World of Warships- STOP Doing This!

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Hey guys! Today we have a bit of a rant over the current state of high tier, enjoy!

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  1. *NOBODY WANTS TO PUSH!* And pushing is then a 1 or 2 people get focus fired while the rest if the team sits back singing Kumbaya watching you get wrecked

  2. We call it “Herd Mentality” of unconfident or inexperienced players

    • But there is also the “professional” Japanese Cruisers, Hybrid BB and sniper BB players who are fueling the no push movement. I dread a match where I see CV, Yamato, Conqueror, Thunderer, Zao, Azuma, Hindenburg, etc. all these long range fire starters or overmatch AP players who just sit back and wait for that perfect shot. Then you add in a sub, which sneaks behind the lines and they all start crying for support. As a DD Light cruiser main, I end up spending half my games chasing fucking subs which if I have no hydro is nigh impossible, and even with hydro, can do fuck all tbh.

    • @michaelkeller4050

      Well said yogikhan

    • @@boydy7351 i would not call the Hindi a long range firestarter…. but after all gameplay changes… i can see why people play it that way…

  3. Try being a DD player and working without support and then have the team bitch because you got focused down.

  4. I have the same experience daily. I am in a Mino and I am only with a DD at the A or C cap by the 3 min mark. The game is lost and usually over by the 8 min mark. It’s NatGeo whaling convention on the other end of the map.

  5. @kibbeystovall7546

    This is even more acute in Ranked battles. Amateurs commonly adopt a strategy of just trying to stay alive- thus they are very reluctant to effectively fight early when it matters most, thinking by not risking their ships and taking hits (and perhaps even getting sunk) they will somehow be helping their team to win. Ironically this strategy does sometimes pay off if the rest of the team ALMOST manages to kill all the enemies then the amateur gets to mop up with his full HP ship and congratulate himself on how smart he played. And I don’t know how many times I hear amateur players retort against in-game criticism of their failure to engage by disparaging the dead players for being dead. You see, it’s not about winning as a team to them, it’s about telling themselves they are smart players (that <50% win rate is dismissed because that is the fault of the other teammates always being bad).  

    Secondly, this hang back and not fight at first is about the only reasonable action most players can do to survive for any length of time can do at the top tiers. Being aggressive without real knowledge of how to do so with only some risk is a difficult when all the big ships at top tier are simply waiting to kill the first unfortunate enemy to be spotted. And for fat, easy targets like slow BBs, getting close to the front just means getting focused down while you are in the rear. Top tier play in the opening phases is simply so deadly now for ships that hiding and expecting your teammates to risk themselves first has been incentivized by the overpowered nature of top tier ships.

    • That’s why I’m not playing Tier VIII and above anymore

    • This. You nailed it

    • Yes exactly – its like for them they think the objective is to be the last one left alive and then and only then they seem to become aware and come charging at the enemy as if they can save the day. Brawl is a knife fight and holding back is losing before you start.

    • I would say that amateurs & veterans alike are likely adopting said style of game play due to how punishing it can be if you do stick your neck out & your team doesn’t help you either complete the objective or push. There’s likely a number of reasons contributing to this, like toxic players in chat, the fact this game has a huge learning curve on the basics between each ship & match types in addition to its significant power creep over the years in higher tier specifically, & how WG doesn’t give enough reward or incentivize for your efforts fighting in an unbalanced game unless you’re using expensive in-game finite resource boosters (due to the monetization strategies they’ve chosen). I bet you, if WG more heavily incentivized brawling or pushing activity vs the passive sniping game play, we would see this meta change quickly.

      Unfortunately, you can’t rely on the player base to do what is needed w/o any guidance unless WG forces them to do so using one method or another, just better rewards would be better IMO. 99.9% of this game I learned from watching Youtube videos from SLM or Potato Quality or some other creators. The training rooms are abysmal to put together for training yourself & you have an easier time learning via “trial by fire” since WG’s AI is literally still just charge fwd & ram the enemy when able in a kamikaze move, even this newer improved AI is bad. That said, I’m trying to say that unless WG does better in trying to teach players how to play, then you will consistently find players that under perform either due to lack of knowledge, experience, or incentive. All of which have created the current passive meta play style & sheeple mentality in-game.

    • This is a product of the save a star rule. If you got a star for base xp or a win then never lose a star it might improve.
      Ok it won’t but I can dream.

  6. this is why id like to see some operations for high tier because random battle is unbearable. nobody does anything and if you push youll get deleted by 5 ships

    • Issue for me is it’s just too repetitive and hence boring.

    • Totally agree. I share the same experience. As soon as you move you are alone and a victim to submarines, CVs, HE spammer and united counter fire of the BBs. In addition everyone can buy a high tier and so it is not a miracle that clueless players are the majority nowadays. Only way out is what you requested.

    • WG are experimenting with high tier ops even with super ship tier XI in OPs on russian server. Yes, they have ruined game with CVs/subs and now giving high tier credit loss making OP will allow them to milk the last bit of money out of the dying game.

    • @@Cloudman572 Did you playtest Operation ColdWar? its exactly the same shitshow with tanks…. they encourage you to go “aggressive” by “now you have respawn” just to get you fucked everytime you get agressive XD ill never ever will spend a cent on a WG game again!

    • @@S2audicoupeS2 No, did not try Cold War, many years ago I played a lot of WOT but being average while good enough in WOWS to have fun, is not enough in WOT to have fun I found.
      So thx on the CW heads up.

  7. They are afraid of the lone submarine/destroyer that *might* be hiding there somewhere

    • Unironically it’s true. Lone submarine, shotgunning you, is the sole reason people are afraid of pushing. Dealing with this underwater shts is crazy boring and irritating.

  8. That’s exactly what we discovered even in Tier 7 battles. We played the Tanks for 50k battles with recent unicum stats, we feel obliged to lead a push as top tier BB division. 6 ships just sat behind us doing nothing for 5 minutes, while we still managed to take 4 enemies back to the harbor. I dont get it…

  9. I’m a new player and this behavior is fairly common on t5-t6, imo. And I can understand it, we are learning still, figuring out what goes where, getting your first oneshots to your citadel could be scary, understanding your armor capabilities and angles takes time, list goes on. I was hugging map edges on my Kongo because “I have this 20 km range and I will sure use it, goddammit!” for at least ten battles in a row. Seeing exactly the same habits on high tiers is weird, to say the least.

  10. This is what the game is now. This is what it has become. This is what WG has made it. I find myself dying very often as I’m an aggressive player and like to move forward, but my team doesn’t go anywhere. The game just isn’t fun anymore.

    • @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

      Its not really WGs fault. I’ve seen purely surface matches with 3 german BBs per side, and they do the exact same thing

    • @fredericoeusebio9770

      @@drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303 it is what wg has made of it and the passive meta that heavily punishes anyone who dares to approach an objective

  11. People die a lot when they’re learning, so they learn the most effective way not to die of hiding at the back with their teammates in front of them. People tend not to learn the advanced methods of not dying, using their concealment, islands, and smoke, to pressure the enemy and take and hold key strategic map zones safely. I quite often find myself stuck around the F line waiting for the battleships to wind up their props and waddle forward from the spawn. This week I’ve been seeing everyone sail to the centre spawn point and get stuck in a crossfire while allowing the enemy to gain all the terrain advantage. Communication would be great, but on the Asian server you usually get ghost text because Chinese characters don’t appear, or you get some salty jackass who will report anyone who disagrees with them.

  12. This week i was spotting for my team in a 23 kts fast Kansas.
    Everyone else hiding behind islands.

  13. Just had a match where I was in the Massachusetts, it was me and a friendly cruiser trying to push into A cap alone, everyone else went to C cap. There was a DD to our right flank behind some islands waiting for us to enter the cap, a Nebraska ahead of us at max range, a Nebraska to the left flank behind an island also waiting for us to push, an enemy Baltimore to the left flank too, and unknown to us one of the enemy CVs also literally 3 km from us on the left flank. Me and the CV we’re struggling to push forward the entire match without getting broadsided by somebody on one of the flanks but we’re getting hit with so many planes we were also struggling. Finally I said screw it and charged left around the island and had an absolute slaughter fest. Managed to sink the enemy CV, Nebraska, and Baltimore within quick succession; did take two citadel hits from the Nebraska at my other flank and one torpedo hit from the DD to the other flank but was finally well rewarded for pushing. Managed to take 2.2 million in potential damage that match, 4 kills, 146,000 damage, and 35 planes shot down.

  14. The worst part is when you´re on the flank outer flank with two others and you look at the minimap at the start and your entire middle spawn decides to move to the other flank.
    So you face down a 3 vs. 5, somehow get the cap and manage to stay alive and after all of that the flank with the clear numerical advantage didn´t even contest the cap and is already 4 ships down losing hard.

  15. The game heavily punishes agression. Any ship that pushes in will get HE spammed, radared, hydro’d, spammed with torps and pinged by a sub. This is the gameplay WG encourages so why bother doing anything else?

  16. The death of the brawling BBs, the omni-spotting CV and the ever-loved sub… all contribute to no-one wanting to move forward.
    Until we get floating islands, which you can push, we’re screwed

  17. @michaelhoefnagel2695

    I feel this with every fiber of my being. Even in my German BBs I can’t do much because I cannot push alone…

  18. I’m glad to know it’s not just me suffering this issue. I’ve had match after match in tier 9-10 and it’s incredibly frustrating. The ship lineups I’m seeing are even starting to reflect it. Less German or Soviet BBs/CAs and more Yamatos, Thunderers, Smolensks and other HE spammers.

  19. I’ve had this happen so many times. The last one was just last week. I was in a DD. At least I had some stealth, when the CV wasn’t playing fun police, and torps to try and encourage the other side to be somewhere else.

  20. I had a couple of matches last night where someone organized everyone to push and it was by far the easiest match I have seen and was total domination. Especially if you have the right ships leading the charge, it was beautiful. The enemy was basically shell shocked and didn’t know what to do. We took all the caps and just had to chase the enemies to the end of the map without losing anyone. It’s typically only one, maybe two ships pushing which makes it easy for the enemy to focus fire, but when so many teammates push together it literally steam rolls the enemy.

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