are willing to accept that challenge, it is invigorating and fun.

    • Graham Montgomey

      That’s true. I’ve also been around since CBT and back then i played almost exclusively IJN DDs and sometimes USN DDs. Now I’m playing mostly cruisers and sometimes low tier BBs like the Ark just for fun.

  15. I don’t see radar as much of a problem provided you play smart and know what the radar ranges of the OpForce. You can still torp spam if you are willing to loiter at long ranges, and can often use torps to force an enemy to move where they don’t want to.

  16. hell yeah! The 5 DDs/team matches were obnoxious. I really do hope the meta shifts.

    • WG could solve the 5 DD per team (and the 5 BB per team) thing easily. Currently, it’s obvious that there are soft limits on how many BBs or DDs can be on a team, and that soft limit is 5. Just reduce the soft limit to 4. Problem solved.

  17. Why does he think all the destroyer players will switch to cruisers? When I get tired of getting radared I go play my American bbs and kill all the radar cruisers. Sure, spam me with HE if you like. I’ll just gently caress your citadel with my 406mm AP.

  18. Radar should be line of sight from the center mast of the ship. Force the cruisers to come out from behind the island to try and get radar on those DD’s. I always hated the idea that a ship can radar me from behind a huge island no one can even shoot over. I think this is all you need to do for now on the radar. It forces the cruisers out where the other cruisers and battleships can blap them. If it’s not enough and we still have a radar issue, then make them detectable. Technically when they go active radar they are totally visible to everyone with radar, and at tier VII they all have some form of it.

  19. the last couple of evenings on the EU server in my games ( tier 8-10 ) I have seen only 1 in 10 games Without a CV and the radar by chance or MM is mostly balanced with 3 – 4 on each side ,
    and most of the matches have 3 DD’s which is acceptable .
    it’s The AP Bombs on the CV’s to me that is a Huge Problem in my Mighty Mo last night from over 3/4 health 1 Squadron ( from an Essax )and KaBlamo off to the sea bed I go …. they for me are killing the game .. ok the radar is not helping but I am sure that will settle .. but the AP bombs make me want to sit as far way as I can . ( I don’t but I feel like it ) I hope when WG do the CV rework they either Remove AP bombs or at lease severely lower their alpha .
    Sorry for the little Rant 🙂

  20. As a DD main I’ll agree that radar has gone too far. I liked it as a counter to the smoke meta but it’s become much more difficult to play DD anymore with every cruiser popping radar every 2 minutes.

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