World of Warships: Submarine Gameplay (Work in Progress) – Gamescom 2019

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A look at the submarines gameplay set for an introduction to World of Warships in late 2019.

Watch more on IGN here!



  1. Well that was useless, what did we learn.submarines will be able to go underwater and fire torpedoes, wow.

    What about counters? How is a battleship supposed to defend itself? Can they spot for the team? Are they basically even more annoying to fight destroyers?

    • Also during the Halloween event when they had subs they had to come up for air if I remember correctly

    • Battleships at lower tiers can learn to maneuver. Hahaha I know, it’s crazy. Higher tier battleships can probably outrun subs, and that gives them a chance against the torpedoes. I expect they have limited submerge time so they can get caught on the surface and face the wrath of secondary batteries. About spotting, I suspect they might have limited visibility to not take away from DDs. As for not speculation: They’re implementing subs in a special game mode before being introduced to the main client

  2. I have wanted this for so long

  3. so they finally did it huh 😀 Thanks Wargaming!

  4. Danvanthevacuumman

    play coldwaters

  5. Nice a new can for my HE to open

  6. Victor Славик

    The prophecy has been fulfilled and the time has come! We must prepare!

  7. where is the gameplay ?

  8. Not gameplay though is it? Just a cinematic.

  9. ”gameplay”

  10. Never submarines, they said

  11. Cool but why is Gato a premium.

  12. Captain Valourous

    Aw great now we have Sharks

  13. Does this mean I’ll get my arpeggio submarine that I’ve always wanted to complete the collection?

  14. Felix James Ainsley

    The type xxi looks sick

  15. can i get imploded from diving below crush depth ?

  16. Glenn Andrei Dacara

    Get ready destroyer captains, arm up your depth charges and MA, it’s hunting season!

  17. So what’s going to happen if servers are overloaded with subs? Longer wait times? Hi games of subs?

  18. can some 1 tell me when they will come. and how do we get them
    do we need to buy them like we do with the ships .

  19. Oh, CV’s. You have so much to fear now. With my Type XXI I shall rule the waves and lead the Kreigsmarine.

  20. Sign me up I can not wait I have strategized for so long on these maps as if I were a submarine; just waiting there lying in ambush or to sneak around and pick off the weak targets

    You have pleased my inner Kriegsmarine

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