World of Warships: Stock Seattle

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A stock Seattle match that goes really well for me. I would recommend the range upgrade on the stock version this ship.

World of footage the tier 9 American cruiser Seattle.


  1. Phurst. Also, stock Seattle used to be better than B hull lol.

  2. This should be fun!

    Also, “I see Amagi, I click like”.


    That poor Amagi :O

  3. Are you going to look at the mess of a ship which is the vanguard?

  4. Aerroon, try the CV rework!

    • I did try it during both tests so far, but I accidentally deleted the footage from the most recent test. I have some of the footage from an earlier test though. My plan was to release it either tomorrow or the day after that.

    • Aerroon perfect, ill make sure to watch it right when it is uploaded!

  5. Aerroon 2 WoWs vids?! Please stop spoiling us

  6. The Seattle radar is the same as the Wuuster now. (9km I think)

  7. Does it have torps?
    Feels like a Mogami but T9 with radar and heal.

  8. A wealth of opportunity, or, it never rains but it pours. Cheers, Aerroon!

  9. Very nice game ?

  10. 5/7 One-video-per-day-Aerroon coming back

  11. This ship was my most hated and the longest and worst grind.

    • Wild Bill Kelso me too. Worst ship i ever play on high tier. On this video. Aeroon was just lucky that no one is aiming for him and it has a large number of islands on this map. .

    • I actually had multiple fairly good matches in the Seattle while I was stock. I might post another one at some point.

    • Aerroon Oh yes! I’m looking forward to it. Maybe im playing her wrong, well lets see.

  12. My experience with Seattle (pure stock):
    1. First game, epicenter tears of the desert
    2. Decides to grind other line

    Well US CL is not my playstyle anyway, I’ll see if I can try it again after grinding french CA and RU DD line

  13. 9km radar too as Cleveland

  14. Reason why people like following like sheep. Same reason why Apple is successful cause iSheeps xD

  15. Stock Seattle is really a hidden gem. It takes skill to play by needing to give full broadside the whole time in order to fire all guns. For real though a Cleveland with a heal would be 10 times better :L

  16. I don’t understand why WG is still making horrible standards T9…except maybe Iowa/Roon/Alsace/Fletcher, all the rest is a complete pain to play…

  17. so Seatle ? stock Seatle ? Hmm… and recomandations ? 😀
    My recomandation is – pickup 250k or how many XP needed and take Worcester ASAP ! I played about 12 games in Seatle, with not the worst stats while plaing her, but man o man… I used about 120k free XP needed for the Worcester, cause I am not machsochist 😀 Its pain comparable to Fredy, or pre-buffed Izumo, just really big pain :(((

  18. Well tupical papership only to grind wooster


  20. WG thought process on Seattle is really freaking me out. Her turret angles are lot worse than Clevelands. To use your back turrets if you push or your front turrets if you kite you are likely to eat huge dmg amounts, unlike Cleveland. Additionaly you have a bigger turning circle than even Worcester which makes it quite uncomfortable with general positioning or pushing a cap. And to all of that WG thought that an elevated citadel would be a great idea too.
    And what do you get? A slightly better reload (If you choose so) and heal which is compensated for by your aweful hull.

    • Yeah, if Cleveland got the T9 upgrade slot I would pick the Cleveland every time over the Seattle in a straight up comparison.

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