World of Warships – Submarine Test Server – ASW Carriers!

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Playing a UK CV in the ASW role on the submarine test on the TST server. Gotta say, I like this idea but more needs to be done still.


  1. 5:03 that evil laugh

  2. Maybe make it so CV bombs can easily knock out submarine propulsion and rudder but not nuking it’s HP, so it makes them wanna dive but if they stay on top they’re not instant dead while still punished

    • +Comrade Stalin
      Even for an arcade game, that would be pretty far from realism, but then again a WW2 era submarine should not cruising around, keeping up with BBs running at full speed. Submarines feel like a gimmick, and when (like in the majority of games) your DDs are gone first 3 minutes, smart and patient submarine play seems very disruptive to the rest of the players experience.
      If a submarine can still dive, you still have to rely on a DD to be near to kill him off, so it wouldn’t be the most profitable tactic for CV players. This is short term thinking, but how much teamwork between CV and DDs do hope to expect in random battle? Potential for lots of frustration if CVs didn’t hunt / DDs didn’t hunt together with CV, and CVs are left at the mercy of submarine hunting.
      (although only short term, till the subs go after the CVs, but in random battles you just cannot rely on your team-mates, so ). Alternatively you could consider that bombs would knock out the ability to dive, but that would be a cruel way to let them to the mercy of other surface units (except if you would allow them to dive, but with a XP penalty / flooding mechanism) active.

    • CVs need to be able to damage subs, if even out of self-defence.
      CV-SS interaction should be high risk, high reward. If the sub gets close to the CV, sub should counter CV. When CV finds sub somewhere and sub fails to dive, CV should counter sub.

  3. Oh yes… Another class to suffer from the Wrath of CVs. ??

    At least DDs now have somebody to cry with.

    Also they are not still fixing the mosquito audio of planes. Can barely hear them even I lowering the sound of other effects.

  4. ASW Carriers… lets just ask the HMS Courageous how that went

    • While HMS Courageous did fail the ASW carrier was the correct idea once they had sufficient escorts and the correct tactics as shown by the latter half of the war and the successful prosecution of the Battle of the Atlantic

    • Attila Katona-Bugner

      @Jon south yeah the key is sufficient..
      It is NOT recommended to park in the front of a submarine

  5. Makes me miss rts cvs

  6. And radar still sees through islands and hydro can’t see subs mmm…

    • From my understanding, they made hyrdo unable to detect submarines for gameplay reasons, because so many ships are equipped with hydro that they could render submarines useless.

    • @Mechanized Chaos Which just another reason why subs are a terrible idea.

    • @Mechanized Chaos Yep, but of course it still detects the sub’s payload so it’s not a useless consumable at all.

    • @Mechanized Chaos cough cough DDs

    • @Mechanized Chaos From a gameplay standpoint, oh no we have so many ships that have hyrdo that can detect ships at a whopping 3km… oh no, that’s so damaging to a class. It would be a poor excuse to say that would be game breaking, KM excluded I don’t see how having the ability to harass subs even if you couldn’t depth charge them with hydro would be any issue

  7. I wish they would bring back the old fighter planes for BBs and CLs. The ones that flew around your ship for several minutes and providing spotting of ships and torpedoes and protected you against cvs. I think it would be terribly beneficial in helping with game balance and with the introduction of subs.

    • yea i miss those planes too

    • Those fighters were never about dealing damage though but rather disrupting attack runs whereas the ones we have now are actually a real threat. Do you prefer a near useless consumable that last a long time which you mostly use for a different purpose than intended (spotting) or a really powerful one that lasts a short time and does it’s job. I’d rather have an on demand cv repellent that works. Maybe the spotter plane should be reworked to give you increased spotting or something.

    • @JumboCod91 well true but the new fighters just save you from one attack and pretty much done for while the cv next attack can comes seconds later so yea I still miss the old one and if there is no cv it can still help you for a long time

    • I play cv and i can dodge those planes easily and they last 40 seconds.

  8. i really don’t understand what’s their logic behind not giving cruisers, equipped with depth charges the ability to hunt subs

  9. ASW carriers
    Like the bogue

  10. Some cruiser class have ASW system. So WG can make it possible.

    Spotter plane is way under utilized. Buff their reload time.
    They can use as spotter/counter sub as well, so some BB and CA can have some ASW as well.
    This will help to ease up DD’s burden.

    • Christopher Wilson

      look at the budyonny and the racks on the back of that boat. Also, I have been in no CV games and only one  or none DD.

    • It’s even easier for them to do that now that depth charges are being made a consumable rather than just automatically dropped by DDs.

    • This would give more utility to CLs like Atlanta Budyonny that historically had depth charges, rather than just be HE spammers making the nearest island their waifu

  11. Subs fight each other! The torps when home , then they home deep down! It’s in the 2. Test!
    I’m pretty sure in future tests attacking subs while under water will be possible.

  12. In reality, British reconnaissance seaplanes like walrus, who were the Battleships and cruisers, could hunt submarines.

    • They really should give catapult slots ASW options, as well as depth charges for cruisers that historically had them. Otherwise there’s just too much pressure on DD’s and CV’s who both already have their hands full with utility chores.

  13. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    I can see the sub players crying hard over this.

  14. It’s just one big clusterf*ck waiting to happen. It will turn into “World of Minigames.”

  15. WG needs to give spotter aircraft one of their main IRL roles, as anti-submarine platforms. Putting all the burden on overstretched destroyers and CVs is going to lead to frustration and burn out. Currently battleships and cruisers have no interaction with submarines other than getting shot at by subs or hoping to get a very rare lucky shot at a surfaced sub.

    • Thats not completly true… if subs are spotted surface/periscope depth, every ship can damage it with HE shells (splashdmg). That’s the reason why rockets/HE bombs from cv’s work as asw otherwise they wouldn’t. The only requirement is getting them spotted.

  16. More and more I like this game less and less.

  17. For CVS it’s not really a asw it’s more like they can also damage farm the subs. It doesn’t change the carrier gameplay of looking at a red health bar and dropping whatever you have on it

  18. I wonder if they will introduce ASW light CV’s like existed equipped with air groups to attack subs.

  19. Mario Palencia Gutiérrez

    Carriers think about dmg dmg dmg?
    Unless you are top tier you will mostly be relegated to spotting and AA is too OP for CVs to sustain their squadrons and keep good dmg numbers.

  20. two subs proxy spot; green “Good day sir,” red-“Doing alright today?” green-“Quite well thank you.”

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