World of Warships Submarine Testing and What to Expect

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Submarines are here. Did you get a code? This will tell you what to expect when you finally get yours. You wonR;t be able to “dive” in right away. Get prepared this unique game-play!


  1. Subs could be good for attacking CV

  2. Thx for the statements and the first impressions. I listen to a lot of CCs and player which are able to play them to get a picture what to expect.
    All the best!

  3. I got one of the 2 subs to start with because it came in a super crate that was in-port waiting for me when I logged in. No idea why you didn’t get one, Zoup.

  4. K guns for the side DCs. I see many destroyers in WoWS have them already on their models. BTW my prediction for WoWS is PT boats are next to be developed next based on CV rework models. I think if it is on the seas, WG will developed it for WoWS.

  5. Uhh don’t they give you a container with 1 Sub in right at the start? Other CC’s got that like other players… 8k unlocks the second one, you get the first randomly

  6. homing torpedo is good, I’ll ignore BB and gun for kill every radar ship that camp behind island, all the pain I get in my DD play must be paid back in full.

  7. UH Zoup? Have you heard of depth charge launchers? That’s why the charges launch off the side to cover a larger area

  8. Those are “k” guns. All nations fired DCs off the sides as well as off the stern racks.

  9. Zoup: Roll Depth charges off the stern, not popping off the side.
    Hedgehog Depth Charge Launcher: Am I a Joke to you?

  10. Great point you brought up is what Notser discovered too — if subs are only left, the game literally grinds (or rams) to a halt.

  11. I was open to subs until I heard the phrase: “Homing Torpedoes”. :/

  12. I would not say good or bad thinking before I can get my hands on the Submarines. Keep open minded guys!

  13. VIP Commander Hunter

    Subs are a terrible addition to this already broken game. They still haven’t even fixed the CV issue and now they want to add another negative impact component. These developers are absolute morons.

  14. So on the topic of depth charges, there were actually several different ways they were deployed. Most traditionally they were “rolled” off the back but launching systems from the side of the ship was also very common by mid WW2. By 43/44, most dedicated sub hunters, frigates and destroyers had two rolling rear racks and a launching system on each side that would propel the charge about 75 yards out. This would create a very lethal 200ish yard “net” of explosions. Wondering if they will also introduce ASW mortars, as shown on the front of Friesland.

    As for the sub speeds they are making them way to mobile at depth. WW2 subs in general had decent surface speeds (though nothing like a destroyer) but once submerged, they were alot slower. It wasnt until late ww2 designers started figuring out how to make the faster while submerged.

  15. Great video! Btw some
    Destroyers were equipped with depth charge throwers on the side!

  16. Hey Zoup! I actualy have access to the test serv. But it frequently crashes. I could manage to play a few battles however, when it crashes I still struggle to log back in. Do you have any idea what should I do to fix it?
    I also unable to record my replays. It just won’t start.
    /me sad

  17. In historical point of fact some depth charges were launched off of the ships.

  18. I’m not sure Submarines are going to be able to breath new life into WoWs.

    WG has made some very serious mistakes in 2019 and while I think they are slowly addressing the problems they created. I Don’t think they moved fast enough address the problems players had/have with the game. I really hope WG has learned their lesson from 2019 but I’m not sure they have. Look at the “New and Improved Sounds” they introduced to the game last patch and all the problems it caused.
    It seems every time WG says “Hey check out this new great thing we are adding to the game,” you can almost expect it to be either broken or crap and sometimes its both. Maybe WG should pull their head out of their Spread Sheet and spend more time with the game and its community.

  19. I’m no naval historian, but I’m pretty sure that torpedoes could be “plotted” to follow a specific angle of turn, maybe even in series during WWII…

  20. At 6:30. Actually, some depth charges did fire off into the air and off the side or front, one example being hedgehog depth charges. They did not exclusively roll off the back.

    Edit for typo

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