World of Warships – Still Fun in 2021

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  1. Still fun I never tried it

  2. I’ve only with the last fortnight started playing and I’m hooked, I love the game. Really do hate the pricing though. I get the ships are highly detailed but nearly £30 here in the UK for a premium ship is just hard to stomach for me. I’ll wait for a sale but love the game and runs beautiful on the One X.

  3. Flakfire has sold his soul

  4. Love the reference to the real hms hood magazine exploded by the Bismark

  5. Wow. They really jammed this ad down his throat.

  6. Too many fake gold premium tier 10s. Ruined the game for me.

  7. World of Warships right now might be the most unbalanced it’s ever been. The state of Carriers and Russian ship bias make it almost impossible to recommend this game to anyone who isn’t already deeply invested. You want to know more about the true state of the game I suggest watch NoZoupForYou or The mighty Jingles.

  8. Chernobyl reactor number 3 0:

    Imagine a game being so shit they need to pay people to say it’s good.

  9. War Thunder or War Gaming games?

  10. In this video, Flakfire sounded like the nicest guy I’ve ever heard. Despite playing a game about naval combat. I want more live commentaries

  11. why does HMS Hood have red turret roofs?

  12. I didn’t even know it took game developers, 6 months to make a ship from scratch to do.

  13. Well I don’t like sponsoring at all.
    But WoWs is a nice game.

  14. I prefer the _Legends_ Version for PS4/XBOX

  15. That’s not all. Even submarines will appear in game.

  16. Ramming a BB with a DD, nooooooooo, it will only work if are the same class or ”heavier”. You should have torped that yama.

  17. Note your playing coop so all your enemies are bots, bots just go straight forward without carrying about the objectives, its a totally different game against humans.

  18. Short answer: No.

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