World of Warships Submarines are Coming Soon

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Submarines are coming soon to World of Warships and it’s a make or break moment. The future of the game is riding on this gamble. I truly hope submarines are successful, but its going to take some hard work and testing to make sure they are ready to go.


  1. I am at same time excited with subs event that I immensely enjoyed, but at same terrified they will botch it as with the CV reee-work

  2. The only way they can make them work in the game is to make them ridiculously fast and far more durable than they really were.

  3. Steven Wiederholt

    DD’s with depth charges…hope so. Also speaking historically Air Craft, spotting subs, and attacking them.

  4. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    I would love some more submarine scenarios. Loved it from the halloween event and I can’t wait for some more of that gameplay

    • Don’t get me wrong, I loved that too, but I have a nagging feeling that I’m not going to love being on the receiving end of it, especially because even at periscope depth, they are nigh invincible.

  5. I’ve been through alot of these kinds of announcements and “omg this game gon die” comments and opinions to know that WoWs will still live after this, regardless of outcome.

  6. When I was a beta tester, wargaming said explicitly “there will never be subs in WoWS’s” ?

  7. One thing that immediately comes to mind is some Scenario Coop stuff… Wolfpack style Convoy hunting but for Random Battles this is going to be such a balancing mess but we shall see.

    • Agreed. If WG brings a silent hunter style wolf’s pack game play I’m up for it.
      But to the main game?.. Nope..

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Thats how theyre going to be they already said theyll be their own seperate thing well before they even get put into a match

  8. Angry Nerd Gaming

    I’ve been saving all my YELLOW camos for this ?

  9. any other CBT testers remember being told subs were never coming to WOWS

    • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

      Yup. Just like World of Tanks said, “No wheeled vehicles in the game, ever!” once upon a time.

    • In another two months it’s gonna be “remember when WG said the Yamatos 460mm guns will be the biggest they will ever add to the game?” Enter super Yamato 510mm as a tech tree split or steel ship

    • Things change, and im glad they do

    • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

      @Praos Crihdoe First, not all change is good (of course, the opposite is also true). Second, that’s not what we’re talking about. In this particular thread of conversation, the topic is credibility.

      I’m reserving my judgement on submarines. My opinion that the WoWs team has blown a massive hole in their credibility is firmly set.

  10. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    Please no. Not this. Imagine the allready camping bb’s if all the friendly dd’s are dead.

  11. In spite of their past explicit statements that there would never be subs in WoWS. There is no purpose for putting subs into this game.

  12. Asw requires asw tools. Does this mean that all dds now have access to a baked in, constantly active hydro?

  13. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    Depth charges will come, they also tested that in the Halloween event.
    The question is, they’ll secondaries automatically like AA and normal secondaries, or main weapons like main guns and torps.
    Oh, and many many people use Facebook in Europe. 😛
    And it’s not big news, I mean we knew subs will come, first the April 1 port ship, then the halloween event, then the chieftain video, then the 2 Naval Legends episode with subs….

  14. I knew it, since Wargaming started to introduce some subs in naval legend videos – they wouldnt do this “just cause”….

  15. Russian teir 10 premium submarine: The Red October

  16. You’re a fool if you think release will be dependent upon satisfactory test results. WG has a timetable for release, ready or not. Just like the CV rework they will simply label the test results “satisfactory” and release them when they want.

    • If the CV rework is any indication of how they listen to feedback, then I’d say they’re brewing up another Class 5 piss-hydra from hell.

  17. I think when subs come destroyers should have depth charges and I think some CV’s should have depth charge dropping planes or floating sonar

  18. NOZOUPFORYOU, please tell WG ITALIAN battleships before submarines.

  19. Seriously stupid idea. They cant balance the 4 classes already in the game without the sledgehammer.

  20. I am optimistic and excited about it. I’m building up and saving up my free XP for this.

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