World of Warships- Submarine Impressions

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So I got my hands on the and, oh boy this is gonna be a fun engaging year. Let me what you think below!

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  1. Finally, we have homing missiles! The medium may be water but the missiles don’t mind getting wet. Glad they get a separate battle mode when they go live. You can choose to play without them in the match.

    • Only initially while they are testing them.

    • Ignore the fact homing torpedoes weren’t a thing util way after ww2

    • I have a recurring dream of a match with 3 BB on one side and a sub on the other. There is 9 minutes left and the BBs have a big lead. I hear clown music and the name Yuro flashes over and over and my mind thanks me for watching. I had to skip an ad for smoother balls.

  2. More reason for BBs to hide in the back

    • I’m sure subs would then do a “Here’s Johhny” on them the repeatedly torpedo them in leisure. A moving target is a lot better than a stationary one, imho.

    • It always seems to happen. When he spam was a big topic, one of the main arguments was always “while we can’t do anything to you when you are in the back! That’s why we need such good he spam!” He spam is the REASON we need to stay so far back, otherwise we just get melted! Now the same is happening with subs

  3. Sonan Kempadoo-Smith

    I’m really not looking forward to this TBH. I think this should be in a separate game mode to main random battles.

    • Some of you said the same ridiculous things about aircraft carriers. They will figure it out.

    • play030 yh, because that has worked so well

    • Sonan Kempadoo-Smith

      @play030 I hate carriers. Nothing more satisfying than finding one of them camping in the corner of the map and getting my sweet revenge.

    • @play030 ridiculous. Wtf? What was said about CVs was spot on. It made this game much worse. Now it is happening with subs. To think that ridiculous things were said about u t CVS and wg fixed them, that just baffles me. I genuinely cannot believe how anyone could be so clouded in judgment. No one b u t CV players like CVs, thats how you know a class is broken

  4. What happens if one team has a BB left and the other team has a sub… the BB cannot kill the sub unless he rams it…. the sub, sadly, would have a faster speed which is totally unrealistic.. till that is solved… playing BB’s or any ship without torps of depth charges is… pointless.

  5. Sonan Kempadoo-Smith

    Battleship mains are gonna get sooo mad bro. I’m a cruiser main myself but this really messes with the spotting and capping which is gonna be a problem for me too.

    • Sonan Kempadoo-Smith . Particularly affects brawling secondary build BBs. Unless you get lucky with a ram, the sub stays below 6m and is immune to damage (the secondaries blaze away at the icon but it shows an “immune to damage” text message). Running manual secondaries makes no difference, I got maybe 5 secondary hits in half a dozen games and they do no significant damage at all (whereas IRL a single 20mm cannon shell would prevent a sub diving if it pierced the pressure hull). Running delays the sub until you turn for an island or map edge, whereupon the inevitable dev strike occurs.
      CVs are similar, the only games I survived in the Ranger was when the CV remained undetected (concealment build is mandatory); the autopilot straight line and constant speed combined with homing guarantees a 40k+ dev strike. Bombers are only effective if the sub captain comes above 6m, and there’s no reason why they should (I did sink 2, but in both cases they were already engaged by other units).

  6. Yyeeeaaa… This will go like CV rework “Well just balance them later”. Subs here before 1H is over

  7. “ignore torpedo damage reduction”
    KMS BBs: what torpedo damage reduction?

  8. Destroyer will be also stretched even more thin than they already are, between spotting, attack other dd, avoid carrier, radar and he spamming ships, capping, spot torpedoes, harass ships and now submarines. And submarines have torpedoes that make a good imitation of mark 48 torpedoes.

    Also 21 knots battleship are the one that will suffer a lot as they will never be able to escape. They will likely refuse to push and keep back instead. Same for brawling battleships.

    At least in battle station Pacific, they had their historical speed and had to be positioned properly to be effective.

  9. Spotting a destroyer in smoke. How horrible! Good thing that can’t happen now.

    Oh wait…

    • Batten forgot to mention… if you get within “smoke spotting range” in a sub, the DD gets notified of the subs location via passive hydro…

      I had 2x subs do this when I was a DD. It was annoying, but I just boated forward, depth charged, and killed them, then was immediately concealed because depthcharges dont bloom your concealment.

  10. Submarines are still too fast on the surface, many tier 5 and 6 BBs will struggle. Also WG needs to develop ASW counter measures for all classes. CV/BB/CA could get a variation of the aircraft consumable that attacks spotted submarines.

  11. I’m really not looking forward to this, I mean DD’s are expected to cap, spot, flak, zone, cover smoke, and contest caps already … let’s give them something else to do as well.

    They either need to remove the display give to subs (use like some form of sonar) to make ping locks more difficult or seriously limit the number of torps they get.

    They are stupidly stealthy, do massive damage, require little skill, and have their dive function which makes them immune to any damage when ever they wish.

    This will be the class for folks who find camping the maps edge and trying to snipe too difficult (while always missing and not contributing anything. At least put some randomly spawned proximity mines over the map to at least limit their maneuverability.

    There should be spots on the map which are too shallow for subs either forcing them to cross the area surfaced or taking the long way around but playing it safer. Like everyone else has been saying there really isn’t a good counter when they can ping, than rise below the surface fire torps, and go back into invincibility mode.

    Really just making it harder for them to move around the map is the only thing I can see working to a degree for other ships without a counter. Plus subs where and primarily are ambush focused they shouldn’t be able to play so aggressively in the open.

    • I agree. They are SO cool and I love subs Irl, but they just do NOT fit in this game. No way can you balance it that will be fun for the player and the players. It just won’t work with how subs work

  12. During WW2 aircraft from a CV or CVE could drop depth charges, and many got kills on subs. Add that capacity to WoW carriers as an ASW counter. Also, I understand aircraft can see a submerged sub down to about 10 meters. So spotting aircraft from surface ships would be another counter to help balance.

  13. this reminds me of the “wheels” in the wot, they say that it is unbalanced when reality one in 30 players does something and the rest does nothing.
    The average player will not be able to aim and at the same time run at that beautiful speed 10 knots.

    I think I am more concerned about the waste of players with submarines without knowing what to do and leaving the team at a disadvantage

  14. lol, You said “historical”. Very little historical in this game anymore.

  15. The U.S. British and Canadian Navy used the FIDO (Mk 24 ‘mine’) air-dropped homing torpedo to counter Subs. Will that be in the game?
    What about the Foxer acoustic decoy used to counter acoustic homing torpedos? Will that be in the game?
    How about High frequency Direction Finding (HF/DF) to pinpoint the location of an enemy submarine from its radio transmissions? Will that be in the game?
    How about Radio-Sonobuoys which can be deployed or recovered by ships quickly? Will that be in the game?
    All of these counter Sub measures were real and used in WWII yet nothing of the sort in WoWS. Well at least WG will collect some more cash selling their not well received European line of ships and just wait for the mighty Russian subs that will shortly follow.

  16. The thing that everyone seems to miss is CHAOS, most matches became chaotic because of subs appearing out of nowhere in enemy territory

  17. Played a lot on the test server this weekend. Loved it. They are much closer that a year. The PT is for the separate mode. In 9.4 that is the separate mode. I would be surprised if we make it to 9.8 and they are not in.

  18. I really enjoyed them, but they still need some work to be in PVP.

    They’re much better all around since test 3.

  19. Well to start i think the homing torpedo thing should be taken off

  20. This sounds like a nice idea though. But they need to be fair to other classes without ASW gear. But I’m looking forward to it.

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