World of Warships: Submarines Are Boring – Work In Progress

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Submarine gameplay is quite boring so far. There just isn’t enough to do and you’re quite slow. The game looks great underwater and it does lead to some interesting engagements, but all in all you’re just waiting to sail in range. Work in Progress means that it’s likely to change though!
The beginning and end clip are from my stream.

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 German submarine U-69.


  1. Why not instead of aiming at the bow section first with the ping, you aim at the stern. If he turns in you can still home in on his bow.

  2. The under water scenario should have caves and rock formations to learn whereby sub commanders could have full protection from surface ships much like surface ships have island cover. Just a thought. Cheers

    • I don’t think that submarines really need full protection from surface ships, but what they do need are more objectives. It is a very interesting idea though.

    • @Aerroon and then some idiot would camp in said cave through out the match ^_^;;

    • Johnny boi Supreme


      Sorry for the lengthy comment, but since you actually respond I wanted to pass some ideas by you.

      Currently, depth charge mechanics basically guarantee one outcome. Using depth charges effectively doesn’t appear to involve much skill or any elements of randomness, which is why the gameplay is boring and somewhat onesided. I don’t see a relationship between the distance between the sub and the depth charge and the dmg inflicted. It’s also not clear to me if there’s a difference between depth charges found on one destroyer and those found on another, which brings me to my first suggestion.

      They need to assign each dd with unique depth charge stats. For example:
      Maximum Blast Radius: the max distance from which a depth charge can damage a sub. I was thinking that depth charges would be identified by red markers (like torpedos) appearing above them as well as their distance from the closest point on the submarine, giving sub players an idea of the relative threat.
      Base Damage: dmg done when dist = max blast radius.
      Fire Chance: probability that a depth charge will set a fire (I’ll explain this later).
      Cooldown Time: pretty self-explanatory
      Number of Charges Fired per Use: self-explanatory
      Sink Rate: the rate depth charges sink to the depth at which they explode. This is essentially akin to shell velocity. Higher sink rate gives the submarine less time to get away from the charge before it explodes.

      They need to drastically reduce the damage depth and air attacks can do
      While dds should be able to devastate subs if they get lucky, this should really only arise when a depth charge explodes extremely close to the sub.

      They need to modify the way depth charges are distributed across an area
      If the sub is spotted the depth charge launcher will focus fire around the sub’s known location and continuously update the depth at which the charges explode. If the sub isn’t spotted the depth charges fire in random directions, and the depth charge launcher updates the charges’ explosion depth at the rate of the dd’s sonar “ping”. They might have to tweak spotting mechanics for this one though.

      Finally, I’d modify the fire mechanics w/ respect to submarines
      1) Submarines on fire while underwater will rapidly deplete their oxygen supply, possibly forcing them to surface at inopportune times.
      2) As mentioned earlier depth charges should be able to set fires, mainly so that depth charge attacks have utility beyond doing raw damage. This gives DDs the ability to force subs to surface or waste their dmg control consumable w/out necessarily having to wait for an opportunity to fire their guns.
      3) Only specific sections of a submarine (e.g. the engine compartment) can be set on fire. Since fires are more dangerous to submarines, they need to be relatively harder to set to avoid disrupting the balance.
      4) HE shells must directly impact the sub’s flammable section to set fires. Considering the quantity and rate of fire of some ships, everyone would abuse this feature by spamming HE. Depth charges, however, aren’t meant to explode on contact; they can set fires if there’s sufficient overlap between the sub’s flammable section and the depth charge’s zone of effect.

    • Technically I would like caves, but gameplaywise submarine would camp around caves to be save from DDs, I would assume.

    • @ザム Submarines can be submerged as long as they have air, it will need to surface eventually. And players will learn were these caves or overhangs are located and camp them until it surfaces.

  3. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Based on how the terror of the deep event went, I think submarines really do have a place in scenario battles that could be more fitting for wows style submarine gameplay. Having to make sure these subs are balanced and fun to play against seems even trickier than surface ship vs aviation.

    • I think playing against them is fun. I don’t like that they make the rest of the match less fun by taking up spots from it, but I have no problem with how other ships play against them. They’re just boring to play themselves.

    • @Aerroon So Don’t play wiht submarines

  4. Theres another game I play and they have subs and they are slow and weak, but only DD can spot you and only ASW can hurt you while submerged at all. The big thing about them tho, is that they deal a lot of damage

    • Well, that would be quite disruptive to other classes though. That could make it a repeat of the CV situation.

    • @Aerroon the game I’m talking about is on a much smaller and simpler scale compared to WoWs and subs already interfere immensely so yes I agree on that

  5. First i laughed so hard at the two blaps in the beginning.

    Then i remembered that this is going to come to our game.

    • On the other hand, the submarines can always just dive underwater. They can see the planes coming from a long way away and can just dive.

    • @Aerroon btw: Subs submerge to attack, repeatedly submerge to break line of sight and constantly submerge to avoid plane-attacks. How long does the oxigen last? + how long to replenish it?

  6. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Not a soul:

    WG: leTs AdD sUBmaRinEs

  7. And imagine that subs are actually much faster than they were IRL

    • Yep, I know, especially underwater.

    • @tommihommi1 Not really. Most ships in the game use their irl top speed, which irl was used mostly only when performing evasive maneuvers for short time, but that did depend on the ship design itself. Of course we get some speed boosts but thats for the game being arcade. U-69 here tho is Type VII U-boot, which maximum surface speed was 17kts, while in game it is almost 50% faster. Not to mention submerged speed which was halved(7,6kts for type VII) for most of the subs(only a few designs could maintain the same speed while underwated), but in game the top speed does not go down after submerging. You only go slower at periscope depth

    • @Lehr9807 compare shell travel times and ship travel times. The entire distance scale is completely mixed up, torpedos are supersonic, and so on.

    • @Lehr9807 the scale is wrong, ships are much faster then they are IRL

    • Travel times and distances of course had to be scaled down, no one would want to fight battles for hours and from 20+km away. Also nope, ships are not much faster, apart from subs as mentioned above. Only speed boost gives a significant increase in speed over irl counterparts, but it is still nothing compared to how much faster subs are

  8. The subs that have cannons on them should be usable

    • that was literally how they made most of their kills, Torps were rare and expensive, Gun shells were way better to kill unprotected shipping

    • Problem is that the guns prob won’t do alot of damage, but maybe give them extra penetrating ammo and/or gives a higher chance of detonation

    • @jobran1 thing is though they were hunting merchant ships aka transports with maybe 1-2 small aa guns and (if very lucky) one deck gun around 70-80mm. They couldn´t shoot back. If you come up top and try to shoot even a DD with your 1(rarely 2) peashooters and the target doesn´t die by at latest shot 3, they will turn their much bigger, much heavier broadside on you and it is goodbye sub tub.
      The aa guns should work i give you that, but the deck gun would be mostly useless working or not working. (on top of all that, this is an historicla inspired arcade game and not a simulator so the “torps were expensiv” argument has no meaning in regards to this game).

    • @Andreas Müller Imagine an aa focused submarine lmao. But they need to make a way for submarines to be able to fight other submarines.

    • @travis croney in which direction they allready started with the new function on the torps.

  9. Well we did tell those sub fanboys that sub game play will be boring but they never listen, and kept asking for subs.

  10. and the funny thing is that the speed in the game is high

  11. Subs seem underpowered actually. And oxygen replenishing is way too slow.

  12. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Aerroon, not really since Submarines can do well on Operations, you just need alot of timing when playing Subs, their main focus is to hunt and dive. 😀

    I cant wait for the Japanese subs with their Planes on their Arsenal.

  13. Is there depth-charge friendly fire, or are allied subs immune to DC hits from allied DDs?
    Either it is and I have to ask why is anything else friendly fire-able then, or it’s not and oh boy does that have ally-trolling potential

  14. Well, I will just a bunch of ideas in the open:
    1) Option to mount and load different types of torpedoes. Fast, but non-guided and current slow, but guided. Have an option for magnetic detonators that cause the torpedo to explode near the target, causing minor splash damage (because torpedoes are 99 of subs weaponry)
    2) Gun should be controllable and have increased damage to modules (serving bot as damage source, but a crippling tool, f.e. kicking off the rudder, unarmored main guns etc)
    3) More options, available through consumables, captain perks (underwater torpedo launch, underwater scouting abilities improvements)
    4) “Feign death” consumable (but it will never be implemented, just for fun)

    And the most important: in what world subs doesn’t get detected by HYDRO? This is just next level crap.

  15. Is the T10 called U-420?

  16. This is literally the most useless gimmick addition to WOWs they could’ve possibly added. 2nd WW subs were very slow and only the Type 21 was “fast” underwater. They were hunting cargo ships and operating behind frontlines. They were never thought to be fighting warships from anything other than a completely concealed surprise position. The cannon was there to finish off damaged cargo ships to save on torpedoes. If you have to change speed, damage, dive speed, underwater perception, enemy combatants and add homing (real torpedoes were set before launch, homing is a cold war invention) then maybe having to make so many changes just shows they don’t fit into this game…

    • You are completly right until the point of homing torpedos. The German G7es Zaunkönig was a sound homing torpedo, first use 1943.

  17. In a match a sub shoud:
    1.get into a attack position without geting detected
    2.go to periscope depth the torpedos and ping the target as fast a posible away back under water to a new position
    P.S. in ww2 sub vs sub combat wasn’t really possible so I wonder what they will do in the game.

    • Maybe they can make sub v sub a high tier thing? That would bring it in to the game, but the lower tier subs not having it is more in line with historical accuracy.

      I’d also like underwater sonar to be like the RPF skill or a consumable that you can use. Maybe with the same sort of penalty that you get when using radar tracking…your general location gets revealed.

      It’s hard to get decent historical accuracy for subs in such a fast game though. Repositioning in a slow boat takes a long time.

      And for the practicality of the game compromise is needed. And the sub v sub thing is probably a necessary evil.

      Playing 2 subs in division could be amazing…IF your team protects you from DDs…

    • Sure, I get that, but in this game you just end up with submarines setting next to one another, spotting each other and being unable to do anything to one another.

  18. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    maybe add more slots to just for subs? like keep the 12 slots only for surface ships. I dunno if that would be too much on a map.

  19. In addition to adding the ability to control the deck gun, they should let subs lay mines that last for a few minutes before sinking.

    • That would be somewhat interesting, but it would also be kind of frustrating, unless those mines are easily recognizable and can be avoided.

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