World of Warships: Still the King of Cruisers in 0.5.2 – Zao Commentary [182k damage]

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Second upload of this clip, had some strange volume issues. Zao guns are still a tad too loud, but that’s because of the new sounds, have to remember to turn down SFX volume for my next commentary. As for the ship itself, I still consider it the strongest cruiser in the game even if it got hit by the nerf bat in 0.5.2.
As usual you can skip forward if you wish, go to
15:22 for Upgrades
18:05 for Consumables
21:50 for Captain Perks


  1. Brian Lock (神通)

    Don’t IJN used defensive fire to take down Spotting plane?

  2. He’s back! I know you mostly do DD and CA commentary, but would love to see
    how you play BB’s and what modules/layout you use for those as well!

  3. Good to see you up and about :)

  4. Glad to have you back bud and a merry christmas to you. One thing can you
    do a russian dd now that the patch is up as I would like your thoughts on
    the play as I have given up on them at the moment. Sadly.

  5. God jul Flamu

  6. How much is the detectability increased if you fire (on DD, CA and BB)?

  7. Are you telling me that there is no aimbot? That you can consistently hit
    90%+ of shots? At 18km+ range on targets that are maneuvering? Cause I call

  8. A little bit OP with that concealment feature ? Damn that ship is scary !

    Nice stuff Flamu

  9. I think when you get the DM you´re gonna change your mind a bit.

    I´m not a good player by any means but im averaging 96k avg so with another
    captain like yourself in it and a good tactic i think you can perform
    better in it then the Zao.

    I have faced many zao´s but they just cant compete with the RoF and i also
    have the ability to stealth-shoot (albeight it´s a narrower window).

  10. Great video. Hindenburg commentary plz.

  11. FLAMU is back yeaaaah !!!

  12. i can barely hear you, still great commentary tho

  13. I sincerely think that for cruisers, the incoming fire alert is more useful
    than situation awareness. I lost count of the number of times it saved my
    ship. I don’t use situation awareness, so I suppose I am an idiot. Instead
    I just assume I am always detected and act accordingly.
    Honestly, I’d love to hear an explanation why situation awareness is useful
    for cruisers.

  14. Thanks for the commentary, this ship looks great.
    One question tho, did you notice any change with the torpedo detection ?
    As it has been reduced for all the ships, I was wondering if the risk of
    eating torps has really increased..
    In that regard, the 3rd captain perk would be a good option, in association
    with premium repair.

  15. Which upgrade do you think work best on Zao?
    Detection range increase or the decreased change of being detected?

  16. I think they need to really change HE, or at least drastically reduce the
    impact fires have on ships. Like currently, a single fire burning full
    duration is 20% (let that sink in) of the targets total health gone, just
    like that for the fires alone (IJN also deals a shit metric ton of damage
    through HE alpha as well), and for the Zao at a 20% chance for every shell
    hit. That is basically a citadel hit and then some that you can never angle
    against, there’s no counterplay to HE spam.

    I’m not saying cruisers are too strong or anything, I’m saying there’s not
    a single reason to go for USN or even KM cruisers at the moment because USN
    shell arcs suck (could be just as problematic as Zao when buffed though)
    and KM can only apply damage to morons who don’t angle. HE damage can stay
    the way it is but fires need some severe reworking, it’s too devastating
    for what it takes to apply.

    I’m struggling so much at the moment with the Hindenburg in some games
    (super inconsistent results, relies heavily on the targets not doing the
    right thing) while I’m absolutely dominating with ships like the Kiev or
    Mikhail just spamming HE at random targets no matter where and what they
    are doing. There’s very little my opponents can do about it.

  17. Nice can hear you properly now!
    Great video, and can’t wait to see you being an annoying shima!

  18. Makes me want to grind the Ibuki for this beast

  19. Hoo boy, what a month, Merry Christmas everyone. Yes I’m not dead, simply
    had a hectic month.

    Bad News: I had a the worst god damn cold for almost 2 weeks, didn’t get
    shit done.

    Good News: It’s over and I’m back in the game. Also when I started up 0.5.2
    I got the pleasant surprise of finding 33 million credits on my account
    thanks to the module refunds. That means I now own the Roon, the Idaloi and
    the Shimakaze, ships I will be able to make guides for now.

    Also I’ve ordered some new hardware which I will pick up next week, letting
    me render my vids a LOT faster, saving me a ton of time and probably
    prompting me to upload more content.

    Also a buddy of mine in Japan sent me a capture card that will I receive
    sometime soonish, so I’ve been considering fulfilling the request many
    people have made, streaming on Twitch. My channel is but I have no idea when I’ll get around
    to streaming, it’s a plan for the future though!

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