World of Warships – Submarines ANNOUNCED!

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Subs are inbound to World of Warships…soon


  1. I would be willing to bet that the big thing that’s been holding them back was trying to work out how ASW would work.

    • Look up the game Destroyer V Submarines from SSI way back in the 90’s. That is now ASW would work. Sonar would have ‘zones’ and the DD would control the zones that his underwater pinger zones his sonar is turned to. Fined the SUB, lock in and depth charge his ass!

    • Not a single fucking chance, man. Look at the CVs! WG have zero fucks to give about counterplay. Thats what they adding later to the mix, when players start threatening developers’ lifes and do other nasty shit.

    • @Paul T. You’re kinda missing the point. I think it was less about finding the sub, and rather whether ASW elements would or will be player controlled, or if they’ll be AI controlled like the current secondary weaponry is.

    • That is my feelings too. What ships do what, and how to make a sub useful. Think of the eye candy of mortar depth charges.

    • The problem was not just building the submarines every destroyer in the game needed its own unique ASW capabilities.
      That would take a lot of programming

  2. Remember when wg said subs would never be added? Yeah me too

  3. It’s great to have regular content coming from you Chase. Keep up the great work.

  4. Geoff the Ironwolf

    Goddamn it WG. Subs are not going to work out well.

  5. Destroyers and escort cruisers would deal with them.. people forget about the escort cruisers in the game, which there aren’t many, but they are weaker than Light Cruisers, but their main job is escorting merchant vessels, and the main enemy vessel type they would run into are Destroyers and Submarines.. thus they were armed to deal with both. Various Destroyers that were part of the escort fleets led by these cruisers were also armed to deal with them. So this would give Escort cruisers a real reason for use, as currently, they are just extra-large destroyers with citadels in play style.

    • Boats We were talking about possible ways they could balance out subs by adding in and working on ships who’s real life roles saw them facing submarines, I brought up Escort cruisers cause that’s what they did. We are quite literally talking about real life ships and their roles and how they could be implemented into the game to balance out subs.

    • Speaking of escorts, wasnt there a new gamemode being developed where you escort AI ships?

    • Kazuto Fujiwara yep!!

    • Yeah … we are just missing the merchant vessels … oh wait … that will be the next class added ???

    • Lubos Soltes Civilain ships, is that better?? Less triggering even though Merchant Vessel is still the proper term for civilian naval ships carrying cargo and supplies up to WW2?? Also, while those won’t get implemented, we already have Escort Cruisers in the game, it’s just another specific type cruiser, similar to Light, Heavy, Armored, and Large. So if subs are put in the game, we could see the arrival of more Escort cruisers to act as a counter to Submarines.

  6. Another big mess is coming!

  7. Meister Wunderfart

    We can’t fix the CV’s so here are subs for everyone.. now you can just hide under the ocean away from the CV’s, there… CV’s are now balanced!

    • well its a way to “balance” carriers. instead of being cancerous fun police, they also have to MANUALLY do ASW duties (hopefully, anti-sub planes have to be MANUALLY controlled, instead of a consumable)

    • I stopped playing World of Warships anyway. The new CVs where a pain in the ass. Let them kill the game slow and painfully….

    • SaltyWaffles That’s not the point! Adding another buggy layer of new class is the point…

    • @Todestelzer
      If Navy Field is any indication it will not be a slow death

    • @John Doe hopefully CV don’t get anything new added, that they have at least one class of ship that they cant completely screw over.

  8. hard to believe they’re adding submarines when they can’t even get carriers right

    really, what this is is introducing another – probably half-assed – battleship bully

    • Comimg soon to WOWS: the human kaiten torpedo. Start the game find a target attack them, blow them anf yourself up and go back to port and start again.

    • You’re completely right. As bad as it is, I almost cant play bbs any more without having a fuck load of underage ships swarm me.

  9. WG: US subs torpedoes will run deep 50% of the time, and will occasionally be duds.

  10. Not sure what to say. Kind of thought subs were never going to be added

  11. After the fiasco that was the CV rework I don’t quite trust WG to handle this properly.

  12. They need to fix wat they already got, rather than add new shit. Throwing in new game mechanics when they r still working out the problems of a supposed fix is just…

    • Wisky Docent those are completely different parts of a development team…

    • The game isn’t perfect but suggesting that they neglect new content in an endless chase to perfect what they have is dumb. You can walk and chew bubblegum and a game like this needs to new content or it’ll die off.

    • A game will never be perfect and free of any issues. For starters, to achieve such a state, they would have to get rid of all the people playing it. A game such as this, a mmo, it needs to constantly add new content or be shoved on the pile of dead mmo’s.

    • He is not advocating perfection he is pointing out the long list of faults that are in the game which are many and have still not been addressed and he has a point, you dont have to agree with him but being rude dose not help attack the question not the person

    • @Marijn R There’s probably *at least* 5 years worth of new content that can be added just by bringing in more lines of surface ships.
      And World of Warships already took a hit to the player base from the CV rework, which basically threw the whole game back into open beta (if not alpha). And with the adjustments to AA balance since the rework went live has resulted in CVs swinging back and forth between being overpowered and being a joke.
      Trying to add *another* impossible-to-balance class to the mix in the form of submarines isn’t going to make things better.

  13. I like the idea of a separate game mode for submarines, but introducing them into the mainline game itself?
    That has *Caution. Live Rounds Contained* scrawled Everywhere.

    • The devs are showing their incompetence with their thinking it’s possible to put subs in the main game. They think they’ve learned their lesson from the CV rework debacle, but they learned nothing and are trying to shoehorn another class that just doesn’t and straight-up *can’t* work.

    • The problem is, how many players are you pulling from other game modes with the new submarine game mode? We only have so many players and splitting them between too many modes and events its going to start to cause queue problems.

    • I’ve been saying CVs should be in a separate game mode since the rework. I doubt they’ll do it for subs either.

  14. just when you thought it was getting bad…. radars, CV reworks, USSR BB tanky, NTC aka Research bureau…… WG goes… “hold my beer”…… subs.
    just waiting for premium ammo (just like WoT)….. when that happens…. bye.

    • Premium ammo in the form of surface to surface laser guided missiles that automatically goes for the citadels when available.. 🙂

  15. Everybody celebrating until Russian Subs appear.

  16. So depth chargers and asrocs will be added?

    • @Walter Hadley I’m thinkin’ they’d need to add DEs as well (Destroyer Escort class) as they did a lotta convoy duty.

    • David Kirkpatrick

      @Walter Hadley P.S. It could be kinda cool to have two Destroyers working in tandem to hunt and kill the sub. I know Teamwork in WoW who heard of such a thing?

    • Walter Hadley nah I would think destroyers would do the anti submarine work and maybe a few cruisers or they could change it so that hydro also detects submarines

    • Maybe a recon plane load out with a couple depth charges for BBs and CAs.

    • When airborne the patrol craft from cruisers, would provide bomb depth ,charges,and all destroyers carry depth charge racks.. Team work would be a great way to hunt down subs.

  17. Stieglitz Things With Wings Trash

    If subs make it into the game, life for BB main noobs such as myself is gonna be like Claus:

  18. I’m certainly not excited for subs partly as I found the Halloween sub gameplay really boring, but I really doubt WGs ability to make this balanced and fun and that’s my main concern this could go very wrong

  19. I am thankful i just uninstalled World of Warships , after 4 years of playing it i decided to quit at great time. Time to go back to play other “WoW”

  20. Can’t wait for subs in wows! And the fact that they will be playable in a different mode than random battles and stuff is great too.

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