World of warships – STUPID saturation

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  1. How is this okey….I have no freacking idea

  2. Just like Detonation. Best features in the game. Wargaming likes this. Fun and engaging!

  3. New meta!!!
    make divmate saturate your yamato bow and then bowtank like a king

  4. I had that exact Situation a while ago in a ranked match and cause of that we lost 😤

    I rage quited for months i was so pissed

    Ps do you remember the Name ” Paul_of_Force ” ? Thats me it was a nice game ^_^

  5. Almost as lame as a dd having a heal ;[

  6. To me you hit almost every shell in the front hitbox, saturation indeed.

  7. *D A M A G E S A T U R A T I O N*

  8. greatest saturation video i ever saw – either jingles or ichase posted a video where a dd took five torpedoes in the exact same spot and survived.

  9. Same thing happened to me, Benson with 12k hp left, eats 2 Yugumo torps on bow and mid ship, won’t die. 3rd torp from my TRB managed to cripple him, 11183hp damage, still need flooding to kill him with 600hp damage from flooding. Posted that on IJN DD forum

  10. Such a horrible mechnic. It’s cost me my ships and saved my ship a few times especially in DD’s. Never notice it to much in BB’s and cruisers. Worst thing about it though for me is that a lot of players don’t even know its in the game. See in chat a lot lately in tier 8+ games “How did I hit him and do No damage?” usually never have the time to explain it to them though. would be great if there was a better tutorial in the game that explained these mechanics and you couldn’t play the main game till you had completed some sort of exam on all of the mechanics of the game lol

  11. It’s ok you’ll get better the more you play.

  12. Saturation damage to a ship is okay if that section of the ship is rendered inoperable or depending on location of the hull cripples the fighting performance of the entire ship.
    If the bow receive saturation damage the ship should slow down because the bow floats lower due to flooding or its hydrodynamic integrity is reduced due to damage.
    If the stern gets saturated damage the ship steering should be rendered UN-repairable (just like a knocked out turret).
    You can steer by means of varying propeller speed which probably could double or triple the size of your turning circle.
    If a mid section gets saturated damage a boiler or a turbine could be permanently put out of commission meaning reduced speed.

  13. Hehehehe I once hit 5, yes FIVE akatsuki torps on a podvoisky, annnndd he lived

  14. Few days ago, im Play with my Mass, and i have one figth with Mahan, hes ate 7 fuckin torps and dont die, so.. OP

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