World of Warships- Submarines Are Being Removed, For Now

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at some interesting news out of the DevBlog, enjoy!


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  1. Well, ain’t that a surprise and probably a good one. (for a while they’re gone of course) they are annoying to play against…

  2. Why do subs need homing torps? They should have the same torps as every other ship. Also, when their torps hit the armor belt on a BB, the torps should do less damage, not more.

    • Ever tried playing a torp only dd? 90% of the time the enemy dies by allies firing upon them before your torpedoes even hit + you are a SLOW DD. It takes ages to get anywhere. Subs need homing torps to make them even slightly viable.

    • But it’s fun and engaging!

    • @St_Cuthbert If it takes something that silly to make them viable, then they shouldn’t be in the game to begin with. There are plenty of torpedo slinging ships in the game already. There is just nothing in subs for the player.

    • @St_Cuthbert in fact, I do play torp only DDs from time to time. Even have purple stats in a couple mid-tier ones.

  3. Just remove stupid homing torpedo’s and most would put up with subs in the game.
    Or make a new scenario with submarines hunting convoys, In randoms they suck and even though I keep unlocking them I don’t bother playing, I just like the 3000 coal.
    Bad enough having ships AA nerfed to the point where it’s almost useless against T10 cv’s, We don’t need subs making it worse.
    And while they are at it, I have noticed lately the matchmaking is once again trash, Remove clan divs from randoms, It’s not exactly random when half the enemy team is in 2 top clan divs while my side are all potato’s, No joke some matches their clan divs are 65% win rate and I check my team at the end of the match and lucky if half are over 45%, The games are complete wipes in 5 minutes no matter my contribution trying to carry, I’m not pro either at 52% and going against these clans is not fun at all, Have a seperate random option where no clan divs are allowed so it is all random players.

  4. Before nerfs: submarines were mainly op vs heavy cruisers and cruisers in general cause of the homing being to good and the citadel damage
    After nerfs: submarines are a rare sight and they tend to be beyond useless, submarines should get proper tutorials and other means of testing like training grounds because so many of them end at the bottom of the leaderboard, they’re still meh against cruisers though most dds and battleships now have good chances thanks to the fixed homing stops.

    edit: a break from submarines only to force superships on us, because I bet the combination of both would make some people quit.

  5. For me, this is yet more evidence that since the CC-Walkout, the execs have stopped making the decisions and instead are letting the devs make that call. Would WG of old have admitted subs needed a rethink and pulled them, even temporarily? Probably not in my mind, so I’ll give credit where it’s due there.
    For me, subs just feel like they’re a sideline; they’re generally not part of the main action and at most are an annoying distraction for surface ships from said main action.
    At least CVs offer something other classes don’t (even if that something is mostly fun-policing everyone else!). Subs offer nother DDs can’t already do, and they’re just really boring.

    • I think subs are there to be a credit sink for new players, who can easily obtain them, as their modules don’t work on ships, but are just as expensive. It would incentivize spending on credits.

  6. Honey Springs Homestead

    Sounds like good news to me. I am okay subs being in co-op only personally. As for subs in general, my opinion on them is it could work if given proper testing. On that same note I do not like subs at all.

    • Personally it could work if they increased the amount of players per match to atleast make the matches less empty. Personally i don’t like em either tho.

    • um, no……. imagine flambass level testing for evasion… it gets released. now, if you are not on flambass’s level of play…….. yea….. got some god mode torp play commin at ya…..

  7. Yesterday, 4 of my teammates surrounded a sub and they couldnt do anything. It died after 4 mins. In 4 mins you can bring down a GK with 4 ships. It had to be deleted. And stay deleted.

  8. The implementation of subs has been really bad, they’re either extremely annoying or rather useless. What i would like to see is the air-strike range on cruisers increased by 25-33%, because it’s unconceavable that at TX in my heavy cruiser cannot deal with a submerged sub that from 7-8 km spawns pings and torps with me not being able to do anything, i would like to see a limit of 1 sub per team and even then a limit of 4 dds/ 3 dds + 1 sub per team, because this dd meta sucks and it’s the reason why so many blowouts are happening, and that’s also because of the attack planes delay which is too harsh in my opinion, it should be 3-3,5 seconds but not 5…
    Subs need to have a penalty of detection when they ping a ship because the psychological factor of constantly being pinged even if thwre aren’t torps in the water is too much and unfair that they can ping every 20 secs and i have to use a 60-80 seconds reload dmgcon only for that… Also, as somebody else pointed out, showing the average stats of subs isn’t fair because in the way they are now, they’ve got a higher skill floor than the other classes.

    but what i really can’t stand is WG’s tendency to introduce more and more gimmicky ships/naval vessels in general, like they should really stop baking out all these ships because there already are a lot that really are copy pasted or are marginally different from others and they’re pushing ships and ship gimmicks which are too specialised and have no counterplay to play against when you have the unluck to get in their “special gimmicky bubble” zone and get deleted. And an example is also subs, which are too specialised and really don’t belong to random battles. They should rather develop and implement other game modes and not only temporary but definitive ones, adding other operations, convoys, historical battles, 10 low tier vs 6 high tier… that kind of stuff because the game is already flooded with every kind of ship and specialised gimmick one could ever want, so apart from reviving some historical blueprint ship by strictly respecting its characteristics, they should stop pouring all these ships into the game.

  9. “We will try to find other ways to increase the influence of submarines on combat, but we will not completely rule out the possibility of improving their torpedoes if other options will be ineffective.” Hahaha ahaha, there it is. They know what they’re going to do. Subs are effectively ineffective without homing torps. They’ll dance around it a little; try to refine survivability or detectability. But they already know what they’re going to do (even in the sections presented here they say it *twice*). In fact, I’d bet you five bucks the reason why they’re pulling them is twofold. One is the fact that despite their previous announcement about fixing subs for the next patch (which would theoretically attract interest), player engagement with subs during the holiday season (prime time, as it were) has been rock bottom. This is someone, or several someones, hitting the brakes so they don’t lose their job (or get reprimanded or whatever the consequence(s) would be if this project doesn’t work out). The other, more sly reason, is that after 10 weeks? You might have a harder time noticing if they very quietly tweaked the homing.

  10. Gosh, one could almost get the impression that submarines shouldn’t have been in the game in the first place, just like carriers. Why, it’s almost as if they’re unfair by the very nature of the type of ship and as such not fun to fight against. You could even start to think maybe it’s a stupid idea to put in types of ships that largely made conventional gun-armed surface combatants obsolete.

    Glad WarGambling is there to stay on top of these revolutionary ideas for us.

  11. Next up, move CVs to their own mode. Have 4v4 carrier battles w/ NPC ships to attack/defend

  12. Thematically I like having them in the game. I find the ASW armament relatively fun to use, it’s just that they’re boring to play and not that fun to play against if they’re spamming pings while undetected. I have no idea how they can ever balance them so they’re both fun to play and play against honestly. 1 thing is certain, they need to limit how many subs/dds can be in a single game, 4 dds 2 subs games are the actual worst games imaginable. Gets you almost begging for a CV so you can have things to shoot at.

  13. you need to have a bigger game with submarines to make them feel ok. there also needs to be an objective. and I will continue advocating for carriers to be an objective.

  14. I think submarines could have stayed if they had removed the homing torps, or at the very least made them unreliable as they were in real life. The German G7e was so notoriously bad that many U-boat captains avoided using them.
    But I, for one, will be glad to see the back of them.

  15. Honestly, if it was able to one shot them more easily once they mess up this wouldnt be as bad.

  16. there might be a small fixation on dmg output tbh – maybe turn subs into a strong support class like the way US subs rescued pilots in WWII? It’d be interesting to see them add other mechanics to the subs so you can do other things while you sneak into a good position, as opposed to making positioning N/A to the class.

    Some ideas to spitball out there:
    – a small max hp or dmg con buff for teammates if a sub “rescues” crew from a killed teammate (also a nice anti-steamroll mechanic)
    – more surveillance consumables OR a search ping for trying to play hunter-killer
    – teammate bonus accuracy against a ship spotted by a submarine on/near the surface, perhaps as a consumable (shell splash spotting, maybe throw in some nice visuals to make it feel good)

    subs were never really effective in direct fleet engagements in real life, so I think trying to make them effective at the wrong things will just feel unbalanced and out of place

  17. Balance suggestion: Subs only get a limited amount of torps – once they’re empty they need to surface to reload. Dived subs get more damage the deeper they are and subs with flooding will sink deeper (until being destroyed at a certain max depth)

    Destroyers should be able to use Sonar to get information on the subs position and should be able to set water bombs to certain depths. Will create some interesting “cat and moouse play” between sub and destroyer.

    Sub torps should be absolutely devastating but should not get any kind of homing – maybe not even a lead indicator. Ideally submarines should be able to take out stationary priority targets (cough carriers cough cough) but should then be forced to leave the area to resurface and reload, while the enemy team (especially the destroyers) get their chance to smash the living shit out of the sub in that period.

    Also, subs in periscope depth should have their view limited to the current camera angle – so its possible to sneak up on a sub in periscope depth.
    Subs are essentially blind with just one guy looking around using the periscope – “Das Boot” shows this quite nicely, with the destroyer popping up out of nowhere because the skipper lost sight on it.

  18. Or all cruisers and dds could be equipped with a sonar module that can ONLY spot subs near by. Like hydro but like I said it only works against subs.

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