World of Warships- Submarines Are Back

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Hey guys! Today we go over the announcement of the reintroduction of Submarines into the game. WG explains the changes they plan to bring to the table in 11.2, which is what we are going over today! Enjoy!



Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. These changes look realy promising! I don’t like it that they removed operational depth though.
    Edit: Maybe operation depth is now also considered “maximum depth”. In that case, I like the change

  2. @Sea Lord Mountbatten The one change that I haven’t heard discussed is when will destroyers be able to detect subs on hydro? This is one of the biggest tools that all DD’s had against subs in world war II.

  3. Disagree with the depth change by far bc now navigating under water will be wayyyyy more difficult than it was before.

  4. Still hate having to use damage con to beat pings as it makes you completely vulnerable for too long especially in this he spamming neta

    • Even worse for fast damage cons

    • oh lets have subs ping subs to run out thare damacon so they can die quicker in the fight with only 3 damacons ya so one sided ya the comunity dosnt want subs but dont nerf them to the dirt becuse some people dont like them yes keep the oil slicks and yes keep the damacon as it should other wise you will make a pert of the game unwanted to play and we will have a CV itue all over agen

    • Тактика/Стратегия

      why? if you have one ping just make some angle to enemy sub to it make it harder to hit the same aria. And with 1 ping torpedoes speed will be 55 – 60kts and they will be spotted on 3km range. Is that a problem to you?!

  5. While I think a lot of these changes are good, I think subs should be able to control their depth past operation depth. As SLM said, the sea floor on some maps is much less than max depth, so it’ll be frustrating having to constantly change the depth marker to not beach themselves.

  6. The main question is – is the game more or less fun since removal – for me it is more fun

  7. I like subs BUT i think if subs would preform as intended, going after heavier targets. Bbs, and CV should be the main target for them.

  8. They could be great…

    If the skill was getting into the right position with an emphasis on being quiet and not rushing around like an SSN on steroids.

    And if DD’s all had hydrophones (passive) that could pick them up just inside torp range( like a lot of destroyers in the game). Proper cat and mouse type stuff

  9. ships with asw launchers like halland should be able to aim the depth charges

  10. I can’t shake the feeling that submarines just didn’t and still don’t feel like submarines, so it doesn’t feel worth having them. They’re slow and deliberate. I’d rather them be harder to detect but slower, and the quicker they go the more noise they make due to things like cavitation, which cruisers and destroyers could pick up passively. Like imagine the tension of crawling along at 7kts whilst there’s a destroyer above you. My thoughts all along though were kind of “If they make them function like an actual submarine, they’ll be OP as hell. If they don’t make them that way, it wont really feel worth having them.”

  11. It’ll probably only have the 3 depths to choose from but if you choose max depth in an area shallower than max depth it’ll automatically control your depth making sure you’re just above the sea bed. So they’ll be 4 depths but not really

  12. Surface ships should have a way to throw the talk a load of the tracking in World War II the head things called noisemakers which were canisters filled with gas or air that were released in the water that would release the gas caused them to spin and cause a rotation sound in which the torpedoes would sometimes track onto Whilst the ship would evade the area

  13. When the submarine pings ship He becomes detected for a few seconds on the map to the enemy. The problem with the point at the time they were in the game was it was very general and didn’t last very long so few were in the middle of attacking a surface ship and you’re paintYou had to divert your attention away from the attack and react to the ping For you would probably miss it

  14. I still think a free consumable that recharges over time like noisemakers would be the best way to counter submarine torps.

  15. I think subs are fun. Haven’t played them but I like the diversity that subs bring

  16. I really liked the sea turds and want them back.

    I rarely played them because I hated having to re-equip them after re-earning, like with the rental ships and super ships.

    I never noticed any of them being at the top of the board and their torpedo’s were weak. Usually they were dead when spotted so not sure why everyone was complaining about them. I saw few players who were actually good with them myself included but I found them fun to pilot and fight against with ASW and destroyer. CVs are still the biggest problem in the game and getting worse with every change.

  17. Тактика/Стратегия

    13:58 NO! Second type of torpedoes are nerfed to be less stealthy and slower.

    Subs was extreme weak in surviving and dealing damage, and Lesta addresses. BOT now they make them more voluble. WHAT?

  18. Shouldn’t be a surprise. Ships have depth charges still etc. I love them and agree that some changes were needed but the ridiculous aircraft ASW was a real issue.

  19. On the depth question the sea floor depths vary greatly especially around islands. That’s why the deep options are there. Surface ships only have a flat unchanging plane to work on. Glad the ASW acft attack is an ok change and gives us a greater chance at evasion.

  20. I’d love to see them give subs countermeasures as well. We should be able to throw off the sonar search or order in a bomber fleet to saturate the surface ships LOL

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