World of Warships- Stun Bombs For CVs??? What The Hell???

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Hey guys, today we take a look at a VERY interesting DevBlog regarding Support CVs, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Someday WG will add missile cruisers at some point

  2. I keep playing this game less and less, this is just encouraging that more. Good game gone shit.

  3. A lot of people hate the stun mechanic in WOT, so WG, in its infinite wisdom, adds stun mechanic to WOWS -_-

    • More reason why people hate cv XD

    • Its a good feature in WoT, should work here too if implemented correctly

    • @Vytautas V You must be high, nobody on the receiving end liked it at all in WoT… Some people even preferred getting shot by the old arty than receiving the ridiculous stuns

    • @macdam11 That would be me. I played WOT religiously when they added the arty change. Arty used to be super in accurate but had access to the AP shell and no stun. Honestly I prefer to get 1 shot struck from orbit by an AP shell once every 500 games than get repeatedly stunned by 3 arty constantly. I mean you still ate massive damage and had your crew become useless to boot. It basically made open maps like Westfield unplayable for heavy tanks.

  4. WoT: We’ve made Arty the most annoying class to play against, no one can top it in annoyance level.

    WoWS: *Maniacal Laughter*

    • arty feels almost balanced compared to this shit we already got in wows and with that edition is going to be just rape to Surface ships. At least you can take some sort of cover against arty or i even be so bold to say, dodge the incoming shell.

    • meanwhile 2 cv matches and everyone stunlocked , would be interesting against sub

    • I don’t know what they’re thinking. It’s like they heard all the complaining that CVs were not fun to fight against and they thought “YOU THINK THAT’S NOT FUN?!?! WE’LL SHOW YOU!!”

    • Arty got nerfed to oblivion after the HE rework

  5. This is game breaking for sure. Support cv maybe for just irritating ppl and just sent back to Port.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  6. Also in testing – neutron bomb. Available to any player for 2,000 doubloons. Kills the crews of all enemy ships. After detonation, players on the team of the person activating the neutron bomb can destroy all enemy ships at their leisure.

    • My proposed modification to neutron bomb: “Neutron bidding war”.
      As soon as one player triggers the bomb consumable, a 1 minuteauction is triggered where both teams start bidding with dubloons on which team’s side the neutron bomb lands, thereby maximizing the spreadsheet.

    • The enemy team can board your ship, and capture it

    • Don’t forget the zombie legion for 3k more dubs so you can capture the ship and have a loyal “pet”.

    • Why? Why do that? WHY?

  7. OMG this has just made my day, WG can we have Fart Bombs as well please to distract other players AA

  8. Actually if they want a support carrier is quite simple actually, JUST MAKE FIGHTER PLANE LIKE IT SUPPOSED TO BE, WHICH IT FIGHTING ANOTHER PLANES, simple as that, Instead of BS rocket and MG that we have right now

    PS : I miss my Bogue

  9. I’m waiting for the “Healing Bombs” to be announced now… CV friendly fire will heal allies. They come up with foolishness like this, yet they refuse to buff the armor on Indianapolis because of “balans”… smh

  10. I just thinking, what of the German BB’s? You get into a moment where you are finally ‘good’ and you then take more damage in your push

  11. I can’t wait to see The Nimitz class carriers and Slava class frigates beign introduced in 2023…

  12. Engineer: Captain! Fires spreading in the engine room, the deck, and the stern! Sending damage con crews towa….
    Captain: DELAY that order for 3 minutes! We were hit by a STUN BOMB!
    WeeGee: ROFL!

  13. I’d like for ships like battleships and cruisers that have a hydroplane available to get a optional smoke generator plane instead of like a spotter or fighter, the ships witch had that in rlf off course

  14. ToughAncientSpark

    Don’t worry, Wargambling will nerf the activation time of the “stun” bomb to 30 seconds and everybody will go, “ok, that’s not so bad”.

  15. I could see putting Light and/or Escort carriers (CVL/CVE) in the odd tiers in an ASW, or fighter protection role.

    I still want a Seaplane Tender with Consolidated PB-Y Catalina aircraft in their ASW/Bomber role.

    • Respect to that, I conquer they will work, a ‘stun bomb’ would be a large fragmentation bomb that would disable a radar until it is safe for the crew to get out to effect damage control.

    • Add to that Sub tenders when they are ‘IN’ the game tech tree, sink a tender the subs reload increased for reminder of the game.

  16. My hope for support CVs is dd/sub hunting because the dd population at tier 10 needs to be neutered and CVs have no sub interaction at the moment

  17. The stun bombs are akin to the first version of homing torpedoes. I agree with you that so device called a stun bomb can disable DC is bad for the game. WOWS is arcade like lets’ not introduce comic book ideas.

  18. If they put it in this way, it’ll be just as bad as the torpedo bombers from the Hakuryu when they first did the CV rework. when they first went live, before the first hot patch, i got sunk inside of 3 minutes in my Grosser Kurfurst by the torpedo bombers. That was from FULL HEALTH. Do they even think about the effects of these changes? I’d have to say no.

  19. I feel like chaff should work like smoke and obscure ships in it from radar rather then disable the ability

  20. They could change it to “stun gun crews” so your reload increases some kind of percentage for X seconds. It would be annoying but not the end of the world.

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