World of Warships – Still Got It

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The USS Des Moines has still got it? Really? Who was exactly was implying she had ever lost it?

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  1. Ah 1am, time for jingles

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Oh the Strong Female Protagonist Des Moines Returns again!

    • The timing of this video. I JUST watched Yuro’s Des Moines “Strong Female Protagonist” video about 6 hours ago.

    • @Steven Li I’d be triggered if he didn’t have radar. A Des Moines without radar is sacrilege.

    • @Doctor Emil r/woosh

    • The Des Moines actually is a strong female protagonist. In John Ringo’s scifi books.

    • @Doctor Emil considering that the ship did not originally come with Radar, it most certainly is not Sacrilege. LOL.

      A kiting Support Des Moines is just as deadly as a Close Quarters Des Moines.

  3. the most popular ship in the game is the bismarck.

  4. Does anyone else check if their name is in the game line up or is that just me? lol

  5. How to know you stayed up too late: A Jingles notification graces your eyes.

  6. So while watching this, Akizuki managed to meow at the EXACT moment my orange boy jumped up to lay down on me. For a second my brain was like Wait what? That’s not your meow!?

  7. Seeing a DM game always makes me smiled and make feel better. Awesome game sir, and awesome commentary Jinlges

  8. Black did a great job this match. Good use of the ammo types, superb read on the torps, smart plays with the Gearing, good teammates, and some mighty fine luck.

  9. If the guns shoot any faster Rambo would pick up a turret like an m60 and run and gun with it

  10. One day without a jingles vid? you are gonna give me withdrawal symptoms, time to binge his playlists

  11. And that is why she will always be my favourite cruiser.

  12. The Des Moines… its the strongest ship in the game, but no one knows it.

  13. 1:29 Ahh yes the T10 cruiser Neptune followed by the T11 cruiser, the Minotaur.

    • Didn’t you hear? WG are adding even higher tier ships, if you grind through the US Cruiser line you can get a Ticonderoga at Tier 20!

  14. Towards the end of the game, the Des Moines became an A-10 of the sea.

  15. Joseph Clemenson

    Also have to give a shout out to that carrier and the C. Columbo on the other flank…he had some rare and very useful teammates that match

  16. “He showed an uncomfortable amount of ankle.” LOL wow Jingles, way to make me blush.

  17. that zao was paddled so hard they will be feeling it in their next 5 games

  18. *Des Moine looks at DDs in game after solo capping three points* I am the destroyer now…..

  19. Anyone miss Jingles commentating on his own replays?

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