World of warships – Stop that Jingles

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We decided to switch from escort to BB escort boy oh boy did things get harder.

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  1. Flambass you are not anymore in Omni clan ? What happens ?

  2. Some of these Battleship shells are as large as your V-25 😀

  3. great team welldone , jingles good pick flambass is someone you rightly back xxx

  4. I love you and jingles wow videos, I use u guys tactics on naval creed

  5. This is very funny. Wish I could try it sometime.

  6. If you want a new challenge i want you to join my clan “ORPPL” to see if you can make a “potato-team” be good… or at least decent 😉 I mentioned it for Flamu too a minute ago, so lets see who of you who will think its a good idea 🙂 Regards Ansepe74 😉

  7. Jingles laugh makes me want to murder babies…

  8. What if you did 12 Derzkis vs 12 Derzkis in Sleeping Giant?

  9. Damn those V-25’s speed up faster than I thought they did. So nearly had you…damn you Hans :p
    and the mad rush was just a gamble. I knew only way the BB’s could stop me is if they blocked the entire channel. Wanted to come about and start pumping torps into your butts(phrasing :p) Didn’t expect a Jingles getting lost in his spawn

    edit: ooo, just noticed I finished at -1. Who’d I kill? Sorry…accident :p

  10. John Chucky Tomlinson

    I think you guys did much better with the Cruiser Escort.. Even though the big ships can with stand more damage.. The Cruisers, was more mobile.. Thanks guys that was FUN!!!🚢

  11. This is amusing :D

  12. Why they didnt take the jap. Tier 2 destroyer?

  13. when is ur next twitch stream?

  14. Get Floro, Stuntman and Aeroon onto this and we’d only need to watch one channel…

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