World of Warships – Stealin’ KIlls

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A slow burner of a battle today, in which Stealin in the USS North Carolina takes a while to build up steam but once he gets going he doesn’t stop. Gives us plenty of time to chat about the history of the ship.

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  1. North Carolina had a lot of vibration problems that meant she could never reach her intended design speed

    • @theenhancer yeah look at the russian paper cruisers and bbs which could never survive an atlantic wave which their ultra low deck.
      So ridiculous

    • @theenhancer Sometimes they also adjust the paper ships for being to ambitious or unrealistic. Not if they’re Russian of course. Stalinium and vodka solve all problems.

    • @One punch Bud Also the turret rotation on the BBs.


      @theenhancer oi vey

    • Came here to mention this. Anything about about 25 knots started getting iffy. Took a LOT of tweaking and swapping out screws to get anywhere close to the design speed with vibrations at an acceptable level.

  2. Damn, who already made everything in here sticky already?
    Sick bastages!

  3. As always I love the history and stories of the ships that Jingles adds on during these gameplays

    • Definitely a huge reason why I always get excited for his WoWs videos, Jingles does it like no other!

    • Paid for more attention to that than the battle. And my dinner. (BTW I have always trouble remembering what dinner, lunch and supper are for. Breakfast is easy. Why couldn’t it be as easy as German (Fruehstueck, Mittagessen, Abendbrot) or esp. Japanese (asagohan = morning meal, hirugahan = noon meal, bangohan = evening meal) although there are other words that muddy things but those are most common AFAIK.

    • It’s one of the best things with his vids. It makes it doubly frustrating when WG goes full paper on lines.

    • Sromotny Kobziarz

      @Kal Taron one word. Brunch

    • @Sromotny Kobziarz Or listen to the Hobbits. Not sure if this makes things easier or more complicated.

  4. 6:40 Did not mention the Netherlands, no more stroopwafels for Jingles from this point on

  5. Colvion “Colvion”

    American classroom teach the start of WW2 as the Poland invasion. I’ve lived in multiple states and multiple schools all taught that as the start

  6. Actually jingles. 16in guns can overmatch 27mm of armor…. Pls never change.

    OK im going back to the salt mines mighty gnome overlord

    • @Sapper Effected Videos In the previous video he got so much wrong about Daring and Vampire II that I started to think this as well 😀

    • Sapper Effected Videos

      @Wombat yeah V2 has Cruiser Hydro, not short ranged Hydro… lol
      Would he be Jingles otherwise though?

    • @Sapper Effected Videos he also stated that V2 is a Daring with HE, implying that Daring doesn’t have HE 😀

    • Sapper Effected Videos

      @Wombat yeah I remember that, but also in one of them (there were two from memory) he said V2 had short range hydro… ah well

    • Gian Marlou Ranario

      what does going back to the salt mines mean?

      I always see this phrase when some people try to correct jingles.

  7. They were so focused on the NC’s beauty that they completely forgot to model the armor plates on the 40mikemike Bofors mounts. Even after 6 years.

  8. I love that you go so deep into the history of these ships, learning always gives deeper appreciation of the ships and of the game youre playing

  9. “That smoke-screen is hiding a Cookies-off..”
    What? Oh… Kutuzov…

  10. Illinois Central railroad fan

    Washington only ever actually reached 28 knots on sea trials the rest of her career her top speed was 27.5 knots which I assume was the same for North Carolina.

  11. my history teacher always said WW2 began when the treaty of versailles was signed . maybe a bit “poetic” but its definitely another example of another “start date” lol .

    • It’s a poetic way of connecting WW1 and WW2 but they were different in many aspects (like the whole race and lebensraum concepts) and were also fought very differently (static meat grinder vs. fast manouevers and air battles). It’s also possible to argue that the Treaty of Versailles being a propaganda tool for the extremists is true but it could have been possible to avert it becoming a pillar stone in the rise of the Nazis.
      Can’t fault your teacher though and there’s also that famous quote from Bismarck.

    • @Kal Taron Ferdinand Foch, french general; “This is not peace. It is an armistice for twenty years.” He was right nearly to the exact month.

    • @Kurgis Empyrion Huh, I somehow thought that Bismarck said that. But I guess Foch makes more sense.

  12. World War II began for Russia on September 17, 1939, regardless of what their propaganda said or whether they had officially declared war on Poland. They performed a military invasion, although they like to call it “a rescue operation for the sake of the Russian minorities.”

    • Where have I heard that one recently? Damn, history really repeats itself. Did the devs run out of ideas? I demand more imagination in my world conflicts!

  13. i petition for a series where overlord Jingles talks history on every ship in world of warships and their history, if applicable

    • Would be helpful to catalogize the videos he has done something like that first and there’s a lot of those already so maybe better to point out ships you are interested in and ask for a video featuring them in WoWs and talking about their history?

  14. The North Carolina is my home ship, and it’s great to see her featured again. I actually volunteer on the ship and it’s scary how close we were to losing her. She’s in much much better shape these days.

    • @blake baker how long are repairs supposed to take?

    • @blake baker eeek, was that erosion?

    • @Rockdog218 well, with a hull that old she’ll almost always be under repair but they’re hoping to have most of the big metal work done by the end of summer was the last I heard. I’m just a volunteer to help paint and do small odds and ends here and there, I don’t tend to get the most updated information very quickly. Although Covid halted a lot of visitor traffic and thus income, it provided unparalleled access to the ship at almost all hours of the day, so they got a TON done in a relatively short timeframe.

    • @Neovo903 (Ed) unfortunately yes, the ship was, up until the cofferdam was built anyway, buried in mud, silt and saltwater. Since she doesn’t move anymore that rust just gets worse and worse, and since she’s been there since 1961, it was really really bad.

    • I got to go tour her as a kid back in the late 80s. I’d like to go back sometime so I appreciate all the efforts to keep her together!

  15. Jingles: The first 5 or 6 minutes of this game is going to be slow (oh, um ok I guess …)
    Also Jingles: So let me tell you about this ship (Yay, story time !)

  16. MY CAMO DIDN’T CARRY OVER!!! oh well. Thanks for the showcase Jingles.

    • Nice rampage! Also, as I see it, there is no “kill stealing;’ there is only securing kills. You can never count on a teammate to seal the deal, and I’ve seen *WAY* too many enemy ships limp away to heal after being thrashed to within an inch of their lives. Of course, “Kill_Securin,” doesn’t sound as good. =^[.]^=

    • GG – good timing on your push.

  17. @R Blinson yes

  18. @R Blinson use the caliber/14.3 and then you get the maximum bow overmatch in mm.

  19. “Because this is World of Aircraft Carriers”
    WG: Write that down!

    • I mean, seems like EVERY nation is gonna get aircraft carriers at this rate, we have HYBRIDS which launch planes, we got the dutch cruiers line with its airstrikes……for god sake i may as well play WoWP.

  20. @SebaX using that for 356mm guns is 24.83 so 25mm plating bounces 14 inch guns

  21. free_live_free -

    My great-grandfather, whom I never met, has his name inscribed on the ship. My mother cries every time she visits.

  22. @J Corbett as others have stated, Americans know that WW2 didn’t start in December 1941. Anything different is NOT a common belief. What is common is the belief that the US entering the war turned the tide, which is accurate. The one thing that Americans may be guilty of is believing that other Allied countries didn’t carry their weight, which isn’t overly fair to British Commonwealth but is pretty fair when it comes to France.

  23. @dcpetemoss that about sums it up

  24. @Back Road Blast I won’t say we won ww2 singlehandedly but i think we are the largest reason. Granted there are a lot of factors but up until the point where the Japanese bombed Pearl harbor…Hitler was winning basically hands down and he was turning his eyes towards Russia. If we hadn’t been brought in by pearl harbor, history would be up in the air as no one knows how the fight would have gone with Russia if they were on the defensive from Germany and japan. That’s not taking into account the massive manufacturing power that we brought to the fight.

  25. @J Corbett how old are you or maybe i should ask where you were taught this? This is not a dis or anything just trying to determine when the education of history changed. I was taught the that world war 2 started in 1939 like everyone else when Germany started their campaign and invaded poland and that was up until I got out of college history classes.

  26. @R Blinson yes. Fuso can’t overmatch Mogami bow. You can test it btw in training room.

  27. *loads service revolver with malicious intent*

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