World of Warships Strasbourg Tier 7 Premium French Battleship Review

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Today we review the World Warships Premium French Battleship . This BB handled a different than it’s little cousin, Dunkerque, but she is quite fun to play, alternating between both HE and AP. This The Strasbourg’s addition to WoWS supplements T7 Battleships, and good premiums like the Scharnhorst.

0:00 Intro
1:30 Stats
6:40 Pros and Cons


  1. Not a huge fan of lower tier battleships, but I may have to check this one out.

  2. lol zoup….not a secondary ship? Well that makes sense as there are no secondary ships anymore bud.

  3. I like the Dunk, will take this for free. Hizen can f itself, tho.

    • @NoZoupForYou
      Hizen event is CLEARLY designed for the sunk cost fallacy as u can pay less early on…before u know that u can even complete the missions in time.
      this will often cause players to spend WAY more to avoid losing their gold investment AND not get the ship.
      couldnt expect anything different from WG.
      im sure the T7 missions are also designed to be extremely hard/time limited if u dont pay/pre buy the ship.

      Hizen itself looks nice…but thats pretty irrelevant

    • Ahhhh…. not the ship itself but the cost of the ship. Yeah. Wish it was a FXP ship.

    • @NoZoupForYou
      it seems WG are moving away from FXP all together…good players, especially in CB, can earn a lot of fxp.
      having only a few fxp ships over time…made fxp hoarding very easy so now many have too much fxp to spend.
      even the RB system was designed to allow players to spend fxp for regrinds so they drain their fxp away in a far more expensive way than just spending it on premiums directly.

      i personally wish they made all premiums into fxp ships, even with significant costs, so that i can CHOOSE which premium i want to spend my fxp on…and this way fxp wont be hoarded too easily, even for skilled players. now i usually buy all fxp ships automatically as there are so few and i have plenty of fxp.

      the ship itself looks like a high alpha Izumo…so its interesting.
      however all the scammy things that WG is doing makes me understand that its probably not worth even consider investing in it…especially not early on.

    • @cobrazax I agree with you, although I will be taking my free Touch Banana and Yahagi

    • @Robert Chien
      Yea…low tiers they sometimes give for free…or shitty ships…or makarov 😁

  4. until i see what the captain skill changes do and the sub brings to the game free i will take it.

  5. Just searched it and saw that u uploaded it.

  6. seems kinda like a little brother to Jean Bart with her reload booster

  7. It’s dispersion looks garbage…..

  8. I will get the ship just because it’s not a paper boat.

  9. We need a new Dasha signed photo giveaway!

  10. Dunkerque is my most played ship, absolutely love it. Grinding for this will be painful but worth it

    • I’m also very good with the Dunkerque but I’m very dubious about the Strasbourg. What do you really get as a compensation for getting a ton of tier 9 ships in your MM? The reload booster few times a game is not going to compensate for meeting tier 9 ships.

    • It’s gonna be good for T7, where its supposed to be. WG MM ruins everything

  11. Captain Fizz Gaming

    2:55 and afterward, the audio in your video has a very distinct and odd static sound. might wanna see if thats feed back or something. otherwise love the vids 🙂

  12. great review bro! I’m definitely gonna try to earn this ship through the campaign, because based on its stats and loadout of consumables I think this ship would be perfect for me and just about everyone else. The only thing I really do dislike about this ship is its absolutely abhorrent armor scheme but it a okish tradeoff for a very decent ship. 8.9/10 IGN XD

  13. I’ll give it a go. If it’s free it’s for me.

  14. We’re back to what matters… giving money to WG.

  15. I just got my 500 bucks back.After the new commander skill rework goes live,I will kiss my german battleships goodbye and leave the game for good.

  16. This is such an odd ship to make a premium of, and at a tier higher than her sister ship. Such a move isn’t unheard of in WoWs though. Means essentially there are 4 similar (in design) ships at tiers 6-9. Nothing new, nothing really of interest I feel.

  17. Do the turrets frequently get disabled/destroyed like Richelieu?

  18. They really should have given the Strassbourg speed boost as well as reload booster like the other tier 7 French battleships

  19. needs 6km secondaries at least. generic ships like this is why i quit WoWs and went to naval War Thuinder. boring as hell and scared devs making vanilla ships has WG become for a while.

  20. I hope everyone has actually looked at the stats… it has .1 better sigma than dunk, 1 sec less reload than dunk SAME health as the dunk, same armor and the dunk, same AA and the dunk, and like 1 km more range, all other stats are EQUAL, but a reload booster…? that’s IT! so really the dunk is actually better because this isn’t much of an upgrade. i get its free so thats nice and its still premium. Just saying for the tier dunk is better at tier 6 than stras at tier 7.

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