World of Warships Strategy – Eliminate the Biggest Threat

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I wound up in a game against Notser a little while back. Notser had a great game. round was close, but I made a mistake by not focusing him more and keeping him from doing what he did. There were several issues. I was in my second round in the Hakuryu and was unfamiliar with the ship. That didnR;t help. And our right flank caved in completely forcing my hand. Still, this is a look at the round and why it is so important to eliminate the biggest threat early on, which in this case was Notser. In world of Warships, your strategy should always be to eliminate the biggest threat first.


  1. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    The Number One threat to this game is Wargaming itself.

  2. Maybe you could have tried eliminating his help rather than going for him? His AA is quite strong so helping to make it easier for your team to get Notser by wiping out his teammates rather than going for yourself might have been a better tactic.

  3. Definitely sharing the sentiment on the hak here… Though everything seems to melt too fast, and dives aren’t usable on blobs. (AP drop still feels random at times)

    Torp drops seem to need way too much lead. Two ship lengths ahead doesn’t seem enough even on bots sailing on a straight line.

    • Hakuryu needs a major buff to both its torps. 8km torps need 50knots speed back and 6km torps need to have 3-4 drops per attack even if their other stats would be otherwise nerfed! Hakuryu is just a tier 10 Shokaku. Its total shit and nearly unplayable after all the nerfs. The 8km torps are useless and the 6k torps are almost useless too. Rocket planes die fastest and you are left with AP bombers that have twice less payload than USN HE bombers and with the AP bombers RNG is just too much of a factor. You cannot burn down ships like on the Midway and after the flooding changes your torps will be even more useless.

  4. I’ve played with and against Notser. He’s hardly the biggest threat in a game with really good players. Focusing that Bismarck when it was isolated would have been good play.

    Torp DDs in smoke.

    “Notser is playing in the back” geez I’m so surprised … not. ?

    • Rockets also seem to work well against destroyers in smoke. At least that has been my experience from the receiving end. The dispersion that comes with rockets is an advantage, combined with the relative fragility of destroyers.

  5. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    Hakuryu is not fun to play at all at the moment.

  6. So all of your posts about “We’re getting there” were based off of one or two ships… You should really log into NA and play 25-50 Randoms with T4-T8 US/IJN CVs instead of reporting that the CV changes are in good shape based off of an unreleased ship on the testing server which has since been nerfed.

  7. *Hakuryu is total crap CV after the nerfs now! Hakuryu needs a BUFF!* Hakuryu is just a tier 10 Shokaku now. Hakuryu rocket planes have the least hit points. Hakuryu torpedoes are the worst of all tier 10 CV’s and the Hakuryu AP bombers do not hold a candle to Midway’s HE bombers that have twice the payload plus they can set fires. WG needs to buff the Hakuryu’s 8km torps back to 50knot speed and Hakuryu 6km alternative torps need to be buffed from 2 drops to 3-4 drops per attack even if their max range, damage, speed and be all reduced also in the process! Also Hakuryu dive bombers also need more survivability OR tighter aim, because RNG is now just too much on the AP bombers!

  8. I think your tactical assement of going after notser in the backline , when there is a z52 , and a musashi in side the cap is questionable 😛

    • Hakuryu cannot do almost anything against DD’s anymore.

    • +CloneD Anon No , but the Baltimore can , looking back at the replay , most of the forces @ the right cap was cruisers , by killing or at least damaging the musashi or even the bismarck earlier on as well as spotting the z52 at the same time , would have given the cruisers more freedom to manouver and well do stuff. A hindenburg in the backline , behind a bunch of rocks isnt as an imminent threat to the rest of your team when the core fighting goes on inside the cap zone . The players at that cap could have dealt and avoided most of notsers damage , not so much with Musashi lolpen guns

  9. As a quite good (after rework) CV player, i must say this game was full of missed opportunities. Both Musashi and Bismarck have weak AA compared to other ships, so the right thing to do would be attacking these two or pushing left side with your team. As a CV, your main goal is to strike ships that are alone. I get you don’t like Haku’s torps and i admit she is probably underpowered right now, but the main problem you did was losing too much planes. Again – attack those ships, you can strike with low losses, not those, that you want to strike because of CC vying. 🙂

    • wouldn’t it have been wiser to act like a force multiplier and flush (preferably isolated) enemies that are trying to stay in cover/stealth from allied ships. preferably as close as possible to the carrier as to reduce risk of line penetration and lower travel times.

  10. *Zoup you played Hakuryu just fine! This is typical Hakuryu game and this actually GOOD damage that you did. Hakuryu is simply so bad after all the nerfs compared to the Midway! WG needs to buff Hakuryu torps because its nearly impossible to land them due to their incredibly slow speed + the longest arming time and aiming time! WG should return at least the 50knot speed back to the Hakuryu 8km torps so you can actually try to aim with them and buff its alternative torps to 3-4 drops instead of pathetic 2!*

    • +Vandheer Lorde It is a typical Hakuryu game after all the nerfs.

    • ​+CloneD Anon Typical tomato haku game.
      Countless planes thrown away that could have been saved, Chasing after notser like a moronic WOT xvm hunting arty instead of going for targets of opportunity(musashi, hipper, z52 or the ships on the left flank. hell even the grozovoi with rockets).

      Yes the 4 torp squad sucks. Dont even bother with them. Use the double ones.

    • ​+Vandheer Lorde No. The overnerfed Hakuryu just sucks. The 6km torps suck just as much as the 8km torp. The 2 torp drop does not belong to tier 10 when its clearly a tier 8 ship in its current state, especially when compared to Midway’s 6 torps and Midway torps are just an afterthought on a Midway. The attack planes are fucking weak, they are a joke even against DD’s that have most of their hp left! If the DD has even ounce of skill you will be chasing him with your rocket planes for half of the game and not necessarily even kill him if the RNG is not on your side! The AP bombers are too fucking RNG even when fully aimed and too fucking weak compared to the Midways HE dive bombers that deal consistent damage with 1-2 fires per attack!

    • ​+CloneD Anon what are you talking about. The dual has half the arming distance and 20% more speed and they aim faster. They also do over twice the dmg versus midway torp.

      If your willing to division up i can show consistent haku results. Maybe youll learn something.

  11. personally I have a few advices for playing hakuryu:
    1) try out the 6km torps. it may be 2 torps per run but its much easier to torp and you can really atk a single ship multiple times from diff directions
    2) try not to shift when aiming with the AP dive bombers. it is actually pretty easy to score multiple cits on any BB or cruiser if the aim is gd (tightened). drop from higher altitude for BBs, and really go point blank for CAs. it will also cit them. >20k dmg per run is possible

  12. You really need to start doing throwaway drops, Zoup. Sending 12 planes to their death for one strike, due to how AA damage spreads over your whole squad, just doesn’t do anything.

  13. Yet another Tier 10 game, SMH.

    Did you know that there are other CVs out there?

  14. i dont think camping i the back players stealing kills while you let your teammate die are good players i think they are shit players with no teamplay bones in them

    too bad you couldnt kill notser the self entitled young fart but o well

    • If I understand you correctly, iamplay, if you’re talking about that Yammy and Moskva, I agree that they weren’t helping a lot by hanging SOOOO far back. They were so far back that near the end when they desperately needed to get on caps, they were too far away from them to get to the caps quickly.

    • +crucisnh yea well its the meta in this game, selfish gameplay ill let my teammate die while i get some shots in to benefit from their death kinda thing

      camping hot dogs and ninja and pussies meta

  15. incorrect information for this entire video! your job is not to focus the best player it is to focus his “meat shield” and support around him. sure if the shot is there on said good player you take it but i can not tell u how many times i have been in a game and other unicum players were on the enemy and they had bad rounds because i did NOT focus them. remember all unicum players are not going to make the same mistakes an average joe will make i.e showing broadside,using damage con on one fire etc etc. destroy his/hers support ships and beat them. DO not go out of your way to only shoot a “good” player this is BAD advice 100%

  16. LOL noster is a good player best joke 2019

  17. If you have Midway play it never chose Haku over it. No contest Haku is simply pointless now until they can help it in a few months.

  18. But…. if I kill the CC I won’t be in their youtube video…..

  19. Voice over gameplay ? and the only reason Notser was such a big threat was because you wouldn’t stop thinking about him.

  20. Don’t blame yourself. Look at how the players simply refused to change what they were doing based on all the sightings and mini-map in the first minutes. That’s the real reason for most losses .. random teams of people who have learned nothing on how to really play and win and they sit there with smiles on their faces doing dumb things making mistakes and they just don’t care. Because with random game they’ll still be in wins 46% of the timedespite their poor skills as enough good players carry them over and over and over.

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