World of Warships- Submarine Battles First Impressions

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Hey guys, today I discuss the Submarine Battles and my experience with it thus far, enjoy!

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  1. They’re fun, if you the one hunting them

  2. I’d rather take the coal.

  3. I got lucky, 2nd roll and i got the subs, will send replays if anything interesting happens

  4. Dabombinable Mi

    I’ve been seeing only 1 sub per team, and 3x bots. And since the mod is also random, and therefore trying to give me an aneurism…I’m not playing the game mode again. It’s just more of the same to me.

  5. Got them on 1st roll, all I got on the EU server was a couple of subs and 6 DD per side, completely nullifies any sub input.

  6. 12:45 did the sub just ramm the other one with almost no HP loss at all?

    • taff taff le comuniste

      He did lose on e third of his HP but yeah still, those are some strong biz

    • I don’t have the subs yet, but hopefully someone who does can answer this. Perhaps he had the ramming flag equipped.

    • Manuel subs slowly grind their hp away when they ram each other, but do normal ship to ship damage when ramming anything else

  7. warsowgamer4fun

    Im totaly fine with how you get the submarines, since i have zero interst in them and i am always happy about more coal on the road to thunderer ^^

    • You will love the thunderer. That thing is awesome. It has punishing AP for cruisers, and HE that burns everything.

    • Steve Martiniussen

      Thunderer is my favourite BB. It handles itself so well in all situations. AP is ruinous on enemy CA and BB

  8. Teemu Tossavainen

    It is same to play tier 3 and 4 battleships against 2-3 cv:s and 3-4 dd:s.My friend stopped playing,because it was so hard for him.When submarines come it will be more struggle in low tiers

    • Wolves Alliance

      Subs will start at tier 6 and they are easily killable… remember that they are still players and a kill is a kill

  9. SizzleChest McMurphy

    Introducing more complexity into a game that very much doesn’t need it.

  10. Oh no only 3 battleships per side, what a tragedy!

    Well normally at midtiers it’s like 5-6 battleships almost as many dd’s and maybe 1-3 cruisers at max. so maybe cruiser players will finally get a break from getting blapped at all angles at these tiers.

  11. after seeing how WG works :
    it’;s like investors with Activision : they need to fk up big time so that investors would out for what the players need and give WG the greenlight to balance it.
    BBs are my favorite class and i wish they get impacted heavily so that the wake up disaster come sooner.

  12. You are not able to kill Submarines with a lot of the Light Cruisers cause they have no depth charges …
    I do not know why I should play a ship not be able to deal damage to these ships. It is like playing a ship
    without any AA against a CV …
    All the best sir!

  13. I am so used to playing submarines in Silent Hunter than in this game.

  14. Talbot except they made aa useless…now cv have no real counter…wg screwed up cv rework, they will screw up subs too.

  15. As a disabled player the CV rework made the class unplayable I never did manual drops pre-rework but let the AI do it focusing on wiping out enemy reserves with my fighters.

  16. WG most years: “This is an arcade game, not based on reality”
    WG with subs now: “The job of DDs and CLs is to hunt down subs. Ya know, like real life”.

    Oh, the multiple issues they create with the flip-flop to fit their own needs…

  17. i had my first sub battle today in my Leander and was confused as hell. I managed two kills one on a sub and one on a cruiser just about to depth charge another sub and got wasted with a broadside. there is a lot to take in now

  18. I like it, I will get them tomorrow (3rd day) and can’t wait to try them. They seemed weak against me, I dodged their torps as a BB. Let’s see how I will perform on the opposite side 🙂

  19. Timothy Marchant

    @Rob O They made aa useless? I strongly disagree. Watching your squadrons get shredded by a single *destroyer* (Halland, Smaland) at tier 10 isn’t at all balans. At lower tiers, 3+ ships together pooling their AA also shreds squadrons. At top tier you approach 2+ ships and you’re lucky to get a shot off if they both priority their AA. The fact that captains helm their ships into positions with little or no mutual AA cover is a bigger issue. Players are so used to playing in games where you feel like you have 12 teams of 1 rather than 1 team of 12 does little to help this. If folks learned more about positional play and mutual support then they’d realise it is FAR more complex than “aa is useless”

    I play both DDs and CVs (this actually helps understand the classes from the perpective of both the hunter and hunted) and I acknowledge CVs are not at all healthy in their current form. I think this is more to do with their spotting capabilities (which is itself a broader problem with the spotting mechanics, imo) than their damage output though. But stating “aa is useless” is a very simplistic assessment which completely fails to address the actual reality.

    As a final point, you know what I hate more than aircraft in WoWS? That f***ing wall hack known as Radar, hydro to a lesser extent. I can take steps to avoid detection by an airplane. I can lure aircraft into friendly AA umbrellas Radar/hydro? All I can do is make range. Radar plus aircraft? lolnope.
    Sorry for the wall of text.

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