World of Warships – Steam Release Introduction

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Introductory video focusing on how to not screw up in the port and waste credits/money on doing something you don’t need to do. Combat basics in the next video!


  1. First.

    Great video!
    This is really good advice for new players and hopefully will make there be Less Newby players,

    Keep it up!

  2. Good luck to all the new players from Steam, enjoy 🙂

  3. My nikolai eagerly waits.

  4. One of the best newbie tutorials out there, you pretty much covered every aspect that new players ask in discord or forums. Only thing you didn’t mention, imo, is the approach to carriers, from low tiers (4/5) and the transition to tier 6 etc. Great video nonetheless.

  5. Good condensed intro vid.

    Good luck to the new captains. Have fun!

  6. Can I actually buy premium and send it back to my main account?

  7. to long didnt watch: 1. armor angleing is a thing 2. dont show your broadside if there is enemys shooting at you 3. shoot AP at broadsides, HE at angled targets 4. your captain is your investment, not the ship, take him withyou as you progress the tiers. 5. play all 4 shiptypes to see what they do and why, so you get a better understanding of the game. 6. turn into torpedos, not away from them.
    just remember these, the UI has descriptions for the rest and if you want to know someting more detailed/specific youtube and google have you covered.
    “Good luck and fair seas!”

  8. nice work man, for me if a have so tips like that a 2 years is be diferent

  9. Steam an opportunity to revisit and update some of your ship reviews? These were highly influential for me when the game was released two years ago especially the US DD’s.

  10. The question is, are there any new steam players watching this??? XD

  11. GJ Sir Biz (you’ve received an honorary knighthood for services to steamnoobs)

  12. God damn biz, someone has finally released an actual tutorial about the UI and game in one video, great job and good luck to all Newbys. LtDans_Legs btw

  13. I liked this informational video very much, sorry that I can not play any more because I am so sick. I will continue to watch as long as I can but time is running out for me, sorry

  14. Excellent presentation. Good review for those of us who have been around for a while, and illustrates the difficulty of understanding fully the complexities of this game. I will watch the follow-up vids, as I have watched all of your content. Thanks!

  15. Seems pretty typical for Zao armor

  16. …but where did you get that sweet Erie skin?

  17. steam eh… didnt expect it to come but it did. XD

  18. I understand why you made this and thank you. But why did i watch the entire thing?

  19. good guy Business. from your dad Salvo Santa.

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