World of Warships Submarines are Fun

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It would seem something strange happened with the launch of submarines in World of Warships. Subs and Wargaming have not broken the game. In fact, many players are reporting they actually enjoy submarines in WoWS. This is not something I was expecting after the disastrous CV launch. Granted they are only in ranked and it remains to be seen how they will fare in random battles, but here’s to hoping.


  1. What?
    Who says that?
    All I’ve seen and experienced myself is that they’re boring to play and play against, people hate the everloving crap out of em.
    The reason it’s been somewhat calm with the hatetrain lately is because they’re not in random battles, that’s it.
    Coop is less with them in it, and ranked is broken because of multiple factors, including subs but not as the sole reason.

  2. The most annoying part is when you’re unspotted, pinged, and those torps turn 45 degrees in the span of 1-2km to hit you, other than that… eh.

  3. The homing mechanism was probably developed to enable sub VS sub gameplay, as otherwise it would be way too difficult to hit an enemy sub in 3D space. In my opinion, they should have kept it only for fighting against subs or like a special ammo type (i.e. way less damage but able to home to targets), instead of this double pinging shenanigans.

  4. Where do you hear people like subs? Seriously, please hate them. It will make the game even more passive, stop anyone pushing in even more – beside the smoke HE spam, we now get homing torps from invisible subs.

  5. Premise is flawed. No amount of tweaking will fix that.

  6. Subs should have there own game separate apart from world of warships

  7. Ho slow down trooper, did you say submarines are triggering a whole new meta of cooperative game play?

    Yeah didn’t think so.

    Best to Luke and Leah and Mrs. Fett.

    Good Hunting

  8. >subs are weak but in a great players hands they are amazing
    >most players find them boring but some really like them
    >seem to have generally small impact on the game but can sometimes swing a whole match
    >difficult to counter in most ships without team work and coordination
    This has all the hallmarks of carriers and what people said about them back in the day. Some still say these things about carriers. How are you not seeing the same trends as with carriers is beyond me.

  9. Love playing against them in my German DD , especially in T-61!

  10. I WANT subs to be fun. I WANT subs to be good. I WANT to play as subs. But to be honest I’m really skeptical about them. All I’ve seen is griping and moaning from the playerbase, this might be the first video I’ve seen mentioning them in a positive light at all.

  11. Subs have been hit and miss for me. With good team play subs pose a smaller threat. With rank you hope (really hope) people will work together. In random I think subs will fail as everyone will just be chasing kills as normal

  12. I am voting for boring to play, even more boring to play against.

  13. Completely agree about magic see through island radar needs line of sight and radar pulse as the radar turns dds have enough stuff to deal with radar/ cvs / hydro / op gun boats hybrids / has to cap / always insta focused/

  14. Try to play as a BB against a competent sub. Good luck.

  15. Back in the day. Wargaming…. ” Subs will not be in the game.” They talk crap again. So I ask, OK to your subs but where is the Sonar for surface ships??

  16. World of Warships has become World of Ships Hiding Behinds Islands

  17. 3 Point skill, “Focus Fire Training” on Battleships is not Working. with this Update 10.8.
    It is not Increasing the Priority AA sector as it should when I take that skill.

    Bug, for a month? when Soviet CVs enter Early Access? I hope it is just coincidence.

  18. “How dare you enjoy something reeee”
    The “community” or something

  19. Christopher Cummings

    Tried them don’t care to play them but they aren’t game breaking for me as a destroyer player

  20. Personally, the citadel torps that ignore torp protection are a terrible mechanic. There’s no defense against that (and no, DCP does not count as a strategic method).

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