World of Warships – Stealth Fire

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Stealth Fire is a mechanic that has existed since the beginning of . I discuss the possibility of the removal from the game. Gun range has been the proposed solution for detectability. The range change could lead to less interest in increasing the gun range or considering if it is worth it. I hope this is interesting and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Replay


  1. Stupid. Just stupid change to babysit the Battleship whining kids even more.
    You can counter Stealthfire pretty easy: Just have a DD cruise in front of you you pesky bb’s ….

    If your usual Battleship noob goes in open sea alone he fckn deserves to get stealthfired

  2. BTW imagine Akizuki without stealth Firing…..

    hell isn’t it?
    she’s the easiest ship to hit

  3. There should be stealth fire. BB’s are too powerful. Almost every buff favors BB’s. I get the shima, they nerf the shima, I get the Khab, they nerf the Khab, I get the zao, they nerf the zao torpedos. Ca’s should receive a slight armor buff

  4. I believe you are correct, stealth fire is not a mechanic that is incredibly damaging, it is mostly effective towards high detect ability battleships and destroyers that are engaging each other, where the enemy’s detection is greater than your stealth fire range… This is not a common occurrence , save for t8 -t10 US DD’s, and the akizuki, because everyone tales concealment expert, and concealment mod.1

  5. Skilled players are OP; please nerf. Unskilled players are too weak; please buff.

  6. Yet another nerf against DD ,, They will not be worth playing soon if they carry on ..

  7. A ship should not be able to spot for itself and stealth fire. Period!

    Cruisers absolutely need the nerf.

  8. You could balance this Stealth Firing so that you would shorten the time when you are detected after firing.

  9. getting rid of stealthfire will make japanese destroyers absolutely useless

  10. just another way to make VMF great again……cuz VMF DD/CAs are always detected anyways

  11. they just have to play with duration and range of detection when firing guns AND depending on how many guns you shoot at same time

  12. You can’t think of a single DD used for torpedoes? Ever hared of the Shimakaze?

  13. tl;dr: Noster is a retard who has no concept of the nuance that goes into balancing a game.

    They’re getting rid of stealth firing because it’s become the go-to meta, full stop. More ships will be made viable than will be “broken” by removing it. This is a classic issue with tier’d games like this, most of the YT commentators have special accts from WG and only play Tier 7+. To them, only the ultra high tier competitive meta is relevant, nothing else matters.

    News flash, 80% of the people who play this game are below Tier 7.

    This stealth firing bullshit is a problem. ( not to mention the broken detection mechanics, which are an entirely different issue ) It’s a problem outside of Competitive ( which is a place that exists, I know it’s news ) primarily because most players in this game are utter cowards. All stealth firing does is encourage cowardly play, stagnant meta, and is a frustrating experience.

    What WG is doing is making the game playable for those of us who don’t have the time to get a bunch of people together and play com. Yes, it’s easily dealt with right now by just having a DD do it’s job, but asking randoms to do their job, or relying on them to do it, is plain stupid in most matches. This is mainly because 2/3ds of the people who play this game are paint-eating drooling idiots with waifu pillows who treat it like a model train set.

    They’re necessary, get over your elitism, the game isn’t about the top 10% competitive players, and if you don’t like it then go play Overwatch, which is.

  14. If all of a sudden REALISM should be the biggest factor in WoWs, then we shouldn’t be able to see enemies, while sitting in smoke! And we should also be able to equip electrical torpedoes without gas-trails etc.


    Stealth firing needs to go away. No one should be unable to fight back.

  16. When >gun range = detectibilty<, then what will happen with concealment expert? It disappears? This would (again) require a skill-wipe for all captain skills.

  17. CynicallyObnoxious

    Well ppl wanted that asinine high tier sit and hope for snipe meta this what they got GG community you brought this on yourself

  18. Sure WG’s solution might sound dumb, but I noticed you didn’t really spend to long on why stealth-firing belongs in the game. Not only is it miserable to play against, but it isn’t even real world realistic for the ships that can do it.

  19. So tanks being invisible within 300m is acceptable, but a ship literally shooting across the horizon isn’t? Fuck outta here WG.

  20. What they should do is base sighting on reality. In the clear sky no weather conditions all that matters is the spotters height above water vs. the point at which the target smoke or masts or superstructure comes above the horizon. Of course that would be too simple and not gimmicky enough.

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