World of Warships – Strategize and Strike! – With Steven Seagal

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This time he’s not simply a cook, he’s a . Let the Seas Run Red, White and Blue.

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  1. That was some sick Shit the LEgend Steven lool well done Wargaming Love it

  2. how much did you pay him?

  3. so, this is where our doubloons went. I see

  4. So we get Steven as a Commander soon ? Give us Seagal , Stallone , Willis
    and the Governator for maximum FREEDOM. #MakeWoWSEpicAgain

  5. Lol a guy on YT and another one

    Who tf is this guy

  6. damn he became chubby

  7. whaaaat??!!

  8. All i can think of is when steven seagal was on south park

  9. Come on people… in your secret hearts, you all love his movies – even if
    they’re corny as shit! I can’t imagine the amount of hair dye it took to
    make him look like that… sorta like watching Elvis get fat!

  10. 战舰喋血with cook,haha… seagel personally can stand against a fleet

  11. The guys name used to be Steven SEGAL not Seagal.

  12. Oh look, it’s that Putin’s muppet puppet. I wonder if ship he’s sailing on
    will only move when ordered directly from the kremlin.

  13. lol nice Video!

  14. Yeah, if the game would look even half as good as in trailers.

  15. Why are people so assmad about this?

  16. finally, Steven you just made my day ! viva warships ! viva steven ! I like
    2nd degree humour :)

  17. Got mine :)

  18. This doesnt give you anything you cant get in a few days playing on your
    own so whats the point, he doesnt make your boats dispersion any better or
    shoot more accurately so it all useless Hollywood nonsense. I would have
    rather seen the efforts go towards another unique limited ship sale other
    than the Belfast.

  19. That laptop battery lasted all night? While still having enough power to
    play a game? Suuuuuure.

  20. So it’s basically Steven Seagal’s version of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mobile

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