World of Warships – Steven Seagal Never Forgets

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Promises were made to Steven – he hasn’t forgotten!

With the recent introduction Steven Seagal into the World of Warships universe, promises were made to him. He hasn’t forgotten what he requested, and if he doesn’t get it the seas will run red, white, and blue!

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  1. new premium confirmed

  2. Come on gave us a Missouri :-)

  3. Missouri? There are 2 battleships of that name, .
    *BB-11: Maine Class, would be tier 2*
    *BB-63: Iowa Class, if merely a nerfed Iowa, could be tier 8*

  4. it needs a captain named Casey Ryback!

  5. whaaaaaaaaaaaat? :)

  6. USS Missouri ? what ? Tier 8 ?

  7. Oh cmon the guy who Putin gave a Russian Citizenship…

  8. Tier 9 premium, probably a rank or even clan war reward ship, interesting
    to see.

  9. nice 1 – think it will be tier 8 Premium BB

  10. He is now Russian, btw…

  11. an iowa with nerfed guns and maybe slightly nerfed aaa will be amazing at
    tier 8 😀 tirpitz beware you now have a premium competitior :)

  12. Oh cause of his movie “Under Siege”.

  13. Under Siege is my favorite movie

  14. Noone wants to piss a 7th dan aïkido off ,even WG lol

  15. Modernized Missouri for maximum nostalgia. You don’t have to program
    tomahawks or anything like that, it would just be cosmetic. Except with
    nerfed AA ‘cuz it wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

  16. Where is my Missouri, Iowa needs its sister

  17. The battleship ROMA? ITALIAN NAVY? Add this?

  18. I’m going to take you to the bank, victor; the blood bank

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