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You know those games where you have overwhelming force against you but you held caps for long enough that you win on points as long as you don’t die?

Well this is that kinda game and it’s pulling it as close as possible to the edge.

Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 7:47 , umm actually flambino.. if it were double citadel, you’d be dead. Kremlin each cit is 14.5k.. so 2 cits should have done 29k i.e. all your health.. but no. It was only one cit and one overpen 😛

    • You must be really fun at parties.

    • @Gareth Blayney no. Why do you feel so? Flambass was griefing his luck, so i said it is not as bad as he thought.

    • @Jagat Kiran okay…so be in the middle of a game. See damage, and react……you want him to be perfect? At that moment, you want perfection?

      No, more like you want to be pedantic. *I’m right SO YOU ARE WRONG* . Sweet take bro, next vid try to have absolutely no fun at all

    • @Matthew Chase Yes, I want perfection, thanks for asking.

    • @Matthew Chase i don’t want him to be perfect, but all I’m saying is I don’t want him to end us as the case of notser ifhe video. All he said was he *feels* more damage per shell, but he was way wrong and is being trolled till date just cuz of 1 vid.

  2. You know the game is broken when matches have more than 50% of Russian ships in them

    • Not to mention you have a platoon of superunicums playing very well and still don’ manage to carry their team ^^

    • When it’s significantly more common to see a full russian ship team in competitive than it is to see a team without any russian ships…. 😛
      “I don’t see what’s wrong with that blyat”
      – WG, probably

    • stefanos perivolaris

      Khaba kreml kreml stalin SMOLENSK petrovalosk
      Grozo alex nievski moskva moslva best mm

  3. History is full such lucky/unlucky events like the Bismarck one, i can think of Battle of Midway and story of Arashi destroyer, who basicaly lead US bombers to main fleet.

  4. God damn that ending xD

  5. This is how WG keeps the spreadsheet saying “everything is fine.”

  6. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Great historic Soviet Navy rightfully dominates…

    • Andreina Rangel

      Soviet (Russian) Navy — The “Navy” that pretty much sat out the whole of 20th Century rusting at the pier.

    • @Andreina Rangel and still were better than any half-floating coffins naglo-suxxons created to torture opressed sailors in for the false and cruel crumbling british empire that just fell apart nevertheless

    • @Herubino EVC Sorry about the drop.

    • Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

      Herubino EVC what just like how the rotten Soviet Union fell apart?

  7. Me: dear father i want to do confession
    Father: what is ur sin
    Me: i play smolensk and cv.
    Father: thats hard one

  8. Flambass Sunday:
    200k with Smolesk and focus fire (crossfire) vs 12km Yamato and 13km Kremlin
    but bad team lost.

  9. Watching it live on stream really hurt my soul back then

  10. Andreina Rangel

    You three need to play a LYON-platoon game. Monkey’s bonehead moves would make it awesome!!

  11. How bad does your luck have to be? Hood stands up, “let me tell you about luck.”

  12. How the hell did you travel 74kms in 20 mins? That’s like more than 200km/h speed for a ship 😀

  13. Romper Stomper 4Life

    It’s great to see how wargaming keeps it historically accurate, nastrovje comerade

  14. Flambass playing Smolensk is like him cosplaying as a Nazi.

  15. Smolboy is the best gunboat DD in the game, but it’s concealment is kinda crap.

  16. 13 out of 24 Soviet paper ships in this match? Of course, balans is perfect!!! Da, Tovarisch, perfect!!!

    • Алексей Алексеев – server stats. Last 28 days. Kremlin not even in top-10 mose played ship.

      Top 20 most played ship on EU server.

      Großer Kurfürst
      Des Moines

  17. please, Flambass, I beg you, send this to Jingles. I’m sure the old man will get a kick out of the ending 😀

  18. Damn 13 out of 24 ships came from an imaginary navy…smh

  19. Russian bias player:
    what is that thing you call survive? Me only know attack or gulag comrade. I serve the soviet union with my death. Xaxaxaxaxaxa

  20. Funny how that Kremlin’s HP was synchronized with the time remaining…

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