World of Warships Sub_Octavian Interview 11/4 – Smoke Changes, CV Rework, Balance and more

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Before the Let’s Battle event I pulled aside for an . We talked about some pretty important topics, though time was limited.

Apologies for the sound quality. Aircraft aren’t that great for interviews. We made it work though.


  1. i have both the belfy and the kutuzov… and i loved the smoke changes… its nonsense a whole bunch of battleships sitting in smoke like it was on ranked or competitive

  2. Tamás Kerecsényi

    The guy says that the design of the Conqueror and the RN BB line as a whole is decent…..ok then, confirmation on WGs incompetence or just doesn’t care at all facepalm

    • Цветослав Цачев

      Incompetence is too strong to say. Power creep is the correct answer of the question “what to do to maintain the players’ interest to the game”. Honestly, I’ve seen much worst cases of power creep for games with less than 2 year life.

    • well…make the citadel more vulnerable, to at least NC levels. also removing the stock gun loadout might work too to reduce the extreme HE firepower, or just nerf HE firechance a bit

  3. LordTyphoon WoWSasia

    Thanks sub octavian for chatting with Zoup!! Whether or not we agree with what you say, we’re happy you’re around to talk about Warships!

  4. 2018, year of the carrier! Stay tuned for 2019 year of the carrier too.

    Battle stations!

  5. Hilarious, he gave a definition of what overpowered is and the Conquer fits every single point of that definition and yet they dont think it is overpowered! I have seen an entire team focus fire it while it slowly swims away any other ship would have been dead within 2K or 3K travel time and that ship was able to take all that heat and still move out of the engagement with more than half its health. Wake the fuck up WoW!

  6. Zoup, I wish that you would have asked him about Radar and Hydro seeing through islands

    • Wyngs714 That has to do with the game engine and it can’t be changed

    • Ive asked several times in the Forums for a direct quote of a WG representative saying this. No one has provided one yet. Ive asked WG directly this question repeatedly, they will not answer………………..

  7. Alexandre Hans Albert

    Thanks Sub_Octavian for this nice interview.

  8. Not a single question about the Zepplin debacle.

  9. Win Rate depends on the other Idiots on your team my Giulio Cesare stats show this, as I have had several games with 4 kills over 100k damage, caps, plane kills and still the team loose. WR is purely bases on how many retards are on your team!

  10. People say the Conquer is overpowered. From my experience in Clan Battles, if its focused, its fucked. In random battles, If you have a Div focus it, its fucked. People think its overpowered because no one has the balls in random matches to shoot at it because they don’t want its attention. Just focus fire the damn thing and be done with it.

    • Feliciano Steffano

      Revan460 sure 14k dmg he salvo + 3 fires= balanced

    • Feliciano Steffano I think you are getting a little hyperbolic there buddy. Besides, HE and fire damage can all be repaired. I’d rather take an HE strike and be able to repair it, than eat a Cit or a heavy pen from AP that I can’t fully comeback from. Conqueror wins if you don’t focus it and keep it lit. Learn how to counter.

    • Revan460 That true of any ship though. If it gets focused it’s fucked

    • Any ship melts more or less fast if focused.
      With most ships having very limited healing speed. (max 17% at one go)

      And you forgot that against AP you can angle bouncing shells while some overpenetrate superstructure.
      Because of that average AP salvo damage isn’t even remotely as high as shell damage would suggest.
      Again HE neither bounces or overpens.

      Also overpen damage is 100% healable, while HE penetration doesn’t differ from AP pen! (both being 50% healable)
      So with high enough alpha and penetration HE salvo is capable to doing more irrepairable damage than AP salvo.

  11. I think that WG is using its experiences with Kaga, enterprise, and GZ for anecdotal data as to how Carriers function best

    I mean, look at them. They all play very differently and can address certain strengths. Kaga uses saturation Attack. Enterprise uses AP bombs and citadels. And GZ uses one-shot strike with godawful fighters.

  12. yes thanks Zoup for getting that interview, the info was informative if not accepted happily by some players. 🙂

  13. Не знал что подвосмеркин такой уродец.

  14. Nice interview

  15. Nerf german BB armour, Buff English BB armour, Buff IJN guns so the can actually make dmg and rework the hole IJN line in general, CV …no comments.

    ..and going on win rate…IJN ship line needs even more help to be more fun and combative. One day with only IJN ships = only losses.

  16. Winrate doesn’t mean shit nowadays! I’m a really good player, and now with low skilled noobs and newbies.. There is so much you can actually carry!
    I do around 200k to 300k damage in like Montana or Conq, my role is actually complete.
    Not my fault shit players can’t play properly.

  17. Costas Eco - Oikonomopoulos

    Mark my words (that I’m sure are thoughts of many as well)…UK BB line will get nerfed when all the players that were anticipating the UK BBs to come for years, will finish the forced level grinding up to the top. Same things have happened before (e.g German battleships), the same thing will happen again in the future. Every new line will be OP to persuade players to go rush to the advantage and the stats-related excuses of WG are just rubbish, it’s all about milking the player base. WG knows better than anyone if a ship is unbalanced or not and every move they make is perfectly calculated especially for so important matters like a new ships line…Sub_Octavian is doing his job well as always…

  18. Nice interview. Phil seemed more comfortable and forthright this time. It causes me to think future interviews should always be either in a sauna or on the lip of an active volcano 😉
    Das Bat

  19. so with such controversy over the RN bb’s… what is going to happen? Will there be any changes/balance rework? Will we see changes to AP/HE for RN BB’s’? What about the change in design from slow turret heavy armor decent AP to ninja BB’s whom have to be in teh perfect of situations? What changes will we see?

  20. Hey I was there with you!!

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