World of Warships- Stun Bombs Are Gone

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the results of the closed testing of support CVs and stun bombs, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. First, anyways, I am really glad that they had removed these bombs, the stunning mechanics were a main reason why I switched from Wot to WoWs.

    • On your way to success, not everyone will stop and praise your achievements. But I want you to know that I’m always here watching and rooting for you. What you are able to accomplish will never cease to amaze me. Congratulations!

    • WoT is dying due to gold cheating ammo. Stunning by arty is still more fair than high damage they could do instead

    • How bad is it over there in WoT? As someone who almost never plays it, I’ve heard a ton about op tanks and premium ammo stuff.

    • @MasterZ whenever you play tier 8, it’s guaranteed you’ll get premium tanks players on either team which makes tech tree tanker a minority, they are already putting tier 9 premium tanks which is different than reward tanks like kpz 50t so people could buy up higher tier with no hesitation, tier 10 is full of chieftains. On tier 5-7 spg dominated the match, M44 for example is a rapid firing spg that could stun lock you until your own demise

    • @Abdan Syakuro Yikes/ Player numbers there probably been going down for a long time then.

  2. Give a chaff mechanic, and Asw aircraft, maybe even aerial laying of sea mines. High flood chance but very low damage

    • And maybe drop smoke, not a long trail, but like a scatter of plumes dropped on a friendly that’s in the shit.

  3. Thank You SLM!

    Losing 3/4 of your HP before you even have a target, or being focus dropped in a ship with weak AA, before the 3 minute mark… sub that pops up inside depth charge range… might be an issue? Other than that, we’ll just keep grinding… lather, rinse, repeat… I am down from 100 matches a week to 30. so….

  4. I would like to see a repair ship dedicated to repairing other ships, possibly even without main armaments.
    And unlike the usual “force field” heal, the ship can only super heal one ship at a time. Forcing players to decide amongst themselves who should be repaired first for the best effect.
    Sort of like what a supply ship will do in real life? Maybe?
    Just a thought.

  5. Olaf Messchendorp

    The support squadron ideas that I have seen so far:
    – smoke
    – chaff
    – sonar buoy
    – special spotter planes
    – dropping seamines
    – dropping heals
    – putting out fires/dropping dmg con
    – radar planes (maybe the spotter plane variant for supercarriers)

    I like pretty much all these ideas, they are not mine tho, I found them in commentsections of WoWs vids

    • I’d play the fuck out of them if this happened

    • Please god no radar planes lmao

    • What I was thinking, normal carriers can only spot for themselves. They can relay the info to there team but the mini map will only have passive info from the carrier. If they drop fighters, they don’t do any spotting.
      However, the support carrier can spawn in spotter only aircraft. Which, spot ships for the whole team. The carrier can also chose to leave the squadron in an area for a short period of time while switching to another set of aircraft. But the scout aircraft should have very low HP and a small squadron so that it punishes the support cv player for flying over enemy ships, even DDs

    • If the radar plane was intended to defeat the jamming attempts of the enemy team, it could be viable. It has to do something other than just be another radar, as there are quite enough ships that can do that already. As for minelayers, that should be the province of destroyers and cruisers only. The ability to lay mines without any risk to yourself would undermine the balance of the game. CV’s are already aggravating enough to deal with. Support carriers should also have the ability to be an ASW platform, since regular carriers are geared for combating surface ships rather than subs. A sonar buoy is an excellent idea, but a carrier should also have an aerial depth charge option for those situations where there aren’t enough teammates to deal with a detected sub.

    • Also like most of them. Had similar proposals and added few other things.

      -dropping buffs similar to arms race but with limited duration
      -dropping buffs that enhance survivability instead of offense abilities.

      Something like -50% dmg received for 15 seconds, or -20% dmg for 30sec.
      This should help ships escaping or brawling and is almost useless for long range ships. That’s why I like that one.

  6. I wouldn’t bet on it. subs were a bad idea and they are in the game. notice they said current stun bomb mechanics.

  7. Raphaël Huwyler

    A tip when dropping dds with skip bombs, try to make the line be slightly closer to your planes so they skip upwards into the ship, that makes them hit more often in my experience.

    • I try to do skip bombing runs against DDs by dropping the payload on top of em.

    • I do the 2nd line from the start, the convergence is insane and often get 5 hits or a dev strike. That’s if the DD is brain dead and doesn’t turn.

    • Raphaël Huwyler

      @MasterZ that is unfortunately less accurate on average, try to make them skip at least once, that makes the dispersion significantly tighter.

  8. Jack Stretch-jones

    1 = smoke from planes – ok
    2 = repair circles like in operations as a consumable, targeted damage (fire, flood, engine or steering)
    3 = knocking out radar modules, hrdro – like that
    4 = Chaff =, love that idea. limited consumable.
    5 = Scout planes?? drop chaff and don’t do damage but get proxy damage. sub-hunter style.

  9. A true support CV would be a class I would play. How about being able to click on a friendly ship and drop a fighter group that circles over the ship you choose and protects it from enemy CV attack. How about being able to drop a smoke for your DD trying to cap? How about dropping flak to confuse enemy radar? Or… a flight squadron that you can set to circle a area for a period of time keeping it spotted. Set it and forget it type of thing. These would all be welcome changes and would encourage CV’s to finally..finally.. be part of the team effort. Let’s be honest… right now they are not. Currently CV’s are playing a separate game simultaneously and occasionally, by accident, help them team.

    • They will be boring, doing very low damage to affect the outcome.

    • @DarthDonPedro spoken like a classic CV player. A selfish class that 90% of the player base hates. CV’s and subs are like that kid in your neighborhood that your parents made you play with because they had no friends.

  10. Support carriers in ww2 usually focused on fighter support. the Bearn currently has an interesting fighter mechanic…..

    maybe fighter focused support carriers would be easier.

  11. Give the support carriers control over fighter squadrons. let them defend the fleet against air attacks.

  12. I am not sure how using chaff planes would be. The radar is very likely to have expired by the time you get there so you would have to guess where chaff is needed try to be there before radar is used.

  13. Wargaming needs to reject rocket planes, return to fighter planes.

  14. I’m glad WG are thinking about new things and ideas for the game but I’d love it if they would focus on improving what we already have. Like implementing more game modes into random i.e. arm’s race, dirigible derby and so on. Fixing the issues with the combat scenarios so PvE player’s can have more variety. If WG will just fine tune what they have new ideas could have a smoother impact on our game.

    • I agree with you that this approach would make a better game. The problem is that they can’t monetize “fine tuning”. New ships is something they can charge money for. That’s a strong incentive to focus on the latter.

    • @Brian Ensign yeah it’s how it is

  15. since subs are coming to the game, it would be cool if the support CVs had sonar buoys to help spot subs. The way that they could work is the sub has a meter on it that fills up if they ping, or going fast (above 1/2 speed) near the buoy, closer and faster the sub is to the buoy the faster it fills, when the meter is full the sub is instantly detected. This reduces the amount of pings, gives CVs counter play, and gives subs some counter play as well. This agility should also be given to DDs as a default passive ability, but the meter fills up way faster, and from a longer range then the buoys

  16. Marcus Jones Stinks

    I always liked the idea of using the support ships in scenario as a playable class. Have an aura around it and it can help DC cool down by 50 or 75% for ships in aura, offer heals, put out fires/floods, pop chaff/smoke, etc. It can’t do any damage so it receives points based on team damage in its aura. Would play that all the time.

  17. They should give support carriers air-dropped mines and the ability to drop spotter planes over a certain area to give other ships the range buff. Also, I like the idea of escort destroyers which exist specifically to make subs and aircraft’s life hard with ASW mortars and buffed DFAA, and have a nice spammy gun battery but with less torpedoes than normal DDs

  18. Wow, weegee listening to the player base before going all in on a concept that can’t be balanced. Its not like everyone at the beginning said that cv’s were not balanced.

  19. Wg is the only company i know of that will keep trying to introduce additional mechanics that nobody asked for, while ignoring the issues with previous mechanics that they still have not fixed

  20. The idea of the smoke and chaff is a good idea, but if they want to make Support Carriers popular; give an ASW aircraft that has a depth charges with a sub-detecting radar consumable and a player controlled fighter squadron.

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