World of Warships – Strasbourg 1st game after 2 week break

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I got Strasbourg in my port which is basically Dunky so I was looking forward to trying it.

I only played 2 games in it that day and this was my 1 one. Also I was lucky enough to be top tier both times. Not a ship for sure, but it can do okey.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. hyyyy. for the “caracciolo” the double C has the same pronunciaton as the C of CHARLIE 😉

  2. Another difference other than the reload booster is that dunkerque doesn’t face Musashi!😉

  3. Oh, how I have missed the Pulverize!

  4. “Tier 6 Dunky”

  5. Good to see you again on WoWs with a good mood, that break sure was the right thing to do. Keep it up!
    And as a baguetteman, I absolutely love how you repeat “pulvérisé” after killing DDs

  6. Yo Flambino, i’m Italian so let me give you some tips about how to pronounce Caracciolo. The double c is pronounced like in Charlie. That happens when the c is followed by an i or an e. With any other letter following C it has to be pronounced with the hard sound like the initial C of caracciolo. Keep it up, it’s cool that you try to pronounce words as we do and i have to say you’re pretty good at it

    • @Richard Setya Budi I think the I is quiet so it might be Ka ra cho lo.

    • @Dani Santos that’s a way to explain it but to be precise in italian you can’t say the i is silent because it would modify how we pronounce it. Anyways, “cho” is a good example. Be sure to pronounce a “longer” C cause it’s double C and you’re good 👍🏻

    • @Matteo Battistella aye, but can somebody hear the I or do you just write it without saying it?

    • @Dani Santos in “Caracciolo” if the i wasn’t after the c then you would have to pronounce the way flambass pronounced it, so with the hard sound. I understand i also have to explain that “i” in italian is read as the english E. Hope i made it understandable but through text it isn’t simple. I also hope i didn’t make any mistakes with verbs or tenses🙈

    • Mfw learned about that Italian double c pronunciation from Jojo Part 5

  7. Spot Flambass’s Jingles Moment in the Video description :-)!

  8. I took 2 10 month brakes from wot on console. Might take a longer one now that they made it armored thunder

  9. I Flambass, nice to see you back on WoW. Along with the word “pulverisé” (litterally sprayed), think about ‘représailles” (retaliation). Good game.

  10. I have to say, i main war thunder over this and the one thing war thunder is really bad at is naval.

  11. This is how WGing can do what ever they want, because no one really quits…they might get mad and leave, but they always come back. 😉

  12. The tier 6 Dunky is the Dunky. Jingles moment.

  13. Welcome back Flamass – I’m not into tarkoff (spelling?) but I get why you took a break

  14. Good mood is good. Taking a break seemed to help you!

  15. Oh well Dude back to the World of Scams, Deceit pitiful offers where you have to have the ship to win it or buy an Expensive one to grind a Scuzzy one, Merry Christmas Flambass 😁

  16. Great to see you back, Merry Xmas

  17. They could’ve had an entirely new French bb line.

  18. Well, seeing how much damage it eats, I don’t want too see it in a T9 game…but it is good to see you back. Welcome back to WoWS.

  19. Marcus Jones Stinks

    For those who don’t know. Shift x locks guns to a sector, ctrl x locks gun bearing.

  20. Welcome back flambino, though really getting into your tarkov vids (i have nowhere near enough skill for that game!) Came back to this after a 2mth break, only took 1 match to remember why, getting reported twice in said match for being bottom tier (cruiser) not dying, assisting in 3 kills, defending base, getting 3rd in team, and actually winning. Not to mention the amount of hizen whales….. and of course absolute junk from containers

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