World of Warships – Submarine Changes in 11.2

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Checked out the Submarine changes from 11.2 in a really fun game, discuss all the tweaks to the formula and see how well all ships handle the changes. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier 8 German Submarine U-190 Replay


  1. I’m really enjoying the guided torpedoes from the submarines I can’t detect.

    • @BigData 2 I must be missing something, because I’ve never seen a ping to dodge, and most ships can’t turn that fast anyway./

    • @BigData 2 Speaking of that, what is the range of a depth charge? Never seen it listed, doesn’t show on specs. I have no idea if the sub is in my depth charge range or bot.

    • @Steeltrap sadge…

    • @TacoFace88 Plus subs are to fast for a DD to catch up to them.

    • @BigData 2 Well, against normal torpedoes all you have to do is dodge since the torps were aimed where you were planned to be, change your course then they miss, unless the opponent guessed which way you were going to go. Hey, why not give DDs homing torps they have sonar too? My Asashiro captain would love it.

  2. Surely the easiest fix is just removing homing from the torps?
    – make them shortish range (7-8km)
    – fastish reload (45-55s)
    – close to CV damage levels

    Make an underwater torpedo launch be detectable by a destroyer within a certain radius (6-8km). Give destroyers a clear counter to subs.

    • @chris spielvogel well yeah and CVs, but doesn’t seem likely to happen

    • @Jimmycdasme They aren’t op, they’re actually quite well known as the weakest class in the game. Over the last 5 iterations, they were by far the weakest. WG even released their performance a couple of times, submarines are extremely weak. You can be annoyed about them, you can dislike them, but if you find them overpowered, you might as well throw your opinions out of the window because you’re delusional.

    • @SLaitaar that low damage will just make them boring and annoying to play, and still annoying to play against especially if radar is ineffective

    • @Pedro Hicken Figures

  3. Loved the game where the torps went around the island to get me!!!! in a DD no less!!!!

  4. much fun, such engaging… really makes me glad I closed my wallet with this game a while back and really adds to the fun that CV’s brought to the game to.

    • As much as i agree with you on subs old cv were far worse that what we have now. Facing old cv in a hull a/b myogi or in general with a japanese bb was a nightmare.

    • @Chronesys Yes, but they were less frequent and needed a more skilled player to be effective. Now is just anybody, they are in almost every battle and CVs are unsinkable. Shooting at them with a Yamato and you get ricochets!

  5. The only change subs need is to be removed from the game. Played a bunch of games today that were infested with subs and it just sucked the fun right out of the games. I play mostly cruisers and too many times got torped by subs never detected, evasion/dcp did not matter still got hit. If you get to shoot at one don’t expect to do much damage even with repeated hits. Every mechanic with these things is complete BS and they dont belong!

  6. The enemy team knocks Notser’s sub down to <5% HP and it had basically zero effect on his damage output. That's a problem. The oil slick should be permanent, and the length of time it takes to dissipate should be directly related to how much damage has been done to the sub. Surface ships that have managed to hang on to a couple thousand HP late in game should have a fighting chance against a badly wounded sub.

    • In that case then allow the hydro and radar on ships to be damagable modules that are less and less effective each time you damage con to get them back and don’t come back unless you DC……na i bet you don’t like that idea but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. you’ll have a sib on your team too and if he does not counter the other sub just like if the DD does not counter the enemy DD then tough luck !

  7. exciting. looking forward for wg to fix it. it might take longer than what is great for the game

  8. If WG gives Subs the ability to fly in the air then too he will welcome the change.

  9. I think subs are in a really great place right now, the one thing they could do to make them perfect in my eyes is to remove the ping mechanic. They just need two types of unguided torpedoes. One type longer range, faster but lower damage. Another type short range, higher damage but slower torpedoes. That’s it, they’re quite balanced now everywhere else. The fact that you use battery charge while at snorkel depth now has probably been the most impactful change.

    • I’d say keep the homing torps but make them too deep for surface ships so you can still fight other subs and make the surface torps fast and high damage but not guided. I’m a sub fan and can’t wait to play them

  10. With every submarine iteration i have the feeling that sub are just impossible to balance.

  11. 100% agree

  12. Yeah the top speed is way to high even the better boats in ww2 could only reach 20 submerged before shaking apart from lack of hydrodynamics

  13. @Jimmycdasme most boats only did about 20kt on surface and >10kts submerged. Pants eh (i honestly am sure WG have boosted the actual speed way above whats on the dial in order to make subs anything like usable). fubar

  14. WG: Subs are fun and engaging! The spreadsheet says so!

    Community: Yes, we love historically inaccurate subs that can run at the same speed whether or not they’re submerged and launch undetectable seeker torpedoes while being assaulted by Russian aircraft carriers. Balans.

  15. 1) Repait ot clear Ping is still a terrible design mechanic
    2) The visible ping trace makes for more enemy ships moving away from surface ship torpedoes.

    If they wanted to make it fair, make it so when a sub ‘pings’ (audible in RL) make the sub visible for 10sec which is 1/2 the gunfire bloom time.

  16. I played balao all day yesterday and vastly prefer skill torps over cheater torps

    It plays a lot like the old days of when you would fail div an umikaze with a Montana and just blast everything.

    Also no ping means your enemy won’t panic turn and just runs right into the torps in the classic BB style

  17. Robert Charles Sullivan

    Therd are commander skills that can increase depth charge damage

  18. Time to introduce countermeasures

  19. The fact that a player has to burn on a damage con for avoiding pinged by incoming Mk48 adcap torps is totally ridiculous, since WG break the game with absurd mechanics they may as well provide other ship class with modern asw countermeasures, at the very least sonar decoys
    That will just make the historical background of the game even more inaccurate but at this point who cares !

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