World of Warships – Stealing the initiative

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Enemy team thought they owned this flank and that they had the initiative. My Georgia had a thing or 2 to say about this.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Always something to see in a Georgia, gg.
    In my last game within, wich was a severe defeat yesterday btw (what u want… weekend players 😩), I got something I never had anytime:
    2 devastating strikes/explosions on 2 different low tier FULL HP DDs (a shira & a gadjah)… and both WITH SECONDARIES ONLY ! 😂
    …in the same game !
    That was unexpected.👌
    And yet we managed to loose it, just surreal, conclusion i was pissed off as well at the end despite awesome rng… 😩 lol

  2. I’ve never gotten that starting position, looks so cool

  3. oof the kagero killed the Cleveland with a fire

  4. Flambass, *trying to kill steal*: “That’s another kill I got robbed”

  5. 12:06 that meek-meek voice from Road Runner… That was actually really good flambino.

  6. Classical example of two t9 premium bb bobs, still better than most players

  7. Mad someone blocked your kill steal?
    Lol. Georgie seems good but not sure I want to spend all my coal. Maybe when more coal ships get announced

    • You get at least 1.6 coal per day from daily containers and daily missions – depending on your luck with the containers up to 4000. So, without any luck, you can get 584k coal per year if you play daily to the third container (or 438k if you only play to the second container). If you use both your yearly ship coupons on Tier IX coal ships, you will only spend 342k coal. That’s plenty enough. I wouldn’t mind if WG increased the prices for the coal ships by 50%. Hell, I don’t even mind them having increased the free XP cost of Tier IX premiums to 1M.

  8. Flambass, ask your doctor about silver nitrate. I used to get nose bleeds all the time and they blocked off the veins that were “leaking” with silver nitrate. Been good as gold for the last 30 years.

  9. I with the Stalin you could have steeled the initiative.

  10. When your home and settled can we have a most excellent Farragut vid for us sickly folks? There’s eight of us on the ward watching your daily vid.

  11. Hahahaha Flambass expecting FDG Kapitan to be logical!

    When did logic come to WoWS? 😘

  12. kraken in 8.5 minutes 07

  13. Can’t take it anymore… just subscribed!
    You have thought me a lot of valuable tactics and thank you! Very good game in the GA man!

  14. *attacks super low hp angled target, gets two bounces, has the nerve to say he got robbed when his killste… ehh quality kill securing failed*

  15. Something punctured inside and nose started to bleed )))). Was funny how you said that )

  16. whatever you do during a nosebleed DO NOT TILT YOUR HEAD BACK!

  17. Flambass needs to talk to Rear Admiral Jingles about the rules of the road at sea.
    Hint: give way to ships on your right.

  18. USS Georgia does not have american improved pen angle :(!

  19. Would be nice to see you do a game in HMS Vanguard…

  20. Dude this whole video is just you complaining about others being potato while being the real potato. Felt like a Flamu vid.

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