World of Warships – Submarine Test Server – Depth Charges Away!

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Destroyers are the primary ASW platforms in the new submarine test, here’s how they perform and some other observations.


  1. ASW is going to be interesting but im still worried its going to be hard for dd’s who now have to think about all their normal things like shooting other ships and torping them but also thinking about subs, even if its a separate gamemode, wargaming might have to buff XP gain per sub kill for dd captains to really take on to this.

    • Don’t forget that damage dealt to ships in comparison to their full hp is a thing for xp and credit gain. They did it for incentive to fire at DDs, and it’ll carry over for Subs as well

    • Also more subs means less ships of other types, so you will have to care less about “normal dd stuff”

    • ​@Caillou​Lmao you make it sound like that’s a fucking good thing. I am a DD unicum, I have NO FUCKING DESIRE to go add / replace my tasks with MY FUCKING BOUGHT PREMIUM DD’S JUST AS THE ONE I FUCKING GRINDED FOR TO SHOOT OTHER SMOLBOTES AND TORP OTHER SHIPS NOT TO FUCKING HUNT CIRCLES.


    • @Marvin Westmaas gimme your ign

      You havent even got acces to the test server yet complain

    • @Chris Gaming Give me your ign gib gib let’s compare epeen plox yes?

      Like I need test server access to know submarines are a fucking joke. FUCK THAT

  2. Never thought this class could be balanceble

  3. At least, they came back to the old gun sounds it seems.

  4. Personally I am hopeful that when you get subs into a full 12v12 player match the restrictions on DD movements will also keep subs from “having that persistent DD” hunt them to the ends of the map.

  5. In an older game, “Battlestations Pacific”, the mechanic for submarines was if they decide to go down to crush depth they would be undetectable and any ASW weapons already in the water would do no damage, but the Submarine would take a bit of damage over time if they stick to crush depth for far too long.

    Maybe that could work in WoWS as well.

    • It coulds, but theyre not going to. In that first instance, did you notice that his depth charges were right over the friendly sub, and did NO damage to it? yet the enemy sub was two+ ship lengths away and DID take damage? or that hydro, which is sonar, has no effect on subs whatsoever? WG are already fucking it up.

    • @Cyanide because depth charged in game are project ed and not directly dropped meaning if you are right below the dd it wont hit

    • This can be abused if adrenaline rush will be available

    • This was discussed with WG. The issue is Adrenaline rush abuse.

      The other concern is punishing a player for good timing of the use of the Maximum Depth consumable.

      My guess is that next iteration, the max depth consumable will lose detection while active.

  6. The system in the test environment ist still not really saying anything about the chances of DDs to hunt subs. As in 95% of all games the surface ships except the DDs are played by bots. Those bots in most games ignore the enemy DDs, so the DD really can hunt the sub unharmed as long as he wants. Something I don’t believe will be possible on a live system.
    The sub has a weapon against the DDs, the DD can’t counterplay at all and as long as subs are nearly not hitable while on periscope depth it is a problem no DD can circumvent. I treid it and it works perfectly as sub torps have no arming time.
    As a sub you nead to be sucidal close the DD to win this fight, but it is a guranteed win. Point the bow or the nose into the direction of the DD (preferable the bow). Run away from the DD to give you more time and being able to better “aim”. Keep in mind the bow/nose must be pointing exactly onto the DD, so if he changes course, you change course accordingly. As he is nearly unable to hit you especially because of the manouvering you wait until you can see the white in the eyes of the DD captain. That means at less than 2km, when the DD is nearly above you, you fire your torpedoes. As always 2 torpedoes are fired and they are very close together the DD will eat both of them and you get a garantueed kill. At this distance the DD is unable to avoid your torpedoes. He has about 1s to react as it needs about 2-3s till impact. Now you say, that is just possible if I still have a good amount of health. That is correct, but that way you can easily kill 2 DDs and still escape alive as his gunfire is more or less useless.
    There I can only say sorry WG, but when heavy artillerie gunfire impacts the water around a sub there will be hits and those would make severe damage. The higher the caliber the higher the damage. That way BBs and CL/CA got rid of subs at periscope depth that didn’t dive fast enough.

    • See it would be best to give every class counterplay against DDs, but really WG just want subs out there to sneak up to carriers and try to fix that mess

  7. Hydrophone should work by speed the slower the sub goes, the more shallow it can be to be detected … IRL the subs were working under a silent routine when submerged and being hunted until there was active sonar available ….

    Oh yeah, I forgot … do they intend to do something about the asymmetric proxy detection mechanic with subs ? You were proxy detected by the sub but the reverse was not true. I doubt the sub has acquisition module. Also if this was built-in into the sub hull, it could give them a tool to work with. Oh and subs HAD hydrophones as well, they practically relied on them …. wonder why they don’t have that ingame.

  8. Hey Chase this looks interesting.I’ve got a question though and so far no answers.I’ve got the Friesland which has no torpoedos, but I noticed it has Hedgehog mortars on the bow.Is WG going to activate these for the anti sub role?

  9. I’m still far from convinced adding subs is a good idea but clearly it’s going to happen and it might turn out ok, my main worry is that WG will get greedy and push them out onto the live game too soon. Balancing isn’t easy, the CV rework has proved this so the separate game mode for subs needs to last several months at the very least as the current testing appears to be populated too much with bots.

  10. Wait… depth charges don’t have friendly fire? 4:00

  11. What about a “Silent Running” consumable? So you can be undetected for about 30 seconds or so to run away

  12. They should add if your deep and moving slow your invisible

  13. Maybe, Another consumable/Mechanic, where they can dive and then cease movement, Making them Quiet and Not being hydrophoned, but Hydroed.

  14. Is there a plan to add team damage from depth charges — your first attack dropped on an ally as well as enemy. that would give subs an out..

  15. interesting you didn’t damage the friendly sub with DC’s. That needs to change, now that it is a manual deployment of DC’s

  16. They should really add it so that the Submarine can go into a sort of “Silent Running” by lowering his speed, the slower hes moving the harder it is to detect him and the less white circles on the surface appear.

  17. Gelanghaarte Weile

    Do you inflict damage on a friendly sub with depth charges? And if so, what radius is the damage-area?

  18. The subs need the option to go to max dept, turn engines off (go silent) and under that option the surface ship detections go to zero. The sub should be able to stay down there a reasonable amount of time until a teammate can provide some assistance (if any left).

  19. The subs definitely need 2 more consumables of some sort and cruisers need depth charges

  20. 12:27 thats how cvs feel at out teired games btw

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