World of Warships Submarine Gameplay and Information from Gamescom

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Submarines finally got their day in the sun at Gamescom. I’ve got the trailer and all the best parts from the event, including gameplay and depth charge mechanics while skipping past the most cringeworthy moments (which there were a lot of).


  1. Loved SHIII, SHIV cant wait for subs.

  2. Why only DDs get depth charges? They’re the most over burdened ship class in the game anyway? and if your team’s 2 or 3 DDs die early , as happens quite a lot, your team is basically helpless against subs.

  3. I thought some Cruisers had some depth charges

  4. The Lucky Channel

    Chasing the circles with your DD while the whole enemy fleet is shooting at you while you are radar-ed 😉 Can’t wait 🙂

  5. Question:
    will the Balao-class have a pink camo?
    I refuse to play USA submarines if I CANNOT play it like the pink one in “Operation Pettincoat” movie!!!

  6. So now a DD must:
    – spot for the team
    – go for caps
    – Deny areas/caps
    – Dodge incomming fire when there is a CV in the game
    – hunt subs

    And the lat part is the funniest since everyone besides WG know who is the number one target for everyone when spotted …

    • @StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe “..not fast enough to evade even a ramming” – have you seen any gameplay? DD’s have to play wack-a-mole to chase down subs. The idea of actually being able to ram one is laughable. A sub is restricted speed-wise at periscope depth but they can dive so quickly that is largely irrelevent and their so-called ‘deep water’ speed is frankly ridiculous.
      “So if a DD who hunt a sub is spotted, he probably do something so stupid..” actually, no. The spotting mechanics are all on the subs side and don’t forget, while he’s ‘hunting’ the sub he’s spotted by every enemy ship in range and being attacked by them.
      The spotting mechanic should be that unless the sub surfaces or is at periscope depth, NOTHING it spots should be visible to the enemy team – WW2 subs couldn’t transmit when fully submerged.

    • AI Deep Space Combat Unit 4730 Lexael

      Hey, but at least Ognevoi might have something at which it doesn’t absolutely suck.

    • Francisco Lallana, destroyers will be even more focused now BECAUSE of their depth charge ability. Remove the destroyers from the enemy team and your subs are more or less safe.

    • As DD main I’m up for the challenge of hunting subs, gives me something else to do when it’s a double CV game or 5 radar cruisers on the enemy team and I cant cap.

    • You forgot the following:

      • Make coffee;
      • Pop smoke for other vessels;
      • Serve as punching bag when team loses (“Trash DDs! It’s their fault we lost!”)

      And, oh, never ever complain.

  7. Cursed Owls Gaming

    I really don’t see this being balanced. I hope the oxygen timers are short otherwise the DDs are going to have way to much to do by themselves.

    • Cursed Owls Gaming the only thing that would help would be a sonar consumable that can spot subs no matter what depth and giving light cruisers ASW abilities

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      There will be 2 type. Short but quickly reloadable, and long, but slowly reloadable. And if a sub waste it’s air he’ll be punished, when he’ll need to dive but also need time to reload the oxygen.

    • I dont want it to be too short like the Halloween event. 30secs of air is unrealistic. Not saying this is a simulation game, or to give them crazy long times but 1-2 mins seems just fine. They are blind and cant do harm at depth so i wont be a problem as much as everyone thinks

  8. Nothing I have seen assuages my fears and doubts.
    This is going to be a massive shitfest. Again.

  9. British cruisers should have ASW because of the lack of HE shells and because their a light cruiser

    Edit – In addition most British cruisers in WWII were designed to deter submarines

  10. man, you have lowest volume on youtube.
    we need special amplifiers for your channel 🙁

  11. Kinda BS that Hydro-acoustic Search can’t detect Submarines that have gone deep.

    • @Hans the Frisian Can go through solid rock…but can’t go through a “thermal layer” ughhhh I give up

    • Not only that they are not that fast under water. I understand they need to balance them but at least make them go 15 knots at most underwater.

    • @Grumpy Ian Some of those boats didnt even make 15kn on the surface. Underwater max 10kn is reasonable

    • @535phobos iChaseGaming thinks the higher tiers are going to be slower and the lower tiers are going to be faster.

    • AI Deep Space Combat Unit 4730 Lexael

      @Jamie Melanson While the rocks issue in WoWS is something that is frustratingly weird, I think you are discrediting the effectiveness of the Thermal Layer: so much so effective that it is still an effective way for a submarine to hide from Surface Ships without access to dipping sonar or (usually) aircraft-dropped sonobuoys. You should really read up on the subject, it’s a fascinating feature of the ocean.

  12. So if your DD doesnt want to go chasing submarines you are ******d?
    What happens if the MM gives you a game with no DDs & multiple subs?
    WG has a lot more explaining to do……

    • Ultimately, the inclusion of submarines in this game could be a real disaster, alright… But, we shall see about this, ultimately, in times to come.

    • i could see it being balanced around “1 sub per 1 or 2 DDs on the enemy team” in MM maybe – or similar to CVs, limit to 1 or 2 per side

    • No different when your DDs don’t cap, your BBs don’t delete Radar Cruisers, and your Cruisers don’t hunt DDs.

    • @Kyle Paton A BB can cap, fight destroyers & spot. It just cant do it as well as a DD or a cruiser. If a BB can’t attack a sub then you are at the mercy of your DDs to do it. That is a different situation.

  13. They need to make sub hunting much more interesting than chasing a circle. This system is way too dumbed down.

  14. If you want to kill your game, ask WG for advice .. theyre the best at that sort of thing

  15. They should really let some DDs set proximity sea mine.

  16. so if its you in a Battleship or Cruiser vs Sub youre prettymuch screwed unless hes surfaced? the hell?

  17. iin Sean Connery voice: Give me one ping, Vassiliy…

  18. Makes no sense only destroyers..m Arm cruiser’s there like the second defence

  19. And I was mocked when I said: “WG is a Multi-BILLION dollar operation.”

  20. Wil the submarines be in the console version world of warships?

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