World of Warships: Stream Highlights

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A few stream highlights from some of the recent streams. A good example of RNG, barely surviving, and chasing a Roma as a destroyer.


  1. Torpedo fail… ( ゚ Д゚)

  2. Stream hype!

  3. That thing on top of the Roma special skin looks so stupid

  4. Glorious German guns … they respect cruisers of their kind but when they see the true enemy … “BOOM”.

  5. Lews Therin Talamon

    That first clip was quite ridiculous.

  6. WG rng in a nutsell in the first clip

  7. epic RNG…and this is why u run from DDs in a BB…u kill them while they can barely touch u

  8. Watch these super accurate gu~ BOOM

  9. Funny Colorado one Citadel 50k even with my Yamato never happen lol and funny chassing by black and nice dodging by Roma ur torpedo failed. Aeroon

  10. A_Certain_Accurate_Japanese_BB_Fūso

    RNG takes, RNG gives
    WoWs logic….

  11. Way to start off the video with some Gneis shots.

  12. “I REALLY wanna torpedo him”

    That clip was objectively hilarious.

  13. I knew it, it must be some rng trolling again.

  14. When will there be “Extra Salty Stream” ??? 😀

  15. Aerroon your aim is the best. XD

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