World of Warships- Stop Making This Mistake German Battleship Players!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a replay from Lithuanian Terror in the TX Pan-Asian Destroyer Yueyang, which highlights a major mistake that we see all too often with German battleship players! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Something tells me he got his title mixed up. Silly sea lord never change!

  2. Ahh yes Yueyang the most terrifying of German BBs

  3. Clearly my Bismarck is missing a TRB. No wonder I keep losing.

  4. To be fair to the Schliefen in the beginning: using your hydro at that point is a waste 99% of the time. It is very unlikely to encounter torps in that position.

    • I have seen players used thier hrdyo and radar as soon as they spawn while the enemy team is on the other side of the map.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      The man should have noticed the buff in the middle of the map disappear and either popped hydro or stopped sailing in a straight line

  5. I disagree with calling the Schlieffen out in the early game. Yes he ran into torps and he has hydro but the problem is that you either activate your hydro early and have it on cooldown when you need it 3 minutes later most OR you don’t turn it on when you have no reasonable reason to turn it on and eat random Yueyang torps like he did.

    • This is the problem I always have…

    • I would probably not run hydro this early but if there are deepwater torps definitely don’t straightline for so long.

    • Schlieffen HP pol is bad, its armor is bad. If it pushes early, it dies early. Is it not the torps, it’s the focus by enemy ships. 2 enemy ships can melt the Schlieffen in no time.

    • Rule of thumb I have for most my brawlers is that if I’m spotted and I can’t see what’s spotting me, it’s going to be either a submarine or a DD or maybe even a cruiser that operates like a DD. Either way, I’m spotted and they’re not = put Hydro on. Chances are, torpedoes are already headed my way and if they’re not, they’re going to be during hydro’s duration. If they’re firing off torps and they’re still not visible, pray to God the team’s CV could take a hint and try spotting for the DD.

  6. Hydro or not, if you know the dd is in CAP and spamming torps everywhere you don’t go broadside…

  7. I am not 100% sure but the smasher from the warhammer event has also deep sea torps that cant hit cruiser.

  8. The halland was dropping depth charges to create a splash so he’s harder to aim at. How did you not know??

  9. At the end i doubt he had a hydro charge left

  10. I make alot of mistakes 😂, how i learn tbh.. but mistakes come with only 200hrs in the game…destroyers i use the most…rank V, is highest for my destroyers, but i also use mutiple countries..not implying or saying im any good but i appreciate your game play and videos 🙏

  11. I like how he chatted out “300K” when he had 273K. Although the first Schlieffen was understandably holding his hydro the real lesson, for all these BB victims, is always vary your speed and course if there’s a chance of Asashios, Yueyangs, Shimis, etc nearby.

  12. Wrong to callout the Schlieffen, hydro is not on permanently and it was early in the game. I see too many players hit their hydro way too early when most DD’s and cruisers haven’t even the ability to load their torps.

  13. The only thing i saw wrong was the enemy team didn’t send a DD to center right away like they should have.

  14. Mindaugas Ramanauskas

    Oh shit it’s me, I’m a dd main, finally decided to share one of my games and it’s here. Woohoo I’m so happy, from such a small country of Lithuania to share with you this game (sorry about that 300k message, thought it will be more hits later)🎉🎉🎉
    P.S. And yeah I play on ultra wide monitor, so the zooming a bit strange in this replay😀

  15. Bebe and John: Not so Nomadic Life

    Love the way the green team does not help there DD “team” just sits in the back doing nothing….as normal anymore….

  16. I was actually scolded by teammates for doing exactly what you’re suggesting. “What’re you using your hydro for?” Because I’m detected and I dunno why… could be a destroyer. “No no no. You should only ever use your hydro when there’s smoke nearby”.

  17. Here’s the thing a lot of Hydro players think they are popping to early, granted in shiff’s situation he IF He was paying any attention saw that buff he took so he should’ve popped it and probably turned away as to charge would over extend him to massive fire. Now I have the Advanced (COAL) Hydro on all of my ships that carry it, but it still sucks to be on cooldown in some situations that tend to arise

  18. That last Torp was really some big plottwist because I my eyes he was dead but the long time heal saved him. Great work!

  19. Ok would this be the age old, split your task force, isolate and then fail to raise any support from the admiralty and then be damaged by air power and picked off by superior numbers whilst unable to maneuver?

  20. Well maybe they bought those German BBs used and the hydros had been removed. lol

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