World of Warships – Strapped In

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Make sure you’re sitting down and strapped in for this one because it starts fast and doesn’t stop until it’s over.

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  1. That time of day! Thanks Jingles!

  2. pretty cool 1.1k in 14 minutes, broadcast media news outlets are barely getting those numbers today. I see you have tons of intel on the game teach. thanks

  3. I love you just the way you are Jingles, don’t ever change.

  4. I think Kr4ftt needs to visit a doctor to have surgery to get his seat cushion back. That Pucker Factor… LOL

  5. Thank you for being you all this time. I love your videos, any of the videos you make. Just makes my day when you post. (Also your voice is perfect to sleep to :D)

  6. subs appearing out of nowhere, right on top of you, shotgunning 5 torps at point blank range is B&LLSHIT. say it Jingles!

  7. It is indeed Brazilian Portuguese Jingles, it is Portuguese however as there is no such thing as Brazilian language, just like US-English and UK-English. Easy to tell them apart if you speak the language, if not, you get that exact feeling of quacks like a duck, looks like a duck but unsure if it is really a duck.

  8. Kr4ft is the definition of “I didn’t hear no bell”

  9. Four ships conga line into a DD being held together with duct tape. None of them make it out alive. Never change WoWs, never change.

  10. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole replay – what a ride!

  11. Pity he didn’t have the potential damage indicator displayed, I’d be curious how much he tanked in that opening rush to the cap.

  12. Brynjard Øvergård

    That beginning looks like just another day at the office in a DD…
    Though, the save on the Halland and the rest is just epic 😛

  13. @Lemur_JJ Only the French.

  14. @Lemur_JJ BB caliber guns (283mm and up) are capped to 10% damage even on penetrations, is what you’re thinking of.

  15. @CyberMaroon ah kk thank you

  16. The day I learned about Delny’s armour was also the day I learned that even Des Moines can’t pen 50mm.

  17. Let me add: not all heavy cruisers can pen that belt with HE. It takes 305mm (12″) guns to pen that belt with High Explosive ammunition, save for Hindenburg and Goliath, because both have improved HE penetration. Outside of that, you’d require the IFHE commander skill in order to have the necessary penetration and it still wouldn’t be enough for a good number of them.

  18. It is almost certainly an NA match. Two of his team mates are from the DD-214 clan. That’s a reference to US military separation papers that you get on your discharge from service, the Defense Department form 214.

  19. I’m sure there would be a team out there that could throw this, the trick is finding a team that can both achieve that and throw that at the same time.

  20. Lulz, imagine not knowing that dds have “special” damage mitigation mechanics.

  21. @CruisingForMermaids “Special” as in short bus.

  22. Instead of throwing, the enemy teams just sniffs glue outta the starting gate and keeps it up through out. Love it.

  23. This is very possible too since the only type of English in WoWs is US English, probably because it’s used more on the internet, so it could be the same for the types of Portuguese.

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