World of Warships- Strasbourg First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today i bring you the Review the new TVII French battleship, Strasbourg, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. le pas très gentil

    I was looking forward to this video
    Keep going see lord

  2. It should be ”all intents and purposes”, not “all intensive purposes”.

    Don’t feel bad. I got that wrong for years until I finally saw it written down.

  3. Battle of warship Anas

    The dunkerque was the ship in witch i got my first kraken .
    When i got her for free for 3 days.

  4. 26mm will NOT stop 15in (380mm) shells from overmatching it! That is why 27mm is important for many ships, as that armor threshold can stop 15in shells 🙂 just an fyi.

  5. Who would have thought that sisterships play alike? 2020 eh? XD

  6. Holy shit. I didn’t know you could get more stars by repeating campaign tasks.

    • Had the same 😁😁

    • @Matthew Jacob no WHAT? lol… I am on mission 5 last 3 stars for Yamamoto. so you are saying I can re grind previous once.. just with out reward?

    • @Pierre Abrie yep! You won’t get the 10k credits, or 5k fxp, but you’ll get the stars! Its fantastic

    • @Inarus Lynx “This fact needs to be in the home campaign window or on every campaign window. This is definitely not intuitive or clearly stated and I got back into the game in May.”
      @2:09 in the video it clearly says at the top of the campaign task interface that the tasks can be repeated for the stars. It’s been there on every campaign since campaigns began.

    • @steve downes never seen it

  7. It’ll be fun in narai and that’s about it lol

  8. Marcus Jones Stinks

    *copy/paste existing ship, tweak couple numbers, change name*
    WG: *clink glasses* BRILLIANT

  9. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Correction to my correction: 26mm WILL NOT bounce 15inch (380mm) shells.

  10. I kinda don’t get it. Strassburg pronounced as Strausburg? Where does the “u” come from? It’s not there

    • Thats just European languages for you

    • @Matthew Jacob I mean, short of dropping the g, the language in question doesn’t just invent a u in that name, so, yeah.

    • @Evangeline no I just meant a lot of European languages have things like this

    • @Matthew Jacob 1. Most languages are like this.
      2. If we go by inventing new ways to pronounce letters and letter combinations, English beats pretty much most other European languages.
      3. It’s not like English isn’t a European language itself.

    • @Evangeline ffs mate this isn’t an argument. I meant European languages like german and Dutch have TRENDS. Yes all languages have weird letter interactions, but there’s a trend for which letters, such as strass. I speak German, it was literally just a joke

  11. WG has (kinda of) policy of not nerfing premium ships once released. So they will not make a premium ship that will ever need nerfing, result premium ships that need buffs that will not get them.

  12. Straßbourg has a better sigma value than Dunkerque’s 1.7. So, it is more accurate.

  13. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I don’t have the dunk, and i don’t think I’ll be buying this, I’ll try to get it from the campaign if i can be bothered, but yeah, think I’ll stick with the JB. As for that reload bug, someone on twitch last night said they were having issues with that in the kremlin.

  14. Great match Sea Lord that was a close one. Too bad i didnt stay alive a little longer. I deleted the nelson on your team and you deleted the nelson on our team 🙂

  15. Richelieu looking at Strasbourg: “I shall call her Mini Me.”

    • And Strasbourg looking at Dunkerque will also say “I shall call her Mini Me”.

    • Jean bart looking at richeliu: “i shall call her mini me”
      Richeliu looking at strasbourg: “i shall call her mini me”
      Strasbourg looking at dunkerque: “i shall call her mini me”

  16. They could’ve given it some Battlecruiser disperssion, and speed boost to justify the 40$ it costs

  17. 11:43 I’ve had that happen so many times on my JB Black. It’s annoying.

  18. There’s one task for each leg that has Hizen as it’s requirement.

  19. 0:33 – Lol, it’s not “For all intensive purposes”, haha, it’s supposed to be “For all intents and purposes”…

  20. I had the dubs sitting in my bank, I bought the strasbourg from the armory. I’ll make back all but 300 dubs from finishing the campaign, and I got 300 dubs from a santa crate so I’m getting the ship for free AND I can finish the ships and fates campaign too.

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